Clark County Council District Four

by lewwaters
Logo of Clark County

Logo of Clark County

With the announcement of Tom Mielke not running for another term as Clark County Councilor for District 4, three citizens have stepped up to vie for that seat and represent citizens of Clark County as we still work out the bugs on the recently adopted Home rule Charter.

Although I have strived to remain out of campaigns the last couple elections, several people have requested I reengage in assessing candidates running for office and given the egregious behavior of District 3 incumbent Councilor Madore, both on the Council and towards me personally, I feel compelled to add my two cents in this year’s election.

I previously endorsed John Blom for District 3, having seen that the incumbent David Madore has not acted in the best interest of the County and has only sought deeper divisions as well as attempting to bully the majority of the Council from his minority status. His behavior must not be rewarded.

Given that; I will give my personal assessment of each and endorsement below.

Roman Battan (D)

Roman Battan

Roman Battan

Roman Battan is the only Democrat to step forward in this race. He ran once before for a seat on the then County Commission, as the Council was known as before the adoption of the Home Rule Charter. He was eliminated in the August 2012 primary, coming in a close third to then incumbent Marc Boldt (R) and eventual winner, David Madore (R).

He rightfully claims on his “Priorities” page, “With our new charter in full effect, this is the first time citizens in East County will elect a representative to give them a voice on the county council.” However, his Liberal / Progressive stand on issues might not resonate very well in the largely more rural / conservative District 4.

Although not a current issue, but one that might be back on the table in the future, Battan did support both the Columbia River Crossing light rail project and light rail itself in 2012. On tolls that were a major issue back then, He claimed to see them as “necessary but only if a sunset provision is applied.”

Roman has a decent business background, proclaiming an “Associate’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance” as well as owning a small media and software production company. I see no mention of any previous political experience listed on his campaign page as was also noted in his 2012 campaign in the Reflector.

However, to me personally, his claim of being “bi-racial” and mention of his fathers’ union membership is somewhat of a put-off as neither has anything to do with his ability to adequately represent citizens, should he advance and win in November.

His Priorities Page seems to come across as somewhat vague and short on information, so far. Hopefully in the future weeks he will be more forthcoming on relevant issues currently affecting our county.

Eileen Quiring (R)

Eileen Quiring

Eileen Quiring

Eileen Quiring is a familiar face as well having run unsuccessfully in 2012 for the 49th Legislative District Senate seat won by Democrat, Annette Cleveland. Eileen, who ran under the name Qutub then, lost by a considerable margin, not surprising considering Republicans stand little chance in the strong Democrat 49th. Other than a single term from 2000 to 2004, Democrats have held the Senate seat in the 49th for decades.

According to her Bio, she has multiple terms holding office in Oregon back in the 1990’s. Her latest political experience in Clark County is a 2012 appointment to the Planning Commission and a 2015 appointment to the Board of Equalization, a seat recently lost due to claims of an appearance of a potential conflict of interest.

She has also recently come under fire for what appears to be improper use of a School Band at a campaign fundraiser, drawing PDC complaints as it is against state law to do so.

She has since publicly apologized for the oversight and I suspect the Public Disclosure Commission will likely do little more than advise her to not repeat such an act, given it was not a deliberate act.

Eileen has strong conservative credentials, but her alliance with controversial incumbent David Madore is likely going to hurt her more in the South end of District 4 where the bulk of voters reside.

Her claim on her issues page of “I will work to implement meaningful changes so that we no longer have to turn away new businesses who want to locate here” falls flat as I am unaware of any businesses desiring to locate to Clark County being turned away. Quite the opposite is what we have read both in the local newspaper and from Councilor Madore as he has continuously claimed that Clark County is “the most business friendly” County in the state and frequently touting job growth from businesses, even though they lie mostly within city borders in the County as proof of his efforts working.

Even though her political experience is not current, being mostly years ago from Oregon, her conservative view may very well propel her into the General Election.

