“Specifics and Quotes” for Councilor Madore

by lewwaters


In compliance with Councilor Madore’s request, below are excerpts from a few comments made by him on his facebook “newspaper,” just in 2016. They are excerpts only and not complete comments nor all inclusive of all comments made by him.

I urge all to click on the dates listed to visit and see the complete comments as well as those from citizens in regards to his own comments for full context.

Jan 21, 2016 ·

“The spirit of the Clark County Home Rule Charter” – Getting it backwards

The new backwards direction of our county must be corrected. A major step in the wrong direction involved the collusion between the acting county manager, the prosecuting attorney’s office (PA), and the council elects weeks before the new council members took office.

Feb 08, 2016 ·

Clark County – your tax dollars working against you:

The transformation of Clark County government is continuing to shift priorities away from improving services to instead, increasing the size and cost of bureaucracies that work against the citizens.

In so many ways, the new liberal majority on the council, working as representatives of the staff instead of representatives of the citizen, are in full reverse mode.

Feb 23, 2016 ·

Just the facts ma’am. No shenanigans needed:

Clark county has a terrific GIS department. Our GIS staff does a great job providing the crucially important records we depend on to plan the future of our community.


The planning staff then changed that whopper to an even bigger one in our February 16 hearing by stating that their 8 column A assumptions were not their assumptions. The rambling claim confused urban with rural assumptions with other imagined assumptions.

When pressed to identify which one was wrong, they were not able to provide an honest answer. The forest parcels in “Current Use” were in fact, erroneously counted in Alternative 4, contrary to the attorney’s claim.

In another whopper, the attorney falsely states that they did not even use a rural VBLM model. That’s exactly what this software is.

When the truth keeps changing and such tactics are used to advance an agenda, we intuitively recognize that something is not right. Good decisions are based on truth, honesty, and transparency.
No shenanigans needed.

Feb 29, 2016 ·

This does not exist – except here it is:

What should we do if the basis for discrediting and killing Alternative 4 turns out to be bogus?

The Planning staff and complicit Prosecuting Attorney have gone to great lengths to adamantly deny that the software tool (the RVBLM) that they covertly used to erroneously inflate the numbers that advocated against Alternative 4, does not exist.

Mar 01, 2016 ·

A puzzle piece solved tonight:

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out why our Prosecuting Attorney’s (PA) office and Planning staff would go to such extreme measures denying and distancing themselves from a RVBLM software tool they’ve been using to inflate the numbers reported for our Comp Plan.

The revelation was provided at our public hearing this evening. Our PA revealed that Judge Poyfair, in the 1994 case that rural citizens won against the county, ruled that the county could not use the RVBLM because of erroneous results. I did not know that.

Well. Guess what they’ve been using ever since? Yes, the RVBLM to produce erroneous results. Marc Boldt stated tonight that there is no RVBLM and we did not use it for this plan. Our PA this evening said that “technically” we’re not really using the RVBLM.

Yet, there it is on line 15 of the resolution they approved this evening: https://www.clark.wa.gov/…/f…/the-grid/d_030116_RES_2016.pdf

There is nothing “technically” about it. The RVBLM has been THE tool used to report all of the numbers dealing with rural lots. So the charade goes on. But now we understand why they cannot admit the truth. Doing so would be a clear admission that they are violating the judge’s order not to use it.

On a sad note, rather than the PA and Planning staff holding themselves accountable this evening. The PA threw our fabulous truth telling stellar GIS staff under the bus by blaming GIS for mistakes. The PA misrepresented the charges against the PA and Planning staff as being against our wonderful GIS staff. That is such an injustice. GIS is completely above reproach.

The three liberal councilors voted not to pursue the truth. No investigation is to be allowed.

No problem. These shenanigans strengthen the citizens’ case. The truth has a way of being revealed.

My grandpa had a great saying: “It will all come out in the wash.”

Mar 07, 2016 ·

Clark County misinformed again – our gain is a loss

After probing deeper, I learned today that our county owned golf course that staff told our Board in our February 23 hearing was profitable and finally making money, was actually losing money.

Mar 11, 2016 ·

So what’s the role of a county councilor again?

Have you noticed the difference between the liberal and conservative county councilors? The liberals see their role as surrogates of the staff. If a citizen’s private property rights are restricted, the surrogate will direct the citizen to staff who is the authority. End of story.

Mar 24, 2016 ·

Clark County staff recommending stripping rural citizens of even more private property rights:

The March 16 Work Session revealed another hit against rural citizens that, if supported by the liberal trio, would further erode private property rights.

March 31, 2016

Crime does not pay in Clark County:

Very little can be said due to the confidentiality needed to investigate the truth of the reports by individuals regarding the Comp Plan beginning on January 13 and on February 16 and 23.

