by lewwaters

HandshakeFor purposes in this post, Alliance is defined as “a merging of efforts or interests by persons” to further a common goal. That goal being to lessen, if not end the bitter political divide we in the United States and Clark County, Washington see ourselves in.

Many of us, Independents, Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans have recognized that we do have elements from both sides of the aisle pitting us against each other to further their own quest for more power and rule over us, some even laughingly claiming all they wish to do once in control is “leave everybody alone.”

We saw this push for power just a few years ago from the left as they threw all caution to the wind, ignored the voice of the people and pushed ahead with a severely flawed plan to force citizens into accepting the light rail from Portland we had voted down before in the now comatose Columbia River Crossing light rail / bridge project, costing taxpayers some $200 Million.

Currently, we see it in the antics of County Councilor Madore and his close supporters that took over control of the Clark County GOP as they attempt to run roughshod over the county, pushing measures rejected by the majority such as his Alt 4 and claims of Roberts Rules of Order.

By all appearances, the party seems to have thrown Reagan’s notion of a “Big Tent Party” in the garbage can as they continue their purge of any not deemed “rightwing” enough to suit their view of how things should be.

Even though now in the minority and antics from them resulted in a complete overhaul of how the county is governed, moving from a 3 member County Commission to a 5 member County Council, the fringe right continues to act in such a manner as they and they alone are in control.

It also appears the left is suffering much the same split as we see similar antics from them as elected Democrats are being challenged by other Democrats in the current election seemingly believing that they are not “Progressive” enough to suit them. This, even though some of those same elected Democrats prefer to further tax struggling Middle Class homeowners to deal with the homeless problem over getting out of the way of blocking family wage, Middle Class income jobs at the Port of Vancouver.

Such purity purges as expressed above are not limited to the Republican Party in Clark County as in the past few years, we saw calls from the Democrat Party in Washington State to oust members Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom due to their efforts in working across the aisle with Republicans in Olympia in order to complete the people’s business.

We see similar calls also from local Republicans against Ann Rivers, Paul Harris and the two females now sitting on the County Council.

We have no shortage of divisive efforts and purity purges going on today, leaving citizens stuck somewhere in the middle, largely being ignored and many throwing their hands up in disgust and walking away from voting.

Fortunately, we aren’t all such partisan hacks as many from both sides of the aisle are waking up to the divisive nature of these power-grabbers.

Liberals, moderates and conservative citizens see we have a big problem and are placing our differences aside on some issues and forging alliances to deal with the divisive nature of some elected officials as efforts to see them ousted are popping up throughout the community.

One such effort is Connecting Clark County, “an independent group of citizens, Republicans, Independents and Democrats who care about improving the quality of life, quality of community, and quality of government… in beautiful Clark County.”

Another that will soon be online is “Reunite Clark County,” both focusing on seeing the single most noxious elected official in recent history, Councilor Madore sent packing.

We have grown tired of those that proclaim they stand for wise and ethical government or are looking out for us, but push a singular, narrow-minded point of view with no regard for the wants and needs of others in the county.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they sit on, both sides reject any desires or ideas from the other side, heels are dug in and seeking common ground for the people is considered treasonous to them.

I guess they all forgot that our founding fathers also had deep divisions when establishing the country and engaged in some very heated arguments, but ultimately were able to meet in the middle and agree on our constitution, regarded by many as one of the greatest documents in history that guaranteed our citizens a previously unheard of level of freedom and liberty.

In the decade of the 1980’s, President Ronald Reagan led us out of the morass seen in the 1970’s, not by pushing a singular viewpoint, but by compromising where he could and forging alliances with some across the aisle.

In World War Two we were able to set aside differences with other countries and forge alliances across the globe to defeat the tyrannical rule of the German Nazi’s and Empire of Japan, setting both countries on a path to greater freedom and prosperity.

And here locally we see alliances popping up to defeat those that seek only to further divide us to satisfy their quest for more power.

We needn’t agree on everything and we shouldn’t.

But it is long overdue to stop allowing ourselves to be divided by self aggrandizing politicians to the point of our failure.

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12 Comments to “Alliances”

  1. Great post Lew. It’s refreshing to hear that there are others who are just as tired of all the partisan bickering and intransigence.

  2. I appreciate the tone of this piece Lew. Recognizing our differences and working through the conflict is usually the best path to achieving what is better for the community as a whole. A friend recently shared with me their concern of how personality focused we have become in our community. I share their concern, so much of the efforts I see are focused on either elevating or dethroning one particular individual and their influence. If and when that person is rendered irrelevant, or moves on, will we just replace them with a new personality? My hope and desire is when that day arrives we will be able to focus on the systems and structures that have a much more lasting impact on our community as a whole.