Jennifer McDaniel (R)

Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel comes to this race with by far the most current and up to date political experience, having won her seat on the Washougal City Council three times in a row since her initial win 2008.

Additionally, her Bio page list extensive community involvement beyond her being on the Washougal City Council an she lists very direct ideas on her Solutions page.

She also carries the distinction of being wrongfully maligned by Councilor Madore with his bogus claim of she is suing citizens. The truth is that the C-Tran Board of Directors counter sued a small group for their frivolous suit that was dismissed prior to her being named to the Board. By the time the Board counter sued, she had joined the Board so it is only natural that she be named as a member of the Board counter suing.

It is completely untrue, as Madore asserts that she individually is suing citizens.

She was instrumental in 2013 to the passage of a resolution by the Washougal City Council to oppose the CRC in 2013.

In comparing the three candidates it becomes obvious that Jennifer McDaniel stands alone as the one with the most current experience needed to fill the seat Tom Mielke is retiring from.

Unlike David Madore she is eager to work with the rest of the Council for the betterment of Clark County and not just a small agenda driven group.

Given her experience and expressed solutions I would think she will be well received throughout District 4.

I gladly and wholeheartedly add my name to the growing list of citizens and elected officials endorsing Jennifer McDaniel for Clark County Council, District 4.

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17 Comments to “Clark County Council District Four”

  1. Yeah.

    Because we need 5 to 0 votes on everything instead of 3 to 2.

  2. You’re always welcome to support someone else, Kelly.

  3. I am, Lew. My response was to point out the over-riding fallacy of your position.

    Stifling any conservative voice of any kind on the council is the CCRINO way. They want to be in lock-step as much as Stalin’s Central Committee of Supreme Soviet.

    The reality is clear: we have no room for the politics of emotion and now, you would advocate that those who are making this county suffer… as the 3 Stooges are making us suffer… should be strengthened by non-responsive, arrogant, superior mutts who have proven they could care less what the people of this county want because your nose is bent out of shape.

    That’s your privilege. But your support lacks substance to the extent that what these people will do and are doing to us is no different than a democrat/leftist controlled council would do to us. And that doesn’t seem to bother you in the least as long as you can stick it to Madore.

    I have communicated with both Blom and McDaniel. And when they finally… FINALLY got around to responding to me… (it took weeks… their excuse was how “busy” they were, as if that IS an excuse or as if I am unaware of what goes on in a campaign) all they could talk about was how important it was that they always vote with the majority.

    And if they’re going to be that non-responsive during a campaign… what makes you think they’d be any better in office?

    No… that isn’t what they said… but that’s what they meant. Because one thing these CCRINO types have in common is that they can’t seem to talk about what they want to do for us in terms of cutting taxes, cutting the bloat of government, increasing the number of bridges across the river, fixing infrastructure related issues that their opponents haven’t or won’t address… no… the thing they have in common is that they pledge nothing because they don’t want to be held accountable by anyone.

    There only issue isn’t that they have a better vision, a better plan; a more efficient, responsive and cheaper construct of government… no… it’s that they’re RINOs. Jennifer’s fake “moderate conservative” garbage comes to mind, one of the worst oxymorons in politics, though since my idiot brother-in-law used it, I get why she is now.

    That’s the kind of government you want? Knock yourself out. But ANY OTHER PERSONAL ISSUE ASIDE, I cannot EVER support people who are running entirely because they don’t “like” someone without offer ANY substantive POLICY differences or ideas that justifies their candidacy. And neither of these two have, save for silencing the conservative perspective… which they would do brilliantly.

    Few have publicly gone after anyone in this county when they’ve been wrong as much as I have. I point out corruption, arrogance, personal animus and everything else politicians are hated for. And the irony of it all is that I haven’t had much to say over the past few years about the democrats… it’s mostly been the R’s… alleged and otherwise, who are doing the will of the democrats while they keep their skirts clean.

