Just What Is a “Real Republican?”

by lewwaters

Elephant 3Since the Clark County Republican Party took their suicidal plunge towards irrelevancy this past Saturday, I now see increasing comments regarding “Real Republicans,” indicating Republican candidates and incumbents such as candidate for County Council District 3 John Blom, incumbent 18th Legislative District State Senator Ann Rivers and incumbent 3rd Congressional District Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler are not “Real Republicans.”

Claims are that this declaration is based upon their voting records in the case of Herrera Beutler and Rivers and that Blom’s votes on the Planning Commission do not reflect those preferred by the leaders of the Clark County Republican Party or outgoing County Councilor, David Madore.

In the case of Blom, Madore showed himself to be an extremely poor loser last evening by labeling Blom and several others as “politicians [that] wage war against citizens and against faithful citizen representatives” and “those falsely campaigning as an R.”

After weeks and months railing on about “RINO”s that elect Democrats,” we now see not only Madore but vitriolic bloggers endorsing and publicly supporting Democrats Tanisha Harris (running against Blom) and former 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, campaigning against Herrera Beutler.

Madore states, “Regardless of political views, we cannot engage in deception or go along with those that do. That’s why I am supporting Democrat Tanisha Harris for Clark County Council. Even though her political views are different than mine, she is decent, honest, and respectful.”

I have no qualms with Tanisha who has shown herself to be a capable candidate. But bear in mind, Madore also claims Blom to be just a “rubber stamp” for those he hatefully labels “the three Liberals” on County Council.

So his answer is to support a known and admitted Liberal for the County Council?

And let us not forget, he and several others are the same ones demanding we get behind their choice of Donald Trump to stop Democrats and Hillary Clinton from winning.

In comments it is asked, “if Craig Pridemore or Sean Guard or Tim Leavitt or Jim Moeller ran as an R, would that make them an R? What is a genuine R? If you stand in your garage and claim to be a car, does that make you a car?”

Perhaps it has been forgotten that in the 2009 Vancouver Mayors race, Leavitt was accused by former Mayor Royce Pollard of being a Republican due to his introducing gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi at an event earlier.

It is also claimed many times lately that candidates such as John Blom were never heard of before this election, so who are they really?

John Blom 1, June 2013 Turlay Event

John Blom (Center) at 2013 Bill Turlay fundraiser. image by Dick Sohn

Need I remind all that back when I sat on the board of the Clark County Republican Party (2008, 2009), no one had heard of David Madore, Christian Berrigan, Sean Emerson, Kenny Smith (Party chair today) and several others angrily now leveling accusations and demeaning others as not “Real Republicans?” And we did not hold secret or private meetings back then as they came on the scene to determine just who or what they each were.

I can’t help but believe these people would strike Ronald Reagan’s name from the roster of “Real Republicans” for his votes as President giving amnesty to Illegal Aliens and would gleefully ostracize him for some other acts taken while in office.

And especially since he too was once a declared Democrat.

After all, Ann Rivers is being lambasted for her vote for a transportation bill that isn’t popular, so why would these cretins give Reagan a pass for illegal aliens?

And if Madore is what would be called a “Real Republican,” why does he get a pass for signing the budget when he was Council Chair that now confronts us with a $20 Million deficit?

Seriously, has there ever actually been an elected official that we can agree with 100% of their votes and statements?

Has there ever been one we oppose 100% of their votes and statements?

Of course not.

And don’t bother commenting that I am not a “Real Republican” because I will only agree with you. Regardless of what butt kissers like Kj Hinton claim, that I am a RINO, I have long been an Independent, leaving the Democrats in 1977 and leaving the Republicans in 2010.

Hinton only shows his utter ignorance and contempt by labeling someone not even a Republican as “RINO.” (Republican in name only)

When it comes right down to it, the most troubling aspect of this “Real Republican” nonsense is, who gets to decide and by what criteria?

Does the CCGOP intend to or already have a secret blue ribbon panel with their notebooks following candidates around to ensure they are “pure?”

Do they have an anonymous set of regulations known only to them to judge everybody else by?

Just what gives this hateful group the right to label everybody and place them in their little boxes?

Is it really much different than the Salem Witch Hunts of centuries ago where innocents were labeled and tested to their deaths, only exonerated of allegations once they were dead by the cruelest of means?

I will gladly place my name on that “not a Real Republican” list and enjoy voting my conscience for who I feel best suits the needs of the County, State or National Government.

