Trump Wins and Life Goes On

by lewwaters

trump-006Yes, shocking to many but Donald Trump has won, maybe even eking out a small popular vote win as late arriving ballots are counted to go with the Electoral College win. His supporters are overjoyed and jubilant, much like we saw from Obama’s supporters in 2008 and 2012.

Hillary’s supporters are saddened and depressed, not unlike Republicans were 2008 and 2012.

The protests / riots seen around the country beginning the day after are far from the formation of the TEA Party rally’s seen in 2009. TEA Party rallies weren’t based on mayhem and destruction to stop Obama from taking office, though. That was over taxes and especially Obamacare.

Still, many were displeased and disappointed and expressed their displeasure then, but without the mayhem seen today. But, we survived only to deepen the divide among the Left and the Right as well as within both the Democrat and Republican Party’s.

Half of my day Tuesday, Nov 8 was spent in Portland at the VA Hospital attending a pre-op appointment preparing me for coming surgery to correct some nasal problems. That took precedence over the elections.

I woke up Wednesday morning, Nov 9 to news that Trump pulled it off and looked about me. I was still 68 years old, still married to my wife and still had to pour a cup of coffee to kick start me.

My house was still here with my little Red Dakota still sitting in the driveway.

Absolutely nothing in my life had changed nor do I really expect any earth shattering changes to come, other than I will continue getting older.

Trump made some very bold claims and promises along the way to his win that frankly, I see him having a very difficult time fulfilling. Not unlike many early promises made by Obama that remain unfulfilled, the complete closure of Guantanamo for example. If you didn’t know, it’s still down there and still in operation.

Campaign promises are easy to make, but often more difficult to keep. Especially when the candidate spared little effort smearing and belittling the very people he now must depend on to actually help him keep those promises made in the campaign.

Only days since the win and already we see Trump backpedalling somewhat on the full repeal of Obamacare, claiming he likes some of the key provisions and “may seek to amend the statute rather than repeal it.”

That wall along our Southern Border and making Mexico pay for it? We’ll see, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Such a wall has been approved since Reagan’s terms and other than sections of fence that are easily circumvented, the border remains open.

Funding is set by Congress, not any president.

Trump also claims he will “’immediately deport two to three million illegal immigrants with criminal records” and while that really does need to happen and sounds really good, I fully expect federal judges, the ACLU and pro-immigrate groups to fight it tooth and nail that will see that process linger on for several years and cost us untold amounts of tax dollars fighting to remove them.

Even illegal immigrants are entitled to due process and whether we agree or not, protection under our constitution as deemed so by our Supreme Court: Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886); Wong Win v. United States (1896) and subsequent rulings over the years.

I give him brownie points for trying, but suspect he is going to discover governing is much more difficult that campaigning.

In spite of earlier claims of “rarely leaving the White House,” we now hear the possibility of him “splitting time between DC and NY” as aides claim he “would like to spend his weekends either in his Trump Tower home, his New Jersey golf course or his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.”

Such a weekly travel schedule to those points, considering how large of an entourage president’s travel with and the security measures that would have to be installed in each and maintained, has the potential to make Obama’s extravagant vacation expenses look paltry.

I hope he reconsiders in that desire.

Along that line we also read of his desire in “continuing to hold large rallies as he did throughout the campaign for ‘the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide’.”

Does he want to serve the nation or us serve and feed his massive ego?

All of the above remains to be seen. He won’t take office until January 20, 2017 and a lot will happen between now and then and with his selection of cabinet members as they must go through the Senate approval process.

But whatever he finally decides on, we are going to survive and I suspect our lives locally will see little to no actual difference as life goes on for each of us.

toxic-peopleAnd, contrary to a certain blowhard, gas bag that feels the need to chastise me for not supporting Trump, I remind all that I did not support either Trump or Hillary. I saw both as deeply flawed and still do.

I would also remind this gas bag that while he may be elated with the outcome and feels the need to puff out his chest and boast on how great his prediction was on Trump winning, none of the several Democrats he supported against those dreaded “RINO’s he constantly rails against won their elections.

In spite of numerous written efforts, Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers decimated the opponent that he publicly endorsed against her.

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler beat challenger Jim Moeller he claimed to be supporting “like an old rug.”

Lynda Wilson defeated Tim Probst, Paul Harris and Brandon Vick were reelected, both with easy wins.

John Blom will assume the seat of County Council, District 3.

The self aggrandizement in Trump’s win means little as those he opposed locally and that won will have a more direct effect our day to day lives.

So enjoy your bragging and boasting of how great you are, few people really care.

Our lives will go on, we have survived much worse.

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2 Comments to “Trump Wins and Life Goes On”

  1. I finally am getting caught up with some of your posts, Lew.

    What I really want to see is Trumps learning curves as he assumes the presidency. As you said, he will not get much done without help from the people and Congress elected to represent the districts in each state.

    With the continued will of the people, not just the miscreants of hell wasting precious time of their lives beating others, running up and doing sittins like they do in Portland. And kissing booths in one part of the country to get votes into office for local and state races in California. I atest that there is some real BS going on, I just choose to not focus my life on it anymore.

    I am running about have 40 percent of your age, Lew. So I do hope he opens his mouth wide and talks to this nation as a real life person now. All Trump can do now is veto, help create new legislation and poll the congress to see what is going to happen next as he can’t do much less…….


  2. Only time will tell how Trump will serve. Dems are already vowing to fight him on just about every step, nothing unusual in that as so did Republicans with Obama and Dems with Bush.

    He got the gig, so it’s in his hands now


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