    The red flag in all of this is the Jimmy Mains, Noland Hoshino, Temple Lentz involvement in all of this. They’re running the CCRINO show, and the supporters of these people have been writing checks to leftists for years… but that doesn’t seem to cause you any concern whatsoever.

    It does me.

    Follow the money, Lew. And even you know where it leads: to this below-the-surface effort of the left to reestablish control over the local government organizations that run this county. And you’re playing right into their hands. ANd you don’t give a damn as long as they take out Madore.

    Go you.

  4. Well Kelly, I am sure you realize that that first amendment thingie can be quite the bitch by now.

    And while I do strongly desire to see Madore out, it is not at any cost. You see, I have talked to both Jennifer and Eileen and it might surprise you, but find Jennifer to be the better choice.

    And yes, that is my opinion, just as you have yours. But, that is really the point of blogs in the first place, to freely express our individual opinions.

    Referring back to your previous comment, need I remind you that whether it is a 5-0 or a 3-2 vote, Madore still loses. All of the facebook tantrums in the world won’t change that.

    Madore made his bed with me and has to lie in it. All of the Brown Shirt tactics or number of boot-licking goons he may send will not deter me.

    Watch your own back with him, Kelly.

  5. Lew, please understand that I do not talk to him or communicate with him in any way. I don’t fear him or my back because what’s the worst that can happen?

    SOMEONE on that council needs to speak for conservatives. Remember? You ARE a conservative, right?

    If those you support are elected… then who speaks for us? Does that matter to you? Neither Blom nor McDaniel would speak for us or stand up for us. And it’s not just Madore “losing.” With these people engaging in Soviet-style lockstep, tax increases and budget expansion, regulatory explosions and the like, we ALL lose.

    And that includes you.

    If, as you point out, “whether it is a 5-0 or a 3-2 vote, Madore still loses,” is the entire basis for your political conclusions, then how is that remotely based on what’s best for us? Or the people of this county? Is “Madore losing” your sole political perspective?

    And no, that “First Amendment thingy” isn’t a bitch to me. We both served to make sure that you have it and I have it. I have never once told you to shut up or stop posting your views. To do so would violate every tenet of freedom I hold dear.

    My concern is the unintended consequences of your emotional response and approach. These people you’re supporting are intent on payback… voters be damned. It’s like we don’t matter. Is that what’s motivating you as well? Should that be the essence of governance or support for that governance?

    I’ve never been one for that “when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it” mentality. And I’m not going to start now.

    I have talked to Jennifer as well. And, as I pointed out, her email response along with Blom’s were ABSOLUTELY NON-RESPONSIVE to my questions, because, well, hell, all I am is a prospective constituent and why does what I want to know matter?

    Odd, that. What would your position be on these two if they had treated you the way they, say, for example, treated me?

    SOMEONE has to be our voice… the voice of the conservative. Right now, the choices are bleak. And if you get your way, we will have no voice at all.

  6. As I say to others, Kelly, you are free to your own opinions. Please note that I have no sense of urgency to follow you around to counter your opinion.

    That being said, I have been increasingly clear of my opposition to and now disdain I hold for Madore.

    Even with that, I base my political opinion on my gut feeling and what I sense from meeting candidates or viewing them and I will continue to speak as I so choose. Doesn’t matter to me if you or anyone else agrees or disagrees.

    And please remember, where you previously said to “follow the money,” if money motivated me I would have allowed Madore to buy me when he tried instead of rebuking him.

    What goes on between you and others is no concern of mine, just as you show no concern over how I have been treated by Madore, Engleman, Emerson and many others from that retched party.

    Why some decline to respond to you, I don’t know. Many have declined to respond to me too over the years. Then too, Madore and others frequently decline responses to the Lazy C for their own reasons.

    But ask yourself, since I have frequently now been labeled “irrelevant,” “a bitter old man,” “in my waning years” and “has nothing to contribute,” why are any of you the least bit concerned with what I write or say?