In fact, who would really want to be a “Real Republican” if it means you must be like the miscreants driving more nails in the Republican party coffin every day?

Don’t we already have enough meanness in the world without embracing more now being offered by the hateful fringe in control of the Republican Party?

After all, if they really do not want more Democrats in office, why do they rely on claims such as, “It’s better to elect real Democrats than fake Republicans?” (Paraphrase)

It makes one question, just who is the real RINO?


18 Responses to “Just What Is a “Real Republican?””

  1. Though let us not forget, Democrats did the same thing to Jon Haugen due to Moeller claiming he wasn’t a democrat. Even Brian Baird wouldn’t back Haugen, surely there must had been outrage over that (which there wasn’t). What about the state party snubbing Jim Katsama for his 25th vote for the budget as well as Rodney Tom & Tim Sheldon ? Surely, these would had been self inflicting wounds. One question the C fails to ask is what makes a “real” democrat and what makes a “real” republican?

  2. I’ve blasted Democrats many times in the past.

    It’s the GOP’s turn as they act like this.

  3. I know you have but when the GOP sanctions officials (Marc Boldt) or refuses to back candidates (i.e. Blom,Rivers,Hererra), the Lazy C gleefully runs the story but yet when Moeller lambastes Haugen and democrats refuse to back him,the lazy C is silent on the matter even though Nick Ande said they were a big tent organization.Same when Dwight Pelz was running the state party blasting Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon for voting contrary to party wishes. We didn’t see numerous LTTE,John Laird editorials,cheers and jeers when Democrats were running the show. If the Lazy C were more objective, I’d be neutral in the matter.

  4. You won’t get others to correct their actions by complaining about me. I have no control over anybody but this blog.

    And, for what it is worth, I have taken more crap from this current group calling themselves the “Real Republicans” than I have ever from Liberal Democrats.

    And I’m not even a Republican!!!

  5. I’m not complaining about you Lew. Like I said in the past, you’re way more objective than Laird,Brancaccio and those at the Lazy C. Why the CCGOP and Lou B. follow your blog even though you haven’t ran for office nor are you a candidate baffles me. My comments were directed to those commenting on the article where none of them scrutinized Dwight Pelz,Jim Moeller or Brian Baird even though they did something similar to what the CCGOP did. Now if John Laird, Lou wrote editorals or articles about democrats snubbing candidates or “self inflicting wounds” in leiu of Marc Boldt, then it would be a different ball game. Same if citizens wrote LTTE to the press about them. I look at objectivity and I see none in the Lazy C. In fact, Jim Moeller,Dwight Pelz and the leadership who sanctioned Boldt should had been asked: “In what way is someone a real democrat (Moeller,Pelz) or a real republican (CCGOP)? How many issues can someone stray from the party platform before you revoke support of said candidate? What makes someone a poor candidate (Moeller claimed Haugen was a poor candidate) in the eyes of a party member? Rather than holding the GOP like a pinata allowing those who aren’t even republicans to blast republicans even though Democrats did the same exact thing to Rodney Tom,Tim SHeldon,Jim Katsama and Jon Haugen, the C should had been holding both sides accountable asking the questions I laid out earlier.

  6. Whether you intended to complain or not, your claim works to undermine this one made here. There is far more posts over the years in my archives shining light on the doings of Democrats than on Republicans.

    But this current group needs to learn that it is just as good for the community to shine light on them as it is when it is others doing it.

  7. Exactly. Objectivity needs to be presented on BOTH sides,not just one.

  8. I am a Republican. I may not like every vote my elected take but one thing is for sure… I am a Republican and I will always support Republican candidates whenever possible

  9. It should also be noted, if you went back and scrolled through the “From the Chairman’s Desk newsletters, there is not one question of John Blom being a Republican or not. All throughout he is given equal listing as every other candidate.

    That is, until David Madore lost in the primary.

    It is ONLY AFTER Madore was defeated that Blom’s bonafides are now questioned.

    Sour grapes? Poor losers?

  10. Lew that flyer, authorized and paid for by the CCGOP executive committee questioned the bonafides during the primary. An action that imo violated the by laws of the county, State and National Party. The fact is that the voters get to decide who is and who is not a real republican or a real democrat, and then decide who will represent them. has to work that way or the whole thing gets to be determined in smoke filled back rooms by criminally inclined.

