Updated: Madore Prematurely Asked to Step Down

by lewwaters

Madore 003At the Aug 23, 2016 County Council Meeting, former Commissioner Ed Barnes, citing being called upon to step down early after Jeanne Stewart was elected so she could take over, called upon controversial councilor David Madore to step down since he was defeated in the primary.

I understand his sentiment, but Ed forgets that there is not yet a candidate elected as Ms. Stewart was.

Ed was also mistaken in his assertion that then fellow Commissioners Madore and Mielke asked the County Prosecutor to call upon Ed to step down early. Since Ed was appointed to fulfill the rest of Steve Stuart’s term, after Stuart resigned to take a better job, State Law says he had to step down once a permanent Commissioner was elected in the General Election, as was explained.

It was premature to make such a call now and Ed would have come across much better and less sour grapes had he waited until after the November General and we saw which of the two remaining candidates, John Blom or Tanisha Harris the people elect.

Chair Marc Boldt cut him off telling him “that is enough” as Madore called upon the County Attorney to clarify how it came about that Ed was called upon to step down as soon as Ms. Stewart was elected.


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2 Comments to “Updated: Madore Prematurely Asked to Step Down”

  1. Instead of wasting good time with good intentions, Why does Ed find some thing good to speak about than battering ramming David. I’m not going to push David out early but Blon and the other person cannot assume his position until Dec. 31 any ways???

  2. A shame the Lazy C didn’t publish the names of those who frequently testified at county meetings. Why are Barnes,Pollard and others exempt from criticism but steve herreman,David Madore,Josephine Wentzel get to be on the front page of the paper? Didn’t John Laird advocate for Leavitt’s policy?

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