One Fact Missed in the 17th District Senate Race

by lewwaters
Lynda Wilson, Tim Probst

Lynda Wilson, Tim Probst

As usual, the campaign promoting Democrat Tim Probst is messy and nasty with accusations being hurled about against Lynda Wilson, most with no basis in fact.

But in the midst of it all, there is one fact left out as people argue to return Democrats to control of the Senate. That fact is glaring and should be strongly considered by voters.

As we all know, the State Supreme Court ruled a couple years ago that the legislature failed in fully funding education and recently has pushed for some sort of an income tax and more taxation to raise more revenue to feed to the greedy teachers unions.

It must not be forgotten that the underfunding of schools in Washington State occurred over several years while Democrats, the Party Tim Probst is a member of and the party that is heavily promoting him to regain control of the Senate, held a stranglehold on the legislature and Governor’s Office.

Whether Probst slyly votes against taxes is irrelevant, him knowing full well the party he belongs to has enough of a majority to pass them easily and convince voters what a stand-up guy he is.

He isn’t.

It makes little sense to hand majority control back to the same party that caused the issue over several years of underfunding, thinking they now know how to fix it.

If you desire to see an improvement in schools without confiscation of your paycheck, you should vote for Lynda Wilson and prevent Democrats from once again gaining a stranglehold on state government.

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3 Comments to “One Fact Missed in the 17th District Senate Race”

  1. Nice to see another post from you Lew. Yes, it makes no sense to hand the Senate majority to the same group that created the problem in the first place. I’ll be voting for Wilson.
    Regarding the school funding problem, we created that monster when we amended the State Constitution (Article IX). That needs to be rescinded. The public education system is a failure in Washington. Throwing money at it hasn’t helped since Article IX was approved.

  2. The greed of the teachers union is also a big part of the problem. They, especially the WEA wields too much power.

    And how can we ever forget that in 2008 the teachers unions caused us to lose out on a $13.8 Million grant?

  3. Thanks Lew. Said only as you could say it…. well done!

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