What’s Happened to the Republican Party?

by lewwaters

Trump Flip OffI was born and raised in a strong Democrat family. No, not like today’s Democrats, far from it. A strong Southern Democrat family back when there actually was conservatives in the Democrat Party.

We know today that the Democrats have moved far to the left and if there are any conservatives left, they hide in the shadows.

It was the acts of Jimmy Carter that convinced me to become a Republican in 1977, seeing the Republicans were embracing conservative values, especially seen once Ronald Reagan defeated Carter in 1980.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided I’d be better off as an Independent, due to several acts by Republicans taken against a good conservative candidate to deny him a nomination to Congress in favor of a less qualified person.

But by and large, I still supported conservative Republicans while leaving my options open if ever a conservative Democrat ran again.

However, it is becoming more and more difficult to lend support to Republicans as I see fewer and fewer actual conservatives today.

Oh there are plenty telling you they are conservative, but from how I grew up and have practiced for so many years, they are not conservative but some strange blend of fringe Libertarian with a hint of anarchy, some say fascism, declaring that they are the “true conservatives.”

They will often quote Ronald Reagan from a 1975 interview saying,

“If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

But they always leave out the rest,

“Now, I can’t say that I will agree with all the things that the present group who call themselves Libertarians in the sense of a party say, because I think that like in any political movement there are shades, and there are libertarians who are almost over at the point of wanting no government at all or anarchy. I believe there are legitimate government functions. There is a legitimate need in an orderly society for some government to maintain freedom or we will have tyranny by individuals. The strongest man on the block will run the neighborhood. We have government to insure that we don’t each one of us have to carry a club to defend ourselves.”

Over the years since Reagan left office we have seen a steady infiltration of the Republican Party by these people along with the more opportunistic GOP members latching onto their coattails for power or personal gain.

Libertarians, Leave You Alone

That in a nutshell is what we see and hear from these infiltrators, begging the question, how is seizing control and power over everybody “leaving them alone?”

And what lengths would they take to ensure they retained such power in a society of free people?

This brings me to the conduct of many witnessed at the recent Republican convention in Cleveland, particularly the speech given by Texas Senator Ted Cruz who was booed, jeered and degraded throughout and after for his words spoken, his wife Heidi needing to be escorted out by security due to those same jeers towards her on the floor of the convention.

Donald Trump, the next morning, seemed to be upset because Cruz added sentence to his speech that Trump did not see when he saw the full speech hours before it was given.

The sentence that set off Trump and his supporters? “I want to see the principles that our party stands for prevail in November.”

Do Trump and his supporters no longer stand for conservative Republican principles?

Have they replaced them with some as of yet unknown set of principles?

Other excerpts that gained jeers and boos for Cruz were;

“Did we live up to our values? Did we do all we could?”

“We’re fighting, not for one particular candidate or one campaign, but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grandkids, our own Carolines, that we did our best for their future, and for our country.”

“There is a better vision for our future: A return to freedom.
On education, your freedom to choose your child’s education, even if you aren’t as rich as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
On healthcare, your freedom to choose your own doctor, without Obamacare.
On taxes, your freedom to provide for your family without the IRS beating down your door.”

“Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces.
Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist. Gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.
Freedom means the right to keep and bear arms, and protect your family.
Freedom means Supreme Court Justices who don’t dictate policy, but instead follow the Constitution.”

“We deserve leaders who stand for principle. Unite us all behind shared values. Cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect, from everybody.”

And what seemed to anger Trump’s peoples the most,

“And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

When did any of that cease to represent conservative Republican values and principle?

And don’t tell me it still does because if it did, Trump and his supporters would have applauded such a speech, not booed and jeered all of the way through it.

Equally distressing now that Donald Trump is the official nominee for president from these new Republican’s is the tactics of supporters in demeaning, ridiculing, arguing and even threatening physical violence against people not jumping in to join their support of Trump.

Not to mention the fearmongering of “you only have two choices, Trump or Hillary and if you don’t vote Trump, then you support Hillary”


In that I am reminded of the words of Alexander Hamilton,

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”

I saw much the same nonsense during the past two elections coming out of the Ron Paul camps and apparently was erroneous in my belief it was him causing such splits.

It appears to me now that it was his supporters that want to seize control of the country to impose their will with the rest of us serving them, far from that “leave everybody alone” nonsense many of them spew.

And to do that they needed to take control of the Republican Party as they have been trying for a decade now.

This post barely scratches the surface of my concerns with this group and Donald Trump and more may be said in a future post.

But suffice it to say for now, You Wanted Trump, You’ve Got Him. How you get him elected is your problem.

I only pray that we will one day again before my time is up on this earth, we will see a true conservative Republican party rise up out of the ashes of this mess.

To lift a quote from Lloyd Bentsen’s 1988 Vice Presidential debate with Dan Quayle, “I knew conservative Republicans and y’all ain’t it!”

13 Comments to “What’s Happened to the Republican Party?”

  1. Lew you have a knack for expressing your ideas that make me question my own assumptions, presuppositions, and prejudices. I didn’t follow the Republican convention. I just caught the Trump speech, and that of his daughter Ivanka. I have to say I was impressed with the things Trump said and the clarity that he brought to the issues facing the country. True, he didn’t offer any solutions, but at least (very unlike the Democrats) he wasn’t afraid to identify the problems. I heard a little of the ruckus with Cruz but didn’t know what had happened.