    That this is the direction of the current occupiers of the CCGOP executive board has been known for some time. They are not conservatives, in that their vision of conservatism conserves nothing, but seeks to impose it version of the way thing ought to be on every one else. They do not believe in the very fundamental aspect of working representational democracies, that part which forces people of opposing points of view to work together to achieve an solutions acceptable to all.

    They support a form of tyranny that is anti American, anti intellectual, and anti individual, while screaming loudly and perversely, that they are protecting liberty. What can be done with such bad actors, who themselves took control of the party under a false flag?

    Dennis Henry

  11. Yes, but what I said stands, if you look through all of the newsletters.

    I imagine the flyers were due in part from poor polling numbers I kept hearing about as the election got closer.

    And once Blom came out ahead of Madore, well you know what went on down there.

  12. I’m curious as to why the state Republican party isn’t doing anything about the wacky CCGOP. Any ideas?

  13. You know you’re a Real Republican if:

    You’ve just listened to Nancy Pelosi interviewed on CNN and you say to yourself: “this can’t be real”. In a daze, you rush out to the nearest cliff and jump off, hoping to wake up.

    You know you’re a Real Republican if:

    You’re walking through the park one day, when you see a crowd attentively listening to someone in the public square. So you walk over to check it out. It’s Rosie O’Donnell! And she’s giving a speech about making guns illegal. Then you shout out: “What a hypocrite!” Suddenly, Rosie’s 10 bodyguards, all have their Ruger SR9’s pointed at your head as they escort you off the premises where they unmercifully pistol whip you, calling you an idiot and telling you all the while, that only professionals should own guns.

    You know you’re a Real Republican if:

    You’re in Los Angeles. You were recently quoted in the Times by a roving reporter who asked your opinion about Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and you didn’t hold back. Your reputation as a Real Republican now precedes you, but now you’ve made enemies with most Los Angelenos. One day, you and your wife are walking down the street and your wife is wearing a large floppy Beach Hat. You cross the intersection and you want to go straight but she say’s “no dear, it’s this way”. So you turn left instead. As you walk in front of a high-rise apartment building, your wife says: “You walk too slow” as she suddenly speeds up, and then: yup! A falling Steinway & Sons Grand Piano flattens you like a pancake. Your wife takes off her big floppy Beach Hat, to reveal that it wasn’t your wife at all. It’s actually Sean Penn in disguise. Leaning out the large open window of the 40th floor Penthouse Suite, Alec Baldwin calls down to Sean: “You think we’re going to get in trouble for this?” “Hey Dude!” says Sean. No way Dude. Haha. This is Hollywood Dude. They’ll probably give us some special new Academy Award! Haha”. Then a voice says “OK. Cut.” You push the piano off of you, stand up, and rip off your every-day-man mask made by the Mission Impossible team at Paramount Studios. It turns out you’re really Clint Eastwood, one of only three Real Republicans in Hollywood. Then you say, “I knew what you were up to Penn. So I had my people replace Baldwin’s real piano with a Steinway & Sons reasonable facsimile Styrofoam Grand Piano. I’ve taped the whole thing. See; over there’s the camera crew. You should know Penn; I don’t ever die in one of my movies”.

  14. Lew – I think its time for another installment of Bloopers and Tirades? Lou B doesn’t have much to go on right now and no one ever goes to the internet to figure out his jargon?

    Better bet we will be seeing enough Alzhemiers patience coming to the fore as the columbian finally concedes that there at least 3 conservative districts being represented of the five. I know that Marc is conservative and Jeanne Stewart is conservative, so that makes it almost a double whammy when the next election comes to the fore. 😉

  15. If you pay attention to the hotheads leading the CCGOP currently, there are no conservatives on County Council now with Madore voted out and Mielke retiring.

  16. I have no axe to grind with Mielke per se. Madore just likes to run his mouth. And now with him gone, Jeanne doesn’t have to sit and listen him strobe his voice all the time. I wish him the best.

  17. I always had a lot of respect for Tom, but lost it of late when he allowed himself to go out as a tool for Madore on those recalls.

    And now after they were dismissed, launch an appeal that will cost taxpayers even more with the likelihood of the same outcome?

    We’ve seen Madore’s sour grapes and poor loser antics, but I never expected Tom would fall in line for him.

    Even though I lost respect for Tom, I too hope he finds retirement enjoyable and that he gets to do fun things he didn’t before.


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