    In the end, I’ll remind you of what I said two years ago to the Emerson, Engleman, I Tinker ilk and that Madore reminded you of, don’t push a supportive person so far that they no longer give a damn.

    Too bad they chose to not listen.

    I remain a lone wolf and will blog in what I believe to be the best interest of the community, whether Madore and his goons like it or not.

  7. Thanks for the update on whom is running Lew. I don’t think I am in this district, so I will have to wait until they come up in my district. 🙂

  8. Jeremy, this site will let you know what district you re in and whether or not your ballots have been received and counted.

  9. Ahh yes, amazing what you can actually find out when you follow the money. 😉 Indeed.

  10. I find it interesting you would support Jennifer McDaniel since she is constantly bragging about her “Vancouver” and Democrat “Support” (Jack Burkman and the rest of the Vancouver liberal elite squad that enjoys Bocce ball at Lefty Lou’s house, etc). Many of the people she claims support from were staunch CRC supporters. Her behavior at the CTRAN meetings is bordering on odd when she just leaves before important votes. She loves a good selfie on Facebook feeding puppies with Jim Moeller’s crew as well. Quiring may have her issues but when it comes down to a being a conservative, at least she doesn’t pander to vancouver democrats trying to look moderate.

  11. If you want gridlock and continued division, getting absolutely nothing, go ahead and vote as urged by Madore.

    But you’ll have to excuse me as I intend to exercise my freedom to support who I feel will best be suited for the job.

    Maybe it is time to stop all of the divisive antics and heavyhanded bullying from the minority in the county and get on with representing more than just Madore’s butt kissing cabal.

  12. So… … how does electing 2 more like the 3 we have now equate to getting anything?

    Lew, I have not suggested that you suddenly NOT vote for who you want to. But I just can’t wrap my head around the concept that somehow, we as a county generally and as conservatives particularly will, in any way, be better off by electing people who will flat out ignore us and trample on conservative ideas and ideals.

    I have asked them and they have ignored me. Now I’m asking you, since you seem to be campaigning for them, to explain it to me so I can understand how silencing conservatives and shutting us out of the process and increasing the leftist control of the council from 3-2 to 5-0 in any way benefits us or the people of this county.

    The outcomes, you see, will be absolutely the same. The difference will be that if you get what you want, it will be absolutely no different than it was when 3 democrats ran the county commission… and they will silence any dissent… certainly ignoring anything or anyone conservative in the least.

    Those you support have voted and will vote precisely the same as their political opponents in the last general election. There is zero difference between Boldt and Dalesandro: their agenda has been the same, their votes would be the same… and that also applies to Stewart and Olson.

    How does having 5 democrats on the county council equate in any way to getting “absolutely anything?” What, exactly, do we get if they are elected that we don’t already have without them, except a bunch of leftists rubber-stamping Boldt’s agenda and pretending that said agenda is what the people of this county actually want?

  13. Nor is what we have now “gridlock.” Gridlock is defined as the absence of movement., The current council majority has exhibited anything BUT “gridlock.”

    Additionally, I am not responsible for how or what others label you. In fact, the labels that others place upon you are irrelevant to me or this discussion.

    Nor have I suggested or demanded that you “follow me around.” You made these decisions to endorse these people. I’ve made the decision to oppose them; I would and will defend that decision, cheerfully, to anyone who objects to it. I (wrongfully?) expected you to do the same.

    What and how others have responded to you, or failed to respond to you in the past is also, forgive me, equally irrelevant.

    THESE two candidates who want to govern me are running NOW. NOW is the thing: you have chosen to support these people and publicly put it out there. When it comes to “showing concern over how you’re treated by others,” again, that lacks relevance to THESE two.

    Nor am I asking for your “concern.” And revisionism doesn’t become you, Lew. I have gone to the mattresses for you in the past and you damned well know it.