  3. I share your concern, Loren. Regardless or personal views, we all must do better in selecting those to represent us.

    Hopefully, lowering the rhetoric between all of us will encourage more people like Jennifer McDaniel to run for office. People that truly do place to good of all above partisanship.

    The first big step remains ousting Madore and marginalizing his devotees.

    Craig, thank you.

  4. Really well said. I am encouraged by this post. Loren has a serious thought and I have frequently asked those of the far right of the GOP who they expect to fill the void left from their purging and chasing all the good GOP candidates off. I remind them they are not the majority and they ignore me. The majority sits somewhere between the 60 to 70 % of the people in the MIDDLE spectrum of these two party divides. We can get so far when we work together but it does require recognizing that not all things Republican are good and not all things Democrat are bad!

  5. Well, I am not, I believe, on the fringe right of anything and yet, these efforts at dividing us are not limited, as you would infer, to merely those who happen to run the local GOP. Further, few have done more battle with the local GOP than I have.

    We have three county councilors who have voted in every way, precisely the same way their democrat opponents would have voted had they won. (Certainly, I’m willing to be schooled on this: how have they voted in any way differently than their democrat opponents would have?)

    So please, help me to understand why they shouldn’t be tossed out of the GOP? There’s a party ready, willing and able to take them in. They’re called “democrats.” And if someone who claims to be a part of Party A to get elected subsequently governs like Party B is their affiliation, then why should they be allowed to remain in Party A?

    The label, you see, has to have meaning. If you’re going to run as a Republican, why, exactly, is it so hard to believe you should then govern like a Republican?

    And, having committed what amounts to fraud to get elected, how are we as a constituency supposed to respond to that fraud? How is the party that supported their election supposed to respond to it? Bend over and scream, “thank you Sir, may I have another?”

    Divisive groups like Crain’s fake Republicans wanted that outcome. At a minimum,, we all will now pay higher property taxes thanks to achieving the outcome she desired… precisely and absolutely as I said would happen during the run up to the election. Thus, I believe she’s already shown that regardless of what she might SAY as a part of her campaign, her RECORD is clear: higher taxes are no problem for her. And she should be supported because of that?

    Crain also seems to be an admin of the fringe-left C3G2 hate group… not surprising, given her endorsement of Chuckie Green.

    Is that OK with you? You know, the group that blocked you… and me… from posting because if you don’t agree with them, they don’t want to hear it?

    I would ask you, Lew: is it OK for anyone to lie to get elected? And if they do lie… and then, like Rivers, lie about WHY she lied… what is our response SUPPOSED to be?

    “Well, you lied… and in your case, Gas Tax, it’s only going to cost this county $700 million… and then, you lied about WHY you lied ($7 billion? Really?) and now, if you don’t happen to “like” a constituent (me) it’s perfectly OK for you to tell the world you’ll be happy to communicate with them… unless, of course, you don’t like them… then, well, you can just feel free to ignore them.

    It’s ALSO OK for you to go out and recruit other tax and spenders, like a moron who wants a 15% food sales tax to help pay for a Supreme Court order that the legislature can feel free to ignore.

    We want to reelect you so you can lie some more… ignore us some more… betray us some more… AND WE WILL CHEERFULLY VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN!”

    Do you, for example, believe that it was perfectly fine for Gas Tax Rivers to pledge not to support gas tax or tab fee increases to get elected, only to betray those of us who supported her and my case, worked my ass off TO get her elected, voting against the vast majority of her district?

    Can you explain to me why people like Crain and Rivers should be rewarded with election or re-election for THEIR divisive efforts that you never seem to take THEM to task over?

    Do you believe, for one minute that the democrats would put up with that political treason at any level?

    How is it that it’s somehow “bad” for those you dislike to “divide” us, but perfectly OK for those you like to ignore GOP principles and ban together with the democrats to silence conservative voices in government through their efforts?

    We look at the Senate and the House and those who lied to get elected there… (Still got that Obamacare thing? Well, damned near every Republican in that joint promised to do away with it as a part of their campaign… and not only duid they fail to keep their word, they completely funded everything Obama wanted… and more!) and we re-elect 90% plus of them… and that’s OK with you?

