Right on Schedule, Probst Goes Negative

by lewwaters

Probst, Forked TongueNothing out of the ordinary for Democrat candidate for the 17th Legislative District Senate seat, we once again see Tim Probst firing off negative antics against his opponent, Republican Lynda Wilson.

This is par for the course with Probst as similar negativity has been seen in every campaign he has been involved in, even though he crows the loudest about clean campaigning and his efforts to run a clean campaign I have yet to see.

In this first negative ad he sent out, we see the effort to tie Lynda Wilson to 5-term State Senator Don Benton, who is not running for reelection and much reviled by Democrats in Southwest Washington.

In this latest attack from Probst, he has the gall to accuse her of “running dishonest attack ads” against him.

Inset enlarged for emphasis

Inset enlarged for emphasis

I guess he sort of overlooks the Misogynistic effort from his side of the aisle of parading around town with a large simulated tampon strapped to their truck to smear Lynda Wilson. In his warped view, it is apparently considered negative for Lynda Wilson to defend her femininity from Probst’ misogyny.

As far as “dishonesty” goes, Probst comes up short in that department too with his claim that he “was ranked the lowest-taxing legislator in the entire state.”

The deceptive claim was put to rest long ago as it was revealed he was but one of some 20 legislators ranked near the bottom of the Freedom Foundation’s Big Spender Report.

But where the deception enters in the many times Probst voted against the party tax & spend measures, others that did not follow lockstep were ostracized by the party, but not Probst?

Others who deviated from the party platform, Jon Haugen, Jim Kastama, Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon were castigated and demeaned for actually looking out for taxpayers. Probst, alleging he opposed his party’s tax & spend policies even more than any of the above, is embraced, supported by the Democrat Party and saw hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on vile attack ads on his behalf in his failed 2012 campaign.

Obviously, the façade slips away when you think about it and indicate very strongly that Probst is encouraged to vote no, the party realizing the tax & spend measure will easily pass without his vote and Probst can give the appearance of being against increased spending to help the party retain, or in this case, regain the majority.

Don’t let yourselves be fooled by Tim Probst. As this blog has been showing over many years, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, he is far from what he seems.

Lynda Wilson on the other hand, doesn’t need to resort to negative attacks ads or rely on slinging mud. She has a record serving in the community as well as in the legislature to be proud of. She stands on her accomplishments, not on tearing her opponent down with false, negative mud encrusted ads.

I urge you voters in the 17th Legislative District to reject Tim Probst and his sleazy efforts as you did back in 2012.

Lynda Wilson deserves your support and vote this election.

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2 Comments to “Right on Schedule, Probst Goes Negative”

  1. So, is this actually from the Probst campaign or one of the PAC’s?


  2. The address on the back is Elect Tim Probst. That is his campaign


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