How many County Councilors does it take to change a light bulb?

by lewwaters

Clark County Council

Three out of Five: But only after an extensive study by the Department of Environmental Services to determine any aspect of environmental depletion, an analysis by the County Auditor to determine whether or not the light bulb is truly in need of changing and the County Tax Assessor to determine whether or not sufficient revenues have been collected to fund the effort.

It will also require three public hearings to receive public comments on whether or not it is in the county’s best interest to change the light bulb or perhaps rewrite county ordinances on just what constitutes a “burned out light bulb”

The final vote will come down to a 3 to 2 decision, but only after one councilor injects his own alternative plan on changing the light bulb that sets the whole process off for months.

In the meantime, the County Manager will report that he took it upon his own authority to replace the light bulb that will see that one councilor demanding to know how he did that.

The County Manager will give him an incredulous look and answer, “with my hand.”

The councilor will rush to social media claiming multiple acts of criminal activity and corruption, demanding an investigation of the County Manager and recall of the three Councilors approving of County Manager changing the light bulb on his own authority.

Ardent followers of the disgruntled councilor will establish a website devoted to proving he is correct and the rest of the world wrong about how light bulbs ought to be changed at the county level, accusing “the establishment” of massive corruption and being out of step in the “real conservative” manner of changing light bulbs.

The local newspaper will gleefully report every step of the process, never noticing the burned out light bulb over the editor’s desk.

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5 Comments to “How many County Councilors does it take to change a light bulb?”

  1. Hilarious…except that it is so very close to what actually goes on. As far as the disgruntled councilor, at least that won’t be going on much longer. I do have to note that I voted for said disgruntled councilor – but it was only because Lou was lusting so strongly for his departure. It would have been so very sweet to give that guy a virtual slap in the face!

  2. I saw Julie Olson this past Saturday and said much the same to her. I’m surprised they all keep their cool enough to not knock him on his butt.

    But don’t feel bad. I too once supported him, strongly.

  3. I believe you have unfairly marginalized the “no growth” planning process that the Clark County Central Planning Bureaucracy imposed on the rural portions of the county — causing harm to the owners by limiting how they can use their land. The Clark County taxpayers may find themselves very unamused if the rural folks get a smart lawyer and sue under the “takings clause” of the constitution. (I’m certainly glad that I don’t own rural land in Clark County.)

    Keep in mind, I’m an escapee from California, and I have seen up close and personal the nasty ways that the Central Planning Bureau works to impose “Agenda 21” and other high-density “solutions” on the public — which is more likely an “I got mine so screw you” policy for those who’ve already established themselves before restrictive zoning significantly reduced land values. (There are Supreme Court decisions, involving the California Coastal Commission, that suggests possible basis for payment to aggrieved landowners.)

    I won’t say that “M” handled the “comprehensive growth management plan” situation in the best possible way, but at least he was trying to pay attention to citizens who’ve suffered for years with restrictive rules that satisfy “greens” who live far away while hurting long-time residents of this area.

    Note: I live in an established subdivision, in an area zoned for single family residential homes. So I do NOT have an ax to grind, other than having observed considerable high-handedness by planners in the past.

  4. I didn’t follow that matter very much as I too don’t have a dog in that hunt.

    But I also recall a comment made from the Deputy County Manager, “The truly sad thing in the this whole ridiculous and unnecessary ordeal is that if David Madore was capable of the tiniest bit of compromise, Oliver could have made most of the major components of Alt 4 actually work.”

  5. Very nice. Thanks for the good laugh

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