    These people want to govern me. Clearly, you’re fine with that. But outside of personalities, I still see zero justification for that conclusion… or even zero effort made to develop any such justification by these two.

    They’ve offered nothing as a reason to vote them in: no plan, no superior vision, no way to fix cross-river transportation issues or to bring CTran to heel or anything like that.

    In fact, the ONLY thing they’ve got to offer is they ain’t Madore. And in reality, do you think a council vote count gives a damn? It’s like those weasels on the floor of the legislature standing up and telling the world they’re a “reluctant no.”

    Does the machine counting the votes give a damn about the issue of the voter’s reluctance? Hell no. A “no” is a “no”. And a “yes” is a “yes.”

    They offer nothing of substance, just like the 3 Stooges offer nothing of substance.

    If they had a superior vision… if they offered anything in the way of plans that will actually make things better… if they were a 10th as responsive… then they would be worthy of consideration. But that they aren’t Madore… that they, in effect, kiss your ring… does not in any way make them better anything.

    Did YOU ask them how they would have voted differently than the 3 Stooges? I want solutions. If they’re offering any, I can’t see it. And failing to answer my questions?

    Are we better off now as a county than we were 6 months ago? Is the county budget smaller or more efficient?

    Is our tax burden greater or smaller than it was 6 months ago?

    And what would these two do to make that… and other conservative ideals… happen?

    They wouldn’t. And we both know it.

    By all means, vote for whomever you like. I wouldn’t have it any other way

    But neither of these two is in any way “better,” and that they aren’t Madore?

    That’s not good enough, particularly when they fail to address the issues confronting us in any meaningful way.

    Much like, come to think of it, the current council majority.

  14. Obviously you disagree with my choice of Jennifer for council and retain that right. You do not retain any right to berate me for my choice on my blog. May I suggest if you desire to pen rambling blog posts as this to reactivate your own blog?

    That being said, you also have no idea how many times I stood up and went to bat for you, usually in face to face discussions with people.

    That you received no response is sad, but perhaps you ought to reflect on why people choose to not respond to you. And I too have sent out requests for information and also from time to time received no response. Hell, I even sought information once that was diverted and withheld from me for four days by a certain elected then County Commissioner.

    I have no qualms with Eileen Quiring and when she ran in 2012 stood on the corner of Hwy 99 and 99th St sign waving with her. But I based my choice on which one has to most current and varied experience that fits what a councilor will have to be doing on the County Council and that is Jennifer McDaniel.

    That being said, no I am not part of her campaign, although she is free to use my post if she so chooses. Yes, I did endorse her and may be issuing other endorsements in the future where I so choose.

    And yes I oppose Madore and will continue opposing him. You needn’t agree, but I do hope you’ll excuse me while I continue removing knives from my back he thrust there, along with his boot-lickers.

    You and the rest speak of “conservative ideals” and I don’t recognize what y’all label “conservative.” The glee shown last evening over employees of the Lazy C losing their jobs is not the conservative values I grew up with.

    The likes of Sean Emerson, Mark Engleman, Dick Sohn, Christian Berrigan and others remind me more of Klan that I was aware of back when than a “conservative” today.

    And yes, the paper is a rag, but the ones causing that are still there. I hope you would take no pleasure if one of the laid off employees was Tom Vogt, who has written several very pro-Veteran articles over the years without a political spin.

    As I said earlier, you have every right and privilege to disagree with my view. But you do not have the right to berate me for my choices on my own blog.

    I have no desire to dog you for your views. Why you suddenly do me I don’t know.

    Just remember the old idiom, “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.”

  15. Kelly, I think it might be time for you to bring back your blog? ;-P

  16. Lew, do you have another article in ya? I think this one is good for 4th councilmember district. And I don’t live far from you so I might be in the same district.

  17. I have plans for a comparison for the 49th candidates and possibly some others.

    Currently I am kind of recuperating from being a little sick the last few days and not feeling up to writing.

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