The Dust from the Primary Settles

by lewwaters

PoliticianWe are now 2 days past the primary election and overall, I am pleased with most results. Voters have shown their preference for who they desire to advance to the November General election.

While there are still ballots to be counted, it is unlikely any race will see much in the way of change, other than which candidate in the top two primary comes out on top, as in the race for the 17th Legislative District Senate race between Republican Lynda Wilson and former Representative, Democrat Tim Probst.

As of last evenings count, Lynda trailed by 46 votes and is expected to pass Probst today.

Not surprising was seeing soon to be former County Councilor David Madore placing dead last in the three way contest for County Council, District 3. Much angst, blame and finger pointing by his loyal followers is being heard today, but in the end, Madore has only himself to blame as he alienated former supporters, argued incessantly with the majority of the Council and behaved in such a manner to continue to hand the media everything they desired to use against him.

Democrat Tanisha Harris finished on top with Republican John Blom trailing. While it is anybodies race, I expect to see John gain many votes from Republicans that voted for Madore, although sour grapes will likely prevent some from casting their vote.

Deeply disappointing in the County Council race to see Republican Jennifer McDaniel finishing last. Democrat Roman Battan came out second while Eileen Quiring, former Oregon legislator from years ago placed first.

Quiring, labeled MIAD (Madore in a dress) by many benefited by smears against McDaniel from the seedier factions of the Clark County Republican Party. Whether or not they will hold remains to be seen in the General.

Returning to the 17th Senate race, it was somewhat surprising to see the Probst campaign turn to slinging mud in the primary since both he and Lynda Wilson automatically advance because there were only the two. Even more shocking was to see him interviewed on CVTV election night talking about how he runs a positive campaign and voters reject the negative campaigning of his opponent. But, Probst has never been known for his honesty.

I can’t help but wonder if his words on voters approving of positive campaigning and rejecting negativity will hold as we witness Lynda Wilson surpass him in votes later today?

State Representative Pos 1 for the 17th saw a 6 way contest whittled down to two, Republican Vicki Kraft and Independent Democrat Sam Kim, Kraft leading currently by a wide margin.

For Pos 2 in the 17th, as expected sp-called Republican Richard Colwell was kicked to the curb along with his “The System is Rigged, DISRUPT.THEIR.SYSTEM” message.

Incumbent Republican Paul Harris and Democrat challenger Martin Hash will advance to face off in November, Harris holding the lead so far.

No surprises in the conservative leaning 18th Legislative District as all incumbents easily bested challengers to advance to the General.

Republican Senator Ann Rivers holds a substantial lead over Democrat challenger Eric Holt, her only challenger.

Incumbent Republican Brandon Vick will face off against Democrat challenger Justin Olberg, holding a massive lead currently for Representative Pos. 1.

Likewise, in Pos 2, incumbent Republican Liz Pike easily came out ahead from a challenge from within her party and will face off against Democrat challenger Kathie Gillespie in November.

Moving on the Liberal leading 49th Legislative District sees incumbent Democrat, Annette Cleveland finishing well ahead of Republican challenger Lewis Gerhardt, both of whom advance to the General.

Republicans offered no candidate for Pos 1 Representative in the 49th that sees two Democrats advancing, incumbent Sharon Wylie and challenger Kaitlyn Beck.

For Pos 2, we again see Republicans shooting themselves in the foot as where they did not have a candidate in the Pos 1 race, they ran two for Pos 2, both seeing defeat as two Democrats, Vancouver City Councilmember Alishia Topper and former 17th District Rep Monica Stonier, the district hopping candidate advance.

Stonier, if you remember, is known for hopping back and forth across district boundaries in her quest to return to the House and in my opinion, continue to do the bidding of the greedy teachers unions that she has shown deep connections to in the past and has received substantial funding from them in this race.

Stonier’s in the lead coming out of the primary, but it is anybody’s guess if that holds in November.

For Governor, as expected Democrat incumbent Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Bill Bryant easily came out ahead and advance.

Likewise, in the 3rd Congressional District, incumbent Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler easily surpassed multiple challengers and will face Democrat Jim Moeller who vacated the 49th Legislative District Pos 2 seat to run.

Moeller, when he initially said he was vacating the seat to run for Lieutenant Governor, announced his intention to “run as the most left-leaning candidate,” saying “My strategy is to be the Bernie Sanders of Washington state.”

May I remind Moeller that Sanders lost?

We also saw some shake-ups in PCO races for the Clark County Republican Party as efforts by their State Committeeman Christian Berrigan failed to oust Carolyn Crain, but voters defeated Peter Silliman and Katja Delavar in their PCO slots.

It is this bloggers hope that we are witnessing the beginnings of the Clark County Republican Party returning to a level of sanity unseen in the last few years as more and more PCO’s will win seats to the Central Committee and make much needed changes.

We can all enjoy a brief respite now for a short time from incessant campaigning, robocalls, unwanted flyers and see fewer campaign signs littering the highways.

But come November, let’s vote wisely and look these candidates over well as they are who will write and pass the laws we are subject to.

So far, voter turnout is sitting at an abysmal 25% and is expected to maybe hit 30%.

That means only a small portion of the eligible voters are electing who governs us.

Is it any wonder we end up with two of the worst candidates for president in the history of the country?

One Comment to “The Dust from the Primary Settles”

  1. Thanks for all of your reporting. I don’t see much political news over at the Lazy C anymore. And Stevie is now gone, so there is really no politics except the boring shootem up fire brand stories instead of real news….

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