“Burning Bridges Lost Forevermore”

by lewwaters

This post was written a couple months ago out of frustration. I had intended to not post it, but given events of late against me once again, I feel it proper and in the best interest of the county to post and assist in David Madore’s exit from county government.

It is pretty well known that I lost what trust and respect I had for County Councilmember David Madore some time ago over some personal actions he took against me. Still, even with losing my support I did not jump into the rabid opposition of him seen almost daily on places like C3G2 or comments under negative articles, editorials and columns posted by the Lazy C.

An argument could even be made that I was posting and commenting in defense of his positions as the newly seated Council majority placed an urgency on undoing every last minute action he took and passed just prior to the new Council being seated, seeing their urgency causing more division with the people than we need.

It took me totally by surprise to open facebook on January 14, 2016 and find a message from him to Kelly Hinton that he made sure to copy to me directly, largely blasting me and seeming to place a large portion of blame on me for his losses in the last election as well as expressing some apparent inaccuracies pertaining to past incidents.

It begins with: “Kelly Hinton, we’ve lost home base in part because key people who ought to pull on our end of the tug-o-war rope are fighting against fellow conservatives. Lew Waters continues to do his share of damage… Lew is a gifted writer and could have used his significant influence to help win important battles.” (Emphasis added)

Odd claim since many who did not want my help, kept me out of the loop of their campaigns after being silent as operatives from the County Republican Party smeared and ripped at me endlessly in 2014, one declaring “you and the establishment puppeteers that pull your strings have reached the end of your relevancy in Clark County” with another posting “Keep bad-mouthing other Republicans under the guise of ‘Clark County Conservative’ and we’ll keep exposing you for the irrelevant loony you seem so determined to become” has Madore thinking I should have stepped up and backed them anyway, whether I supported them or not?

Apparently lost to them all is that I left the Republican Party in 2010, openly declaring myself an “Independent Conservative” and since then have had no working relationship with the party.

I should remind Mr. Madore that neither he nor any others heeded my direction of “Motive Matters” to defeat the Home Rule Charter. That motive being to undo the 2012 election and see him and Council Member Mielke ousted from office and gone, now seen as an accurate position as political opponents work towards that goal..

And just what “damage” is it that I have continued to do?

Would it be my multiple comments on facebook disagreeing with the actions of the new council majority?

Would it be my quandary over the county being further divided by those actions?

Would it be past posts since the election speaking how newly elected Council Chair Boldt is seeking vengeance and two others I supported are joining in, even though one declined to vote for policies she agreed with, fearful of causing divisions?

Even though I no longer support Madore, I have expressed my dismay with what is going on that could easily be accepted as supporting his policies. And for that, he accuses me to others of “continues to do his share of damage?”

He also said, “We all observed the war that went on a couple years ago between Lew and the conservative Republicans including Christian Berrigan when Lew was attacking conservatives” referencing my post “Clark GOP Playing Dirty Again?” where I exposed what I still see as an underhanded effort to stack PCO slots to favor one group instead of evenly represent the Republican community in the Party.

Funny how now he claims that it was me “attacking conservatives” back then in the subsequent months long smear effort against me that remains online.

Funny because back then, in messaging with me he was saying, “They are attacking a champion for liberty,” “They seem to be hiding behind anonymity,” “we are picking off comrades on our end of the tug-o-war rope,” “there is no excuse for their secrecy” and “Those smearing you care about our country. Do not let your differences mistake that.”

But now, it has been turned to me attacking them?

Although I am not a doctor or any sort of psychoanalyst, it appears that David Madore cannot accept the defeat he received at his own hand in the last election and must affix blame on others, partly on me.

It is even more apparent as he is seen lashing out at personnel, County Staff, fellow Council Members and even the Prosecuting Attorney on his facebook “Newspaper,” evidenced by his post “The spirit of the Clark County Home Rule Charter” – Getting it backwards.

Some of the people on C3G2 have already picked up on this as they make even harsher judgments against Madore than they have since the inception of the group.

And no doubt, since many stack me right alongside of Madore, blinded to the fact that I stopped supporting him long ago, will see his actions against me as my own well deserved comeuppance.

It doesn’t matter, though, as I blog for me, to speak my views and opinions as I see fit and not for anybody else or any party.

Adding to the above, Councilor Madore entered a facebook discussion I had going, Feb 3, 2016 saying,

“Lew Waters, please disclose whatever you have on me. Do not leave anything out. Full disclosure please. I expect one result. You will refuse. Why? Because there is nothing to disclose. RIght? This is your chance to reveal all. Thank you.”

After listing a couple of my grievances with him, found June 1, 2014: HERE and June 4, 2014: HERE, he has the arrogance to post,

“Lew Waters, if there is anything else, please share it. No one should be left wondering what you’ve been holding back all this time. If you don’t share anything else, then we all should understand that there is nothing else.”

I responded,

“Don’t be so smug, David. You don’t call any shots with me and don’t get to declare whether or not there is anything else for me to share, that is my choice if I share it and when as well as where.”

In keeping with the spirit of Councilor Madore’s initial request to make everything public, I have created a separate page at the top of the blog where I have posted pdf’s of screen shots I saved and other pertinent documentation related to this issue. More to be added in coming weeks.

As I told Madore on facebook, he really should learn how to leave well enough alone. It was my intent to just remain silent and allow whatever the next elections does to happen, on its own seeing how he has dug himself into a deep hole and alienated many former supporters. But, his message sent to another and copied to me is a line crossed he will be unable to cross back over.

If he chooses to attack a citizen as this, I can only imagine how much worse he treats county staff and employees. You all have my fullest sympathies.
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For more information, see Connecting Clark County and Reunite Clark County

4 Comments to ““Burning Bridges Lost Forevermore””

  1. Lew, Thank you for sharing both sides of coin. I might agree with either of you but I have been in the past blasted by Identity Clark County, the Realtors and others from Clark County.I hope you will let David respond back to your accusations. I don’t agree with all being said but I almost left Clark County due to the lack of respect from the REpublican and Democrat party, since I got so tired of the BS from both sides.

    Do you have any other names of people whom agree with your viewpoint? How about Kelly Hinton (former blogger over at clarkcountypolitics.blogspot.com) or others??

  2. Everything was documented and responses listed in the page at the top of the blog.

    As for the “nastygram,” there is nothing for him to respond to. He did send it out and even admitted he did, also documented in the page at top.

    I don’t mean to be crass, so I apologize in advance if I come across as such, but what transpired was done between him and I, the only witness is the files I copied from facebook and a phone call he made and left a message on my phone, linked in the page.

    There are several on facebook that agree with what I say, but I will let the documents I posted speak for themselves.

  3. Lew here is some thing to brighten up your time… There is an AP wire story about 100 purple hearts that they are trying to find descendants for http://www.columbian.com/news/2016/may/29/a-veterans-race-against-time-to-return-wwi-purple-hearts/

  4. If all WWI, it’s going to be more difficult as there are no WWI Vets still alive and family may be under different names due to marriage and such.

    Still, I do hope they are able to return them.


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