What can be said is that until the situation is resolved, it appears that outside legal council will serve in place of the normal prosecuting attorneys in public meetings dealing with Clark County’s Comp Plan.

Apr 27, 2016 ·

Planning staff doing exactly the opposite as directed:

County Councilors learned today in a work session on the county’s 20-year Land Use Plan that the clear direction given by the Board on July 15, 2015, was ignored.

Apr 30, 2016 ·

It used to be that citizens, through their citizen representatives, determined the course of the ship.

But citizen representatives are now passengers responding to the course set by staff and staff representatives, the trio.

That backwardness is painful for the citizens and their true representatives who are losing the battle as we run at full throttle in reverse. It’s made even more challenging when full disclosure and transparency are shunned.

The pain is a symptom of government run by bureaucrats and their representatives, the trio.

May 14, 2016 ·

Julie Olson, Marc Boldt, Jeanne Stewart – the Trio

We trusted them to work together for our community, to be thoughtful, careful, truthful, courteous, helpful, fair, and honest, not only in what they would do, but in how they would do their deeds – to do good.

They have one employee who is doing their bidding – interim county manager – Mark McCauley. Their plan continues to unfold to hand him a multi-year contract to lock in this kind of behavior.

Grief and anger! – for the harm being done and how it is being done.

May 15, 2016 ·

The division we see on the Clark County Council, has the Trio of Marc Boldt, Julie Olson, and Jeanne Stewart deferring to staff as they “trust the experts” on one end of the Tug-O-War rope and Tom Mielke (and candidate Eileen Quiring) and David Madore pulling for the people on the other end.

Maybe Councilor Madore and I have differing views on what constitutes a “false claim.”

See also Madorisms, contributed by citizens.


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9 Comments to ““Specifics and Quotes” for Councilor Madore”

  1. Wow! Stunning he has serious memory loss or a need to hit his knees in prayer.

  2. I obtained a copy of the so-called “performance audit” he claimed to have submitted just before last evenings meeting and stored it at https://lewwaters.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/fw__professional_performance_evaluation_follow_up.pdf

    Odd how he seems to think that he alone can issue a “letter of reprimand” and “direct” HR to place it in McCauley’s personnel file.

    I hope they gave it the consideration it is due and told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    What arrogance to believe that he alone, without the support of the rest of council, can issue a letter of reprimand because he doesn’t like the person.

  3. And Your Mr. Perfect! You seem to share many thoughts, have you ever questioned your own integrity because we have to stop this War, that You prevail!

  4. Sorry Bret, but I see myself as far from perfect. That dubious honor goes elsewhere.

    Yes, I share my thoughts and others are welcome to read them or ignore them as they so desire. But, since I hear from elements of the local GOP that I am but “a bitter old man,” “in my waning years,” “irrelevant,” “gone over the edge and never came back,” and so much more, the latest being “a Liberal,” what difference does it make what I say? Nobody actually reads my words is what I keep hearing from Republicans.

    Then again, it is somehow missed that all along I have said I am not a Republican.

    What “war” is it you speak of? If there is any such war going on, you’re speaking to the wrong person about stopping it.

    From my point of view, there is no war on my part, just a citizen seeing someone unsuited for public office and efforts to see them voted out. Others have the right to disagree and support that person and we’ll see who voters choose.

  5. Cool. I’m looking forward to your efforts on Ann Rivers.

    And Carolyn, you have less than zero chance of winning. But then, you knew that, right?

  6. When Ann Rivers screws me over and stabs me in the back as much as Madore has, perhaps she’ll receive the same.

    I’m kind of funny that way, you know? 😉

  7. Oh. Ok. I get it. It doesn’t matter so much when Rivers screws us ALL over… it just has to be you, personally?

    Your blog, your rules. But imagine how much more effective your effort could be if you’d treat everyone the same.

  8. As you have often said to others, Kelly, no one makes you read what I write. Yes, I write my opinions just as you did for several years. You are always welcome to reactivate your blog and express your opinions as you see fit. Difference is, I won’t be crying how wrong you are or trying to direct what you write. You see, even if I disagree, I can accept people have opinions different than mine and respect that.

    Whether you like it or not, Ann has never stabbed me in the back, personally as has Madore numerous times.

    And if all it took was one vote for a bill that would have passed regardless of her vote to destroy years of friendship, there couldn’t have been much there to begin with.

    I don’t have to like her vote and told her face to face the vote frustrated me. But, as ignorant as I am, so I hear, I understand the why.

    You don’t have to agree and you don’t have to like it.

    But you should also know, the world does not revolve around Kelly Hinton’s opinions any more than it does mine.

    Happy Father’s Day to you too.

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