R. Dean Report Blasts Madore

by lewwaters

Madore, Glare WatermarkRebecca Dean, brought in to investigate allegations flying back and forth at county has released her report, available at INVESTIGATION REPORT.

In it I read at least 15 times the comment “Madore’s Statement is False.”

Mr. Orjiako’s allegation of racially motivated is also found lacking, although the report does state, ““Nevertheless, there is some limited evidence of racial animus by Madore, as the “race card” graphic Madore posted on his website is an effort to demean or discredit Orjiako’s sincere and deeply felt belief that Madore was motivated by Orjiako’s race and national origin.”

Conclusions stated are, “Madore’s Allegations of Staff Misfeasance are False”

“Madore Attempted to Directly Micro-Manage the Planning staff’s Work”

“The Evidence is that Madore’s Conduct was Motivated by Public Discrediting of Alternative 4B by the Thorpe Report and by BOCC Reversal of his Plan, Not by the Motives Alleged by Orjiako or AFSCME”

We also see on Page 31: “According to Orjiako and McCauley, Madore was angry that the DSEIS had been released without Board approval. Madore explained in my interview with him that he wanted to talk to them before the document was released to make sure that it did not include “junk” or “nonsense.” It is apparent from his comments on the draft and my interview with him that Madore wanted to control ESA’s conclusions.”

In all, it is 40 pages of interesting reading.

Mr. Madore, please resign and save the county more embarrassment.

See also: Investigation: Madore’s allegations against Orjiako are false for more information.


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6 Comments to “R. Dean Report Blasts Madore”

  1. No surprise here. If knowledge serves me correct Mr. Madore’s many claims of malfeasance against others have proven to be false or unfounded.
    In other news the Madoristas now have someone new to hate.

  2. Eerie silence so far from the disciples of the Church of Madore.

    Only a couple feeble attempts at defense, shooting the messenger type.

    While Madore should resign, I assume his arrogance will prevent him from doing what is right.

    NO matter, this should see his votes plummet in August.

  3. Maybe this will help him hit the goal of 90-95% decrease in endorsements. 🙂

  4. Add to that a cost of $55K from our tax dollars.

  5. Well, you heard it here first: if the good Councilor manages a win in November, his comment will be a variation of “this is not a victory for me, it’s a victory for The People, who yearn for transparency, fair and equitable government, motherhood, apple pie and the principals our Founding Fathers esposed.” If he loses, the comment will be a variation of “the system is rigged. Good government and The People lost, the Special Interests and the downtown Power Elite unfairly manipulated the system, through their lapdog mouthpiece, THE COLUMBIAN”.

  6. Whichever way it goes, his arrogance will rule him.

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