Sour Grapes Goes Down Bitter

by lewwaters

Madore, Glare WatermarkAccording to the Columbian’s Katie Gillespie tweets earlier this morning, a Cowlitz County judge has dismissed all of the recall petitions filed recently by out going County Councilor, Tom Mielke.

It remains to be seen if the decision will be accepted or if more sour grapes will ensue as Councilor Madore struggles to retain his grasp in Clark County.

Katie Gillespie reports, “A Cowlitz County Judge has dismissed all allegations by Councilor Tom Mielke in his recall petition against his fellow councilors.  None, he says, meet the legal requirements for a recall petition.”

Brent Boger gives his assessment as well;

A Cowlitz County judge didn’t take long to rule against Councilor Mielke’s recall petition on all grounds:

1. It was in the budget authority of the County Manager to consolidate the Environmental Services Department with other departments if it didn’t result in exceeding the budget.

2. It was insufficient to allege a violation of the Open Public Meetings Act based on suppositions that there must’ve been an illegal meeting when there were other explanations of how an action took place.

3. The plain language of the Charter and state law make clear that access to the county prosecutor for opinions is controlled by the board majority or Council Chair.

4. Even Mielke’s lawyer conceded that the Board had discretion to change the newspaper of record.

Also, the Court ruled that Mielke had no standing to bring a recall petition against a councilor outside of his district.

See also: Judge dismisses Mielke’s recall petition

Rumors of cries about “corrupt judges” and “rigged system” from the Madore camp are already being heard, I’m told.

Originally posted by Chris Prothero

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One Comment to “Sour Grapes Goes Down Bitter”

  1. Thanks for enhancing the audio. I was watching live this morning and it was very difficult to hear.

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