WEA: Lying for Monica Stonier

by lewwaters

The Lazy C remains the Lazy C as copies of this flyer were sent to Lauren Dake, political reporter that never covered them and in emails, was more interested in why the claim was made that the WEA’s independent expenditure’s were the largest in the state. The distortions and fabrications in the flyer apparently were of no interest, as usual, when coming from a Liberal Democrat group. 

Unbelievable how the Greedy Teachers Union, the WEA is attacking Alishia Topper in favor of returning Monica Stonier to the legislature, but this time in the 49th district. We see that the Greedy WEA has spent the largest single amount on independent expenditures supporting Stonier and attacking Topper, even though both are Democrats.

Adding to that now, a flyer sent out by the Greedy WEA blatantly attacking Topper with lie after lie after lie in it.

If we didn’t know better we’d think the Greedy Teachers Union that has in the past supported invalidating our votes for a 2/3 majority requirement for tax increases, support the State Supreme Court fining the legislature and overstepping their bounds in indicating an income tax must be passed against our constitution and continually thumbs their noses at taxpayers, demanding more and more money be confiscated from middle class families is somehow now conservative, opposing all of those very issues they have long supported.

See what I mean below in images from the flyer I received just today.

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Given that the Greedy WEA has spent well in excess of $320,000 supporting Stonier and attacking Topper, how are we to believe that Topper is “Pay for Play” and Stonier isn’t?

And their claims on the Casino? Topper wasn’t even on the Vancouver City Council as that Ridgefield issue was playing out. It isn’t even located in the city of Vancouver!

Same with the Waterfront Project that was well underway when she was elected.

And Marijuana? When did Liberals all of a sudden oppose marijuana?

Let us not forget, when Monica was in the legislature for the 17th, she did vote against tax increases, but the party she belongs to, Democrats, passed them easily without her vote giving the impression she is anti-tax, that we also know not to be exactly true.

We know that because every other Democrat, Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon, Rodney Tom even Brian Sonntag that ever sided with Republicans was ostracized, belittled and efforts made to oust them from the party.

Monica received a pass, though, indicating her ‘NO’ vote was with the full acknowledgement of party leaders that wish to retain the majority and keep a shill in the 17th legislative seat.

Fortunately voters saw through the charade and voted Monica out in 2014 by a healthy margin.

We also should never ignore how Monica has jumped back and forth across district lines in her quest to be the Greedy WEA’s representative in Olympia.

Stonier was a delegate for Obama in 2008 and got the bug for office. In 2010 she ran for the 17th and lost to RepublicanPaul Harris. Even the Columbian declined to endorse her in the primary due to “her close ties to the teachers union.” They did endorse her in the general because, well, she was the Democrat.

In 2011, when Democrat Jim Jacks abruptly abandoned his recently won seat in the 49th, she somehow quickly moved into the 49th to vie for an appointment to replace him. Told she didn’t qualify due to not living in the district long enough, she concocted a cock and bull story about being too busy to campaign what with moving her family.

In 2012, she had magically moved back into the 17th and ran for the House again against Julie Olson, winning by a scant 139 votes, roughly a quarter of 1 percent of the votes.

She was challenged by Lynda Wilson in 2014 and defeated by 1,173 votes, roughly 3.5% of the votes.

Early on this time, she once again announced running in the 49th, seeing an open seat left by Jim Moeller vacating the seat to pursue higher office as an easy win since the 17th showed they weren’t too excited with her and the 49th is notoriously one of the most Liberal districts in the state.

Exactly when she slid her home back across district lines into the 49th, I do not know. But I am left to believe she has it on roller skates what with so much moving back and forth in her eagerness to be the greedy teachers union representatives in the legislature again.

And now, that Greedy Teachers Union is attacking fellow Democrat Alishia Topper with lies and spending the highest amount of independent expenditures of any race this year in the state.

I don’t agree with Alishia on many issues, but she doesn’t deserve to be smeared and lied about by this outrageous greedy teachers union, a group she has supported for some time.

Even though I disagree on many issues, mine and my wife’s vote will be for Alishia Topper and not Greedy WEA stooge, Monica Stonier.

UPDATE: Alishia Topper responds

One Comment to “WEA: Lying for Monica Stonier”

  1. I hope Alishia wins. I personally like Monica, but I’d vote for Alishia if I were living in the 49th. That’s pretty low of the WEA to outright lie like that. Monica Stonier should disavow their claims and return any money she has received from them. The Democrats though, are using the same outright lies and misinformation in the 17th to get Tim Probst elected.

    I found it ironic that Alishia, running as a Democrat, is quoting Michelle Obama’s ‘we go high’ mantra against another Democrat. It’s amazing to me that Democrats can be so full of themselves. I think they truly believe that they walk on water. Delusional.

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