Blom and Battan for County Council

by lewwaters

PoliticianBallots are out and even though most already know who they will vote for, many are still undecided on who should replace outgoing county councilors, David Madore and Tom Mielke, Madore resoundingly defeated and Mielke retiring after many years in public service.

I also wish to thank all four candidates in County Council races for their running clean campaigns and not resorting to the mudslinging we see all too often in legislative races and previous County Commission campaigns.

The primary election narrowed the field to John Blom and Tanisha Harris for the District 3 and Roman Battan and Eileen Quiring for District 4. I live in District 2 so I don’t have a vote in either election since our newly implemented County Charter changed how we vote in these races as well as moving from a three person County Commission to a Five person County Council.

If I did have a vote I’d vote John Blom in District 3 to replace Madore and Roman Battan in District 4 to replace Mielke, my reasoning as follows.

The seething hatred displayed by Madore towards Blom while endorsing Tanisha Harris out of spite as well as Madore’s claims of Blom being dishonest and deceitful on who he is looks like pure sour grapes. Madore is stinging from his huge loss and like a petulant child, would do what he can to ‘get back’ at county voters for rejecting him.

It was disappointing to see Ms. Harris’ response to Madore’s spite endorsement, saying, “If Mr. Madore wants to give me his support, then I am happy that my message of representing all people has bipartisan appeal.”

Sorry Ms. Harris, but your message is not what appeals to Madore. He is using you to lash back at all of those that voted against him, plain and simple.

Please note that he bears no ill will towards Ms. Harris, even though she too defeated him by an even larger margin, only John Blom earns that distinction.

Given Madore’s childish tantrum over losing, I am left to believe that even he realizes John Blom to be the better candidate, based on experience and message, but would rather ‘get back’ at county voters by seeing Tanisha Harris sitting in his old seat for the next four years.

Now, don’t take that as Ms. Harris is not qualified to hold the position. That is not at all what I am saying.

But comparing the records of both her and John Blom, John clearly comes out ahead in experience in serving in governmental roles. Ms. Harris, on the other hand, displays leanings towards “social sciences” which to me operates opposite of how we desire our community to be by favoring people over others and claiming such playing favorites is to achieve “equality.”

I prefer the best qualified person receive consideration with no regard to race, religion, gender or orientation. We need the best qualified people if we desire to move our community forward.

Therefore, John Blom receives my support.

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In District Four I favored Jennifer McDaniel in the primary, but Jennifer didn’t make it through, Roman Battan and Eileen Quiring being the two that did.

Of these two, I now recommend Roman Battan be elected to replace retiring Tom Mielke as I perceive him to be best suited to serve the next four years on County Council.

Roman ran once before, prior to the passing of the Home Rule Charter, but didn’t make it.

Although many of our views likely differ, he has been clear and concise on his stands when interviewed or responding at forums. Quiring, on the other hand, seems to wander and ramble a bit when responding.

Battan lacks political experience while Quiring’s is primarily years ago in Oregon and saw her receive considerable condemnation, leading to her eventually losing office 16 years ago.

She most notably came under fire for her efforts to cut off funding of a program for caregiving spouses that even she sought to have reversed in 2000 as she was approaching reelection.

While some might see Battan’s lack of political experience as a negative, I feel it is even more negative to seat someone that would continue the dragging out of council meetings over frivolous minor points and rambling on endlessly just to confound other councilors.

That is how I suspect Ms. Quiring would act given her close ties to Madore and his crowd.

While neither candidate would be immediately up to speed on county matters, Battan’s willingness to work with others and listen to all sides without any preconceived positions is more suited to our five member County Council.

Therefore I recommend voters select Roman Battan for County Council, District Four.

I urge readers to visit candidates’ websites and review election forums and interviews available on demand from CVTV and vote your conscience.

Our future is in your hands, but only if you exercise your privilege of casting your vote over throwing the ballot away.

Your vote can make a difference, but only if you cast it.

7 Comments to “Blom and Battan for County Council”

  1. Both Battan and Quiring served on the county planning comission. I hope to here more about John Blom if he runs for relection.

  2. Thanks Lew. I always appreciate hearing you view on candidates.

  3. John Blom won’t answer questions put to him. Why should he be supported when he greets questions with silence even before he gets elected?

  4. Of course I can’t answer for John, but he has responded to me and I have attended a couple functions where he was present and discussed matters.

    I have no real problems with Tanisha and should she win I imagine she will do her best, but that ‘social sciences’ worries me a tad.

  5. I saw this as an ad for Roman Battan..

  6. The main problem I can see with taking council meetings “on the road” would be CVTV coverage. As it is now, everybody can access meetings on CVTV at just about any time. The cost of travel and set up for CVTV might be prohibitive, but worth a discussion.

  7. They used to do it all the time with the City of Battle Ground and other small cities. But you might be right. There might not be the budget for it now. Most of the budget for cvtv is paid for by subscribers of Comcast.

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