Why Can’t Tim Probst Be Honest?

by lewwaters

Tim Probst

Tim Probst

As expected, the race in the 17th Legislative District Senate seat vacated by 5 term Republican Don Benton finishes with a razor thin margin between the two candidates vying for the seat, former Representative, Democrat Tim Probst and Representative, Republican Lynda Wilson.

In spite of that razor thin margin, listening to Probst you would believe he accomplished a landslide victory as the initial count had him ahead of Wilson by about 200 votes.

That slim initial count led him to post on his facebook page, “This week we saw unity and love for one another beat divisiveness and anger. We just saw the regular people beat the big money. Celebrate this!”

Unfortunately for the young man, latest counts show him trailing Lynda Wilson as that razor thin margin has shifted, favoring her now as more mail in ballots were counted.

But you wouldn’t know that listening to Probst as he continues to crow of some phantom huge victory he believes, or wants you to believe, he attained.

He continues to crow, “Outspent more than 2 to 1 at $358,000 to $177,000, 4 TV ads to 1, 15 mailers to 9, and facing the biggest smear campaign in the history of Clark County primary elections for the state legislature, Tim Probst posted his best numbers ever.”

Apparently pulling numbers from his own nether regions, PDC reports show only a $30K difference between money raised by both campaigns, Wilson leading in donations.

The Wilson campaign spent $156,528.98 compared to the Probst campaign spending $145,573.87. Pretty even if you ask me in the realm of political campaigning.

Probst would have you believe he is once again just a poor victim of some nebulous “smear campaign” when we have seen his campaign go negative in every single campaign he has ever ran in, this one being no different.

Even his disavowing such dirty campaigning on his behalf from others is disingenuous as it amounts to words to the effect of, “while what they say is true, they really should have said that.”

Past examples of Probst negative campaigning can be seen HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, he is far from what he claims.

Following along in the footsteps of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Probst claims “Stand up against the Koch brothers and big tobacco funding our opponent.”

The only problem there is, PDC reports show no funding from either the Libertarian Koch Brothers or any big tobacco company.

On the other hand, PDC reports for Probst do show thousands of dollars of donations accepted from Big Union bosses and special interest PACs.

It has long been fashionable of Democrats to heavily demonize the Koch Brothers for their support of more conservative candidates outlined in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.”

What they ignore and hope you do to is when it comes to political donations, Koch Industries don’t even place in the Top Ten.

They also prefer you not look and see that in that Top Ten, the majority of big donors give exclusively to Democrats and in larger amounts.

Koch Industries places well down at number 39, well behind several Environmentalists’ and Big Union bosses funding Democrats!

But Probst will not admit that little fact. He’d rather cry victim and spew lies in hopes of fooling you, the voters to elect him and return him to the legislature as well as place majority control of the legislature back in the hands of Democrats that for years underfunded education resulting in what we see today as the McCleary Decision mandating even more money be spent on education and supported by the same greedy big teachers unions supporting Probst.

But he won’t tell you that as he cries victim and boasts of some “Yuge” phantom victory that dissolved before his very eyes.

Lynda Wilson

Lynda Wilson

On the other hand, Lynda Wilson and her husband Tracy have no need to be negative or lie to you. Their commitment to the community has been seen through their business, DeWils Interiors and support of Veteran’s and Community events over several years.

Where Probst ‘talks the talk,’ Lynda Wilson actually walks the walk when it comes to easing the burden on the middle class and supporting the community.

Tim Probst stated shortly after the initial ballot count gave him a razor thin margin that “This week we saw unity and love for one another beat divisiveness and anger. We just saw the regular people beat the big money.”

With Lynda Wilson pulling ahead, doesn’t that now mean that his words of defeating division and anger and defeating big money was the people actually rejecting him?

To me it does and I recommend that voters continue rejecting Tim Probst and his dishonest campaign rhetoric and elect Lynda Wilson as your next 17th Legislative District State Senator.

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