Clark County Republican Party Commits Political Suicide

by lewwaters

Dems, Shooting own footUnbelievable, but not surprising to see word leaking out at the Clark County Republican Party voting to oppose Republican candidates in the General Election. Candidates that are being challenged or opposed by Democrats!

These same Republicans voting to oppose Republicans in what I can only see as a continuance of their “purity purge” are the same ones whining constantly about “RINO’s electing Democrats.”

Yet here they come voting to oppose the only Republicans facing off against a Democrat in races.

This was bound to happen as I eluded too years ago when these fringe elements, being described by some as the “Alt-Right” took control of the party to promote their brand of politics.

It doesn’t seem to matter than in each case, a clear majority of Republicans voted to advance these candidates to the General. No, they’re not the party favorites, so they must be opposed, even if it means Democrats regain control of the Senate and retain both the House and the Governor’s office.

So far word has come out that Party purists have voted to not endorse 3rd Congressional Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (even though the WSRP voted to endorse her), 18th Legislative District Senator Ann Rivers and seeing that John Blom defeated controversial County Councilor David Madore, voting to not endorse wasn’t good enough, so they voted to actually oppose that Republican! Sources say that there was also a vote to oppose incumbent Ann Rivers that fell short by one vote.

I have no doubt that other Republicans not living up to their narrow minded views will also be voted against by this group of malcontents and they will be well pleased with themselves.

Also of little doubt they will cry the loudest over Democrats should they control the state’s future as they once again attempt to force an income tax on us, lessen our second amendment right and likely even force us into accepting Portland’s financially ailing light rail.

And don’t forget, these are the same ones demanding we support Donald Trump by crying that if we don’t vote for Trump, we are voting for Hillary. By that same line of reasoning, aren’t they now voting to put more Democrats in state and county office?

Fortunately, voters seem to pay little heed to these miscreants and vote their own conscience.

Republicans, y’all need to stand up and take your party back from this fringe element and you better do it real soon.

That is, if you wish to have a party any longer.

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11 Responses to “Clark County Republican Party Commits Political Suicide”

  1. And and and… they had the audacity to blame me! Whatever! Damned dems!

  2. They’re not Dems, they just support Dems.

    They do fit this definition of the Alt-Right that has come out lately.

  3. “Kj Hinton Just now: Looks like Lew is a tad bit upset. Tisk, tisk.”

    Not the least bit. In fact, I am enjoying watching this group circling the toilet bowl as they flush themselves into irrelevancy

  4. Hmmmm….listening to the advice on the clip I would say maybe the party should have had this policy when a bunch of (Ron paul) people just ‘showed up’ and started calling Thiel especially Republicans.

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  5. You can thank Anna Miller for letting them all in back in 2007 and 2008 when she chaired the party.

  6. So just what values do Republicans share that makes them Republicans, and what common notions do Democrats share? The words Liberal and Conservative are routinely bandied about, yet, from my observations, very poorly understood and often misused. Just one example: a dictionary definition of liberal as “generous”, which I’ve sometimes seen used, has nothing to do with Liberal in a political sense.

    It’s about the relationship between citizens and their government, and what the proper role of government is seen to be, from which, most everything else flows.

    Total unity is impossible, discord is to be expected and parameters are important. That said, I’d like to see Republican candidates who are being disowned by the current local Republican leadership, describe just what it is that makes them different from Democrats. I’ll add that, in regards to the politics involved, Democrats’ idea of themselves as having diversity is laughable and, in any event, would undermine the whole point of political parties to begin with.

  7. You’ll probably never publish this, but candidates who have endorsed Trump received endorsements, candidates who have opposed Trump publicly also received endorsements. Bill Bryant endorsement passed, Chris Vance endorsement failed. Some candidates who have been heavily involved in anti-CCRP leadership “activity” were also endorsed despite that fact. Paul Harris comes to mind. When the press release comes out later, any honest person will be hard pressed to find any ‘litmus test’ contained therein. We endorsed Paul Harris, Brandon Vick (former pre-2013 chair). These folks have not been cheerleaders of current leadership. Though one has been more aggressive about it and the other has been closer to neutral, both got endorsements. Its pretty hard to claim this is any kind of “purity test” when the very standards you would claim the CCRP is using somehow let through so many candidates who don’t meet the alleged purity standards you claim they have. I know it doesn’t fit your long-previously drawn conclusions, but perhaps you should ask yourself why?

  8. Nice way to sharpen the ax for Democrats. I can see it now – Democrat political flyer “…even his (her) own party failed to endorse…

    To quote a cultural icon “stupid is as stupid does…”

  9. Perhaps, Christian, you will be kind enough to explain just why all throughout the year, viewing all of the “From the Chairman’s Desk” newsletters, John BLom is not once questioned as to being a Republican and is given equal listing as all other candidates.

    It seems that only close to the primary with the flyer, maybe due to poor polling for David and AFTER David was defeated in the primary that suddenly, he is to be opposed and branded “Not a Real Republican” by you.

    I doubt I have ever seen a bigger case of Sour Grapes.


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