We all need a Break, Mr. Madore

by lewwaters

Before going to bed last night, I was utterly speechless to see soon to be former County Councilor David Madore lashing out once again against his Republican opponent, John Blom. Although I lost what respect I once had for Madore, due to his personal actions against me, I didn’t realize what a sore loser he tends to be.

I guess last year’s fateful write-in effort running Liz Pike for the Council Chair position he lost should have been a tip-off.

Waking up this morning, though, I see Mr. Madore, either by a little well applied common sense or that someone slapped him upside the head with a reality check, decided to delete the smearing post against John Blom, posted below and announcing that he intends to take a break until August 15.

Madore, Deleted Blom Post

As you can see from the above, taking a break is just what Madore needs. If for no other reason than to reflect on just why he alienated so many.

Yes, for the length of his term we have heard how so many despise him, treat him unfairly, don’t listen to his superior ideas and thoughts and just generally disrespect him.

Of course, faithful supporters try to give the impression it is because “he stopped the CRC light rail project.”


Yes, he played a role and deserves credit for hiring an Independent Auditor to pour over a document dump, but let’s face it, the project was ultimately stopped by combined efforts of many citizens and the acts of first the Washington Legislature and the Oregon Legislature afterward.

But to lash out at John Blom, claiming he misrepresents himself, misrepresents the truth and misrepresents others (meaning Madore, of course) was completely uncalled for and totally out of line for someone claiming to “walk with God.”

At this early stage it is even unknown if John Blom will win the general election as he faces strong competition from Madore’s Democrat opponent, Tanisha Harris.

Wisely, Madore saw no need to trash her as he did John Blom.

Even though Madore deleted the offensive post, he should publicly apologize to John Blom for it.

Mr. Madore, given your antics since losing the Chair race, yes you need a break as do the people of Clark County.

You lost, for whatever reason. Deal with it.

It is time for you to put on your big boy pants and accept that fact. Surely you have not led such a sheltered life that you never lost before.

Yes, please take and enjoy the 10-day vacation. Enjoy your family and grandchildren. Get back in touch with them and learn again what is important in life.

I hope too that when you return, you will show more humility and much less of that confrontational and combative attitude we have seen from you these past 8 months.

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3 Comments to “We all need a Break, Mr. Madore”

  1. Are you saying that there is someone Mr. Madore listens to? You would be hard pressed to convince me he reached this decision on his own.

  2. The only ones I am aware of he ever listened to were Anna Miller, Mark Engleman, Sean Emerson and that ilk.

    But I can’t imagine them recommending he take this down.

    But someone did.

    Just too bad for him I grabbed it before he did 😉

  3. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand then its up
    to other people that they will help, so here it happens.

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