Supporting Jennifer McDaniel

by lewwaters

Endorsements of Jennifer McDaniel to be the next County Councilor, District 4 filling the seat Tom Mielke is vacating after this term.

Julie Olson County Council District 2

Bob Stevens, Deputy County Manager

Marc Boldt County Council Chair

Mary Buckland

Dianna Kretzschmar Board President, Elder Justice Center

Dennis Henry Vice-Chair Republicans of Clark County

Mike Kretzschmar

Clark County Conservative blog wholly and fully endorses Jennifer McDaniel to be elected as County Council District Four Councilmember.

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4 Comments to “Supporting Jennifer McDaniel”

  1. thanks!

  2. Look actual people endorsing her, not like some other person running for office who abuses their employees and benefactors by making them endorse “that person.”

  3. I can’t say that I’m impressed with those who endorsed Ms. McDaniel. For example, Julie Olson, who “represents” the district where I reside, frankly is a serious disappointment. When I wrote her about the recession of the 2% property tax rate reduction (inflation in housing costs had already assured the county of an increase in the nominal budget, regardless), her response indicated that she supported the needs of the “county staff” over the needs and interests of the taxpayers. This is not why I (mistakenly) voted for her in the first place. Since Ms. McDaniel is in a different district, my opinion of her candidacy is not relevant, but the “bipartisan” endorsements is a sign that she is likely to “go along to get along.” I daresay that is NOT likely to be a benefit for those who understand that government is not the best solution for most issues and that limited government is important in maintaining the maximum individual liberty that is the basis of strong economic growth and the ability of individuals to exercise their own judgment to make decisions that result in a flourishing life.

    FWIW, Mr. Waters, I feel that you may have lost some of your perspective over the past few months. I am sympathetic toward you about the issues you have with one particular council member, but I’m wondering if you’ve let that situation cause you to lose perspective of the real goal of efficient, cost effective, minimal, local government?

  4. I haven’t lost any perspective at all, John. I have been waiting to see Madore get his just due for two years now.

    I have read and spoken with Bob Stevens, “Budget Bob” and most of the claims made by Madore of savings and what not are a smoke screen. The reality is, he ahs cost us money.

    As for the 2% so called tax cut, that was nothing more than a stunt that would not have helped anybody. At best, since it wouldn’t have any effect on levies and other taxes lumped in with our Property Tax, you might have seen a $6 to $8 decrease over a years time. I prefer Jeanne Stewart’s suggestion that is there really was any actual savings, it be applied to pay down debt.

    I’ve met Jennifer and Eileen and spoken with both over the years and stand by my earlier recommendation of Jennifer as the one with the most current and up to date experience to sit on the council.

    I too reside in Olson’s district and like with every other public official, I won’t always agree with their positions. But she won by a majority vote so she is who we have to work with and even though I disagree at times with her, I believe she is doing good.

    As for “go along to get along,” that is a two-way street. Our founding fathers came up with our constitution by several very strong arguments, but coming together to seek common ground and decide what they felt best for all, not just one group.

    Bot hsides digging in their heels and not budging has given us grid lock and divisiveness. Remember “divided we fall?”

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