    See, this is the part I don’t get. These same democrats working to toss the local conservative voices in government would run over Sheldon, Kastama, Tom and the like if they had the chance. You mention the democrats who helped us to waste $200 million on the CRC scam, but then, you give Rivers and her $700 million betrayal… what her self-admitted so-called “political maturing” cost us… a complete walk.

    I’m not easily confused. Local politics has been my playground since 88 or so… but I must admit: you’ve got me stumped.

    You seem to applying multiple standards to multiple candidates. You seem to infer that those who betray us to get elected or to hold office should not suffer any consequence for that at all, as long as they hate Madore.

    In fact, hatred of Madore appears to be the only litmus test you have.

    And frankly… I just don’t get why that seems to relieve them of any responsibility for where they fail us or betray us anywhere else.

    Can you help me with that?


  6. Yeah? So what?

    You’ll just have to excuse me for striving to follow the founding fathers by seeking common ground where possible to write and approve our constitution.

    As to the rest of your rant, meeehhh.

  7. Here is the thing, many people don’t know the difference between Kelley Hinton and Lew Waters. Sorry it is the plain truth. Lew has been blamed and chastised for his postings on his blog Clark County Politics. Now, you and I both know Lew doesn’t post articles on your blog, and he gives you full credit for your blog and writings. As well I am sure you have been confused with Clark County Conservative.

    Lew has in confidence explained to you many times, the underhanded things that Madore has pulled on him, and for some unknown reason, you suddenly feel the need to come get in his face with these long rants. Is this to get a rise out of him? I am not sure what you are trying to do.

    We do know for a fact that you do communicate with Madore on a regular basis, as Madore himself was so gracious to let us know with a CC sent to Lew of an email addressed to you. “I share this with you because you seem to be friends and maybe can help.”

    Has Lew ever badgered you about your incessant berating of Ann Rivers? No, Lew has never gone to your blog to counter anything you have an opinion on, to belittle you or otherwise, and that is the sort of thing you will never see him do. Lew is a man of integrity, which I thought that as a fellow blogger would be something you admire in him, but it is apparent that you don’t.

    So now here we are, and you are trying to blame Lew for everything that is going on now and in the future for Southwest Washington. Isn’t that amazing for someone as your new alliances call irrelevant?

    My husband has always defended your right to say whatever you want, in whatever way that you want. BUT that has come to an end, because you will not come here to do it. I don’t know why he approves of your long blog post rants. You are no longer welcome here. Nobody hates Madore, but I despise the way he has stolen, lied, and said things that are not true about my husband. If David Madore is good at anything it is dividing this county into those that are for him, or against him, and it is apparent where you stand. You had to put yourself into the mix.

    Just in case that is not clear, to quote Obama, “Let me make myself perfectly clear”, go the fuck away. Nobody cares about you being stumped, upset, or otherwise.

    By the way, it would be nice if you would stop calling people that are Libertarians, the true Conservatives, that just irks me. But, opinion goes, the way the money flows. Ask Anna Miller, she knows the way the money flows.

    That is right, as my husband plainly states, this is not a free speech zone, this is HIS blog.

  8. I am astonished that now I too am accused of being a “hater” because I object to Madore stabbing me in the back, lying about me, screwing me over and undermining my blog efforts.

    Such is my reward for supporting the guy best as I could.

    If anybody in this county is a real Hater, how is it not Madore?

  9. Don’t even worry about the labels. Don’t complain. Keep your eye on the target, and don’t miss. This is a strong blog. You have the readership. Carry on and do what it is you do best. When you reach your limit, that will be fine too.

  10. “Local politics has been my playground since 88 or so…” So what? Does that give you some special insight? It doesn’t you know- you’re just like the bitter dude who’s been at his job for 25 years when you’re in your first week at a new job: he “knows it all”, and he isn’t afraid to tell you. BUT, the bitter dude doesn’t own the company.
    Myself, I’ll listen to the bitter dude- then form my own opinion. What I’ve found is 100% of the time the “owners” like to see someone who’s a team player, willing to listen to others, compromise, and think for themselves.
    KJ- your vision of a Republican Utopia doesn’t exist. It never existed (at least as you see it). As Lew said, we’re all tired of purists on both sides of the aisle. Reasonable people on both sides recognize this, so don’t worry. It’ll all be OK.

  11. Note to Kj Hinton:

    You have berated, belittled and insulted me, my wife and other commenters enough. If you wish to continue in such a manner you will now have to reactivate your own blog to do it as you will not see your comments approved here any longer, including the last two you made.

    Go ahead now and run back to Madore, Engleman or whoever sent you because you’re finished here.

  12. Two thumbs up Lew.

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