Topper in the 49th, Pos 2

by lewwaters

stonier-topperEven though I have largely shied away from elections this year, sometimes information comes to me that I just have to share with my readers. This information also will see me changing from throwing away my vote in the 49th Pos. 2 race to voting for Alishia Topper over district hopping Monica Stonier.

I was planning on just not voting in this race since neither candidate aligns with much of my views, but that is no longer the case after seeing last evening how the WEA (Washington Education Association), the granddaddy of greedy teachers unions in our state, has spent over $320,000 in independent expenditures to get Monica Stonier back into the legislature while also spending over $28,000 in opposition to Alishia Topper.

This all the while as Liberals are constantly crying “get the big special interest money out of politics.”

We should recall that in her initial bid for office in the 17th district back in 2010, even the Columbian declined to endorse Monica in the primary due to “close ties to the teachers union.”

In a July 26, 2010 article they wrote,

“She obviously has the background and expertise for that. But she also sings pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats.”

Alishia Topper, on the other hand and unlike Monica, hasn’t jumped across district lines several times in bids for office and remains firmly planted in the 49th, elected to the Vancouver City Council in 2014.

Focusing back on the WEA, we should never forget how they caused our state to lose a $13.2 Million grant in 2008 due to their demanding strict adherence to collective bargaining and demand of they, not the grantor overseeing the grant: State schools lose $13.2 million math and science grant over union laws and AAE Questions Motives of Washington Education Association Over Loss of Charitable Grant for Math and Science

And yet, they continually cry “not enough money for schools” and now spend the single largest amount of money this year to get a candidate largely devoted to them back in the legislature after voters rejected her two years ago.

On a more personal note, even though I am seen as pretty much “the enemy” by Liberal Democrats for several years now, twice Alishia has made the effort to reach out where Monica never has.

When she was running for the Vancouver Council in 2014, I attended an event at Clark College and when it was over, it was Alishia that walked over to introduce herself and chat, having recognized me from my photos online.

More recently, she rang my doorbell one afternoon when out doorbelling in my neighborhood. I have to appreciate that as in the over 22 years I have lived in my house, she is the very first Democrat candidate to ring my doorbell as well as doorbell my neighborhood.

On the other hand, attending numerous events in support of Veterans, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and such, Monica has passed close by me and even though wearing my Vietnam Veterans cap as I usually do outside, not once has she ever uttered a simple ‘hello.’

This indicates to me that it is Alishia Topper and not Monica Stonier that will place the interests of the people in the 49th first where Monica would mostly seek to represent special interests with the WEA.

It also gives me hope that Alishia will govern a bit more moderately.

Given the above, since thanks to missteps and vengeance by the local Republican Party we have no conservative leaning candidate to vote for in this race, it is Alishia Topper my household will be voting for.


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3 Comments to “Topper in the 49th, Pos 2”

  1. While I appreciate your reasoning I will say that there is ZERO hope she will be more moderate. She is more liberal now. I doubt there is ANY difference in the way either of them will perform in Olympia. Frank Chop already has the back of Monica and so you know she will have his. It also means that Alicia will be working hard to earn his praise so… I wrote in a candidate. No way could I vote for either one of them knowing they will both vote for the highly desired income tax.

  2. Much as the Trump teams keeps reminding me, we will have one of these two in office.

    And yes, there is no guarantee of moderation, but at least Alishia isn’t a bought and paid for greedy teachers union lackey.

  3. Lew, you should put the ‘Like’ meters back in. I agree with and ‘like’ your post and comment. Carolyn, I kind of agree with what you’re saying because I plan on writing in Carly Fiorina for President, but for local candidates I think Lew is right in that we should support the better of the two candidates rather than writing someone in when that write-in isn’t going to get elected, but may take a vote away from the better candidate.

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