What is this “Gun Lobby” We Hear About?

by lewwaters

Ruger 2Proclaiming an intent to “end gun violence,” media and anti-gun special interest groups like the Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility, Moveon.org, the Brady Campaign and others constantly bombard us with their claims of the gun lobby this and the gun lobby that as this elusive gun lobby was pure evil incarnate with no soul and cares less about people and children.

If you recall, the Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility was responsible for bringing us I-594 in our state, requiring universal background checks on the basis of it was going to “make us safer.”

That no sooner went into law than they announced in a July 2, 2015 email, “When we set out to pass universal background checks in Washington the pundits said it couldn’t be done. The gun lobby was too strong. Yet, last year, we proved them wrong — and Washington is safer as a result. But that isn’t the end of the story. The fight to save lives from gun violence is just beginning.”

I bolded that last sentence intentionally as universal background checks was just the beginning, them getting their foot in the door to what eventually could lead to the total disarmament of innocent citizens that abide by the law where criminals and terrorists do not in a misguided effort claiming to “save live from gun violence.”

In the excess of 500 emails I have received from them and other gun grabber special interest groups, this evil incarnate, elusive gun lobby merits mention nearly 250 times.

The media chimes in frequently too as we saw in a June 19, 2016 Washington Post OP-Ed, Is the gun lobby finally cornered?

A June 23, 2016 L.A. Times article tells us The gun lobby can’t have its cake and eat it too

On January 12, 2016 the BBC asked How has the US gun lobby been so successful?

December 10, 2015 saw the gun grabbing group, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence issue the call, Tell DOJ: Cancel $2.4 Million Grant to Gun Lobby Group, designed to strip the Connecticut-based National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) of funds granted that “will go toward buying kits (containing a cable-style gun lock and safety brochure) which NSSF distributes to law enforcement agencies around the country” and gives out to gun owners.

In essence, they strive to educate and make guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens and their children safer.

But a group proclaiming to be about ending gun violence strongly opposes such a move because they are part of this evil, demon “gun lobby,” all the while proclaiming “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy.”

I read that as “ban guns in the hands of citizens.”

The above is just a few mentions of this mysterious but apparently evil “gun lobby” we are being bombarded with.

But none ever say just exactly what or who this phantom gun lobby actually is.

YourDictionary defines gun lobby as “An organized group which attempts to influence public policy and law with respect to firearms, especially as an advocate of ownership of and access to firearms by individual citizens.”

Yes, of course at the head of such a list would be the National Rifle Association claiming in excess of five million members in 2013.

But there are several other gun rights groups in existence, each sporting a healthy membership of law-abiding citizens fighting to retain the right to protect our families from criminals and other bad guys that might wish to bring harm into our homes or place of business.

While the Washington Post tries to tell us that American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years, we also read that “Americans are buying guns at an unprecedented rate and have been doing so for some time.”

We also see “By Far The Largest Increase Ever In The Number Of Permits” across the country.

In response to mass shootings and terrorist attacks, Americans are arming themselves, seeking training and concealed carry permits faster the never.

And they desire to retain that right of self protection.

Many will likely join or renew membership in one of the Gun Rights groups that formally lobby Congress on gun laws, but make no mistake, the real gun lobby is you and I.

The American citizen that wants to take responsibility for our families and our own safety from criminals and terrorist or any bad guy wanting to bring harm onto our families.

Our Police are top notch over all, but they cannot be everywhere when needed and no criminal breaking into your home in the dead of night is going to sit around and wait for you to call them and for them to arrive to protect you.

So just remember. When any one of these anti-gun groups contacts you and begins demonizing this mysterious “gun lobby” they always demean and try to convince you that they seek to prevent gun violence. In the end, they are demeaning you, the law-abiding gun owner and if they continue to get their way in chipping away at our second amendment right, you may be the next victim of gun violence in the hands of some bad guy that continues to ignore whatever law they managed to get passed.

You, my friends, are the real Gun Lobby.