    The idea of Clinton in the White House has driven me towards Trump, but the quote of Alexander Hamilton is outstanding and has brought me to a halt wondering what to do next. I don’t know yet.

  2. Trump said a few things I appreciate, but over all, I still feel he will do everything he can to throw the election to Hillary.

    He has a long history of friendship with the Clinton’s that many of us spoke of and were ignored.

    Many claims and statements made throughout the campaign painted the GOP in the worst light imaginable and those coming out agreeing verified all of the bogus claims by Democrats over the years.

    What can be done now? I really don’t know, other than to have a Senate and Congress that would keep her in check. Something they did not do with Obama over these past years.

    Maybe conservatives, real conservatives can retake control of the Republican Party, or push another party to prominence and make headway, but I fear we are headed to a one-party system for the time being.

    I also fear an armed uprising, but suspect any such move to be folly and would quickly be squelched.

    I agree with you, I really don’t know what to do right now. I sure wish people had paid more attention during the campaigns.

    But my conscience will not allow me to cast a vote for either Trump or Hillary. To me, it is choice of arsenic or cyanide.

  3. Bottom line is this: the majority of voters in this nation want action not words. They want to kick somebody, or have somebody else do it for them. Cruz did not come across as enough of a doer….he came across as a talker. While it remains to be seen what a Trump Team will do, his life work shows he is a doer…end of story.

  4. Sorry Cindy, you were sold a bill of goods.

    But you freely entered into it.

    Uh Oh! Trump Dropping Two-Thirds of Tax Cuts Promised in GOP Primary

    16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And It’s Eerily Accurate

    7* Authoritarian Lines in Donald Trump’s Speech

    Trump made a lot of promises he cannot possibly keep, unless he does as Obama and shreds the constitution to act as a dictator.

    New term, ‘Vichy Republican,’ enters US election lexicon

  5. I didn’t say I am a Trump fan….I said this is how the majority of American voters are thinking I believe. This is the reality that the Republican leadership should care about….the feelings, the desires, the fears of the American people and their grassroots party members who just wrote and approved the most “conservative” pro life, pro business, pro “America First” platform in recent history. But in truth, the elite who control both major parties at the top do not care what the affect of their decisions and policies is on average taxpaying and working citizens. They want votes and they want power for themselves and their friends. That’s it. They will sell the grassroots Americans lives and fortunes to get what they want. Those who have no fear or care for the people they are supposed to be serving should be removed from their positions of leadership. Period. Mr. Trump’s success is a symptom of the frustrations of many citizens.

  6. I don’t believe it was actually a majority that selected him. At least not in most states. He may have gotten the most votes, thanks in part to open primaries and Democrats crossing over to ensure he was the GOP nominee in some places.

    I understand the frustration of many and I have shared it often. But to me, it is folly to burn the house down because the windows are dirty.

    God help us in the coming years

  7. My best advice for all reading this….then pray for Mr. Trump and our nation’s leaders…..(really, do it!!)

  8. My prayer is that we can weather what is ahead.

    Neither of the candidates are suited for office.

  9. Lew and the other person, I pray that we have some sight of intellectuality and understand that we will get what we ask for. If one remembers CWP and basic social studies before it left Vancouver Public Schools, there is one group of people that we have to understand. That is the electoral college. They are the ones whom vote for president in Decwmber 23rd or so. The vote really means not much other than much?

    I want to know more about trump and clinton before I have to vote my conscience and waste the time to read the voter’s pamphlet?? I am going to listen to the speech that he gave before the repubilican party about a week or so ago? ANd do the same for the clinton party convention. And finally, keep abreast of what is going on now that the main voting bloc to see wheree it is going the Portland – Vancouver region.

    We really have two sides of a columbia river that represents a good portion of voters at 2.1 million people and 3/4 are oregonians. I suspect in 2050 or higher I will have a republican party worthy of voting. I also wonder what it will take to get the libertarian vote in both states moving to get better candidates elected? I am tired of reading candidates that only get less than 5 percent of the votes like Ross Perot and Gary Johnson did in the recent past?

  10. Yes, the Electoral College actually selects the president, as outlined in the constitution. It remains controversial, but I am of the opinion it was brilliant.

    Our votes at the state level are actually for delegates to the Electoral College and who they will cast their votes for. I’m told they are not legally required to vote of a specific candidate, but I have never heard of any deviating either.

    Everybody has to follow their own conscience on voting, but I will likely sit this one out. I just can’t bring myself to vote for either Hillary or Trump. May go third party, haven’t decided yet.

  11. I may just join you Lew. THere is a sickening Comcast video of Trump by Hillary ‘s campaign commmercial that i cannot stand to watch. I have not figured out whom I am going to vote for but gary johnson won’t get my vote either.

    I doubt it will come down to a third party running for president will win. I believe the last third party nomination was Theodore Rooosevelt leaving the wigs (I think Republican party?) to a third party candidate??

    He actually won the electoral college too. I don’t remember where to look it was part of a book in social studies in the early 1990’s where I Read that information.

  12. The evidence continues to support your suspicion that Trump intends on throwing the election to Hillary. Every time there is a little daylight between the two in the polls, Trump does something to destroy his advantage. His ridiculous, childish attack on the Khan family is just the latest example. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Trump will get hit by a bus or something – well not really, not something that drastic – but at least something severe enough to cause him to withdraw from the race leaving Mike Pence as the nominee.

  13. I hope something happens and soon.

    Also, something to cause Hillary to withdraw as well, as if her ego would permit it.

    I am flabbergasted that the country has gotten to this point.

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