What Part of “INDEPENDENT” is Misunderstood?

by lewwaters

024It seems a small but vocal fringe element we have seen highjacking conservatism and the Republican Party are very upset. My guess is seeing Councilor David Madore kicked to the curb in the latest election is difficult for them to accept since he holds some mysterious messiah like position with them.

As with all miscreants, someone besides themselves must be to blame when things don’t go as they envision they should and they begin lashing out at whoever they feel is an easy target.

Ever since this blog exposed their efforts at PCO stacking two years ago, it has been one of the favored targets, they actually setting up what they think is an anonymous “Watch” blog site to critique and counter the efforts here.

While they crow amongst themselves on how they are responsible for reining this blog in, few outside of their dwindling cabal are even aware of it much less pay any attention to it.

For some strange reason, they appear to believe they are the sole arbiters of conservatism as Republicanism and entitled to define just who is and who isn’t privileged to be counted as such. Deviation relegates one instantly to that of a “RINO” (Republican in name Only).

Along with deeming this blog “inconsequential, irrelevant, confused, insignificant” and more, it is also now relegated to also being “RINO.”

I guess they fail to see or understand at the top of the blog, “An Independent Conservative Voice for Clark County.”

In simple terms, “NOT A REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT!”

But for some strange reason, this fringe element continues to express how this blog should be supportive of their views and efforts and that somehow, degrading me personally will coerce me to get in line.

It will never work, boys and girls.

You see, being Independent means I am not beholding to any specific party or group, not even the so-called Independent Political Party. It means I have declared myself separate from political parties and have the freedom to speak my mind for or against any I desire to.

No person or political party funds this effort but me, never has.

No candidate has ever paid me nor have I ever asked for payment for any support I may give.

While I did open allowing donations to be made to help offset expenses, no one has ever been forced to pay to read or comment. It is strictly voluntary.

Maybe that is what they really fear, someone separate from them and willing to expose their underhanded dealings as much as the other sides.

Of course, some of the feeble efforts at degrading the content of this blog have at times left me laughing hysterically to myself with amusement.

Time such as the local newspaper of record, the Columbian, better known on this blog as “the Lazy C” picks up my byline and runs with it. I imagine that would be a big surprise to editor Lou Brancaccio.

Or reading how suddenly I am some super hero with the C3G2 group because one post out of the excess of two thousand posts I’ve written was linked there and that I have met with and found common ground with a few of the people from the group.

That we still disagree on several points, but have chosen to disagree agreeably is immaterial, I guess.

Again missed by them is that is a huge part of being an Independent, the freedom to roam and meet with people of opposing beliefs and views without fear or retribution or being excommunicated from a group.

Also missed by them as they frequently claim linkage to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, the Founders were men with strongly opposed views and argued incessantly, but managed to seek and find common ground in order to write and pass our Constitution.

So why has it become so wrong for people to strive to emulate that today?

Let the fringe continue in their comedic tantrums as the rest of us strive to move forward.

Life is too short to be drug down in their drama and infantile antics.

This blog and I will continue to enjoy the Independent streak set about shortly after its opening a little over 8 years ago and speaking freely on matters.

The malcontents can just continue spinning wildly out of control until they dig themselves into total irrelevancy and cooler heads take control.

“Liberty not only spawns progress, but it is the genesis of true peace as well.”

Ronald Reagan Radio Address to the Nation on the 40th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War in the Pacific, August 10, 1985

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2 Comments to “What Part of “INDEPENDENT” is Misunderstood?”

  1. They are angry indeed. Attacking me anytime I ever spoke to object to anything. Started the first meeting in 2013 when I had the audacity to question the placement of Christian Berrigan in a seat on the board… how dare I. As Mark Engleman said while turning ash grey and wagging his finger in my face “either you agree with us 100% or you are the enemy”.

  2. As Mark Engleman said while turning ash grey and wagging his finger in my face “either you agree with us 100% or you are the enemy”.

    That’s almost funny Carolyn. 100%? Who agrees with anyone all the time except mindless drones? I don’t even agree with myself 100% of the time! Well, they will eventually self-destruct with that kind of mentality. Looks like they’re on their way out now with Madore gone…

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