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4 Comments to “What is this “Gun Lobby” We Hear About?”

  1. Glad you raised this issue.

    Since the Columbine H.S. “massacre,” on April 20, 1999, there have been 47 “mass shootings” in the U.S. Let’s presume that 100% of the so-called “common sense” rules promoted by Obama, Clinton, and other gun grabbers had been put into on January 1, 1999. What would be the result?

    In 38 of the incidents (79%) the guns used had been purchased from a Federally licensed firearms dealer. The shooters were given background checks and passed. There is no rule that would have prevented any of those incidents.

    In 6 incidents (13%) the guns were stolen from their legal owners. In all 6 cases, these thefts were from other family members or close friends. Again, these are all illegal acquisition of firearms by theft. This is already illegal.

    In 3 incidents, (6%) including the Columbine shooting, the guns were obtained through an illegal sale, in violation of existing laws. Typically, these involve having someone else purchase a gun for the shooter through a “straw purchase.” (One “straw purchaser” to the Columbine shooters served 6 years for his crime of selling to an under-age buyer.) Yet, there is no law that can “stop” someone from making a purchase if there are “straw purchasers” who are willing to assist the ultimate buyer make an illegal purchase. It’s already illegal — And criminals are generally non-compliant with laws.

    In one case (2%) the origin of the gun used was unknown.

    There have been zero, nada, zip, none — where a private sale/transfer (a sale or loan) of a gun between friends or family or at a gun show.

    If all of the proposals by Obama, Clinton, and other gun control advocates, including limitations on magazine capacity, banning of AR-15s, implementation of universal background checks, and barring individuals on the Federal “No Fly” list from purchasing guns — if all these proposals had been passed in January of 1999 — not one — that is zero — of the mass shootings that have occurred over these past 18 years would have been prevented.

    The “common sense” solution is to enforce the many gun laws that are already on the books. Yet Federal prosecutions of gun crimes has reached new lows under the Obama administration Department of Justice. Indeed, Obama has pardoned a large number of drug dealers who were convicted of illegal gun ownership in connection with their drug dealing convictions. So much for enforcing the laws we have.

    Of course, the goal of the gun grabbers is a result like what has occurred in Great Britain and Australia, where, with few exceptions, all guns in private hands were confiscated. (Hillary Clinton specifically commented “like Australia” (which paid some compensation to gun owners) as her ideal gun control idea.)

    What the gun grabbers don’t want to address is that the 2nd Amendment was intended to put arms into the hands of the citizens so that they could protect them selves from a tyrannical government — just as the Founders had spent 8 years doing during the Revolutionary War. Our founders recognized that government will alway tend to grow ever larger and will interfere with the freedoms of the citizens. It’s understandable that politicians that want to take more and more of our rights away from us would want to strip us of weapons first.

    If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats wish to remove the approximately 350,000,000 guns in the hands of the public, then they should propose an amendment to the constitution that specifically changes the 2nd amendment to do so. Then the issue can be debated fully and clearly so that ALL could understand what is going on and why they want to do this. That is the REAL common sense “solution.”

    (I note that countries in Europe all have far more restrictive gun ownership rules than the U.S. — and yet, criminals and terrorists are still able to arm themselves, even as the ordinary citizens are unable to protect themselves.)

  2. And don’t forget, the Columbine Shooting occurred midway through the last “Assault Weapons Ban” that did nothing to prevent it.

  3. It’s pretty obvious that the Progessives have an agenda – and it’s not to protect the citizens of this country. The fact that profiling has been banned by the corrupt Obama regime is proof enough of that. Tyranny tends to want absolute control.


  4. One will note, that the battles of Lexington and Concord, which began the American Revolutionary War, were the result of the British Army’s secret (well it was supposed to be secret) night march to the state militia’s armory in Lexington, with the express purpose of confiscating the rebels’ arms. Gee, I guess if you don’t want any problems with the citizen’s, then you go for their weapons.

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