Updated: No Bragging Rights for Clark County Republicans

by lewwaters

UPDATE 1: The Clark County Republican Party did elect a new chair, someone not to the liking of the previous leadership that now sees their power slipping away and in usual fashion, engage in vitriolic attacks, smears and pure hatred of a view different than their own.

The result? Infighting roils local Republican Party

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Welcome to the club, Mr. Gellatly

Before the Clark County Republican Party begins crowing on how successful they were in local elections, I’d like to remind all of you that many of the Republicans winning their election were either not endorsed, not supported and at least one outright opposed by the Clark County Republicans.

Party officials voted not only not to endorse Republican John Blom, who along with Democrat Tanisha Harris, handily defeated County Councilor David Madore in the primary for County Council, District 3, but to actually oppose his campaign against Harris. He won.

Most hypocritical of the Clark County Republican Party, not once did they even list John Blom’s campaign site. But now that he won the campaign, they list him as a win for the party!


Incumbent Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is another they chose not to support and she beat her Democrat challenger, Jim Moeller “like an old rug.”

It was just last year, 2015 that Clark County Republican Party members were discussing the possibility of censuring Herrera Beutler.

18th Legislative District State Senator Ann Rivers also drew their ire, but decimated her Democrat challenger. Word was that the party fell one vote short of actually opposing her as they did with John Blom.

17th District State Senator candidate Lynda Wilson, 17th District Rep. Paul Harris and 18th District Rep Brandon Vick have each been looked upon somewhat unfavorably, but each had decisive wins.

14th District State Senator Curtis King is yet another incumbent Republican not well thought of by the party hierarchy, but who easily dispatched “Independent Republican” challenger, Amanda Richards, unanimously endorsed by the Clark County Republican Party.

Something to keep in mind for you PCO’s that will be voting in the upcoming restructuring meeting as it appears quite a few winning for the Republican brand in Clark County did so in spite of the Clark County Republican Party.

It’s your party. Think how much better it could be with party leaders that actually supported all of the Republican candidates.

Update 2, January 2020: Sad to see that after two years of constant turmoil and efforts to undermine party leadership, the Brown Shirt faction of the local party regained control and are up to old tricks in opposing Republicans not in lock-step with their fringe far right agenda, even calling for electing Democrats over incumbent Republicans,

What good is there in a Republican Party that recommends voting Democrat? Hard to believe that these “Real” Republicans think that they will teach others a lesson by electing Democrats now, falsely believing they can easily vote them out next election and install fringe far right people of their liking. How moronic can they get?

Let’s face it, there is no one alive that will always, each and every time vote exactly how each individual Brown Shirt member demands! 

How ignorant to call for voting out someone that agrees with you 70% to 80% of the time, or more and elect someone that will support your views 0% of the time and adds to the decades long, pro-tax,, anti-second amendment Democrat majority in the state!

Come out of her, so that you will not share in her sins

5 Responses to “Updated: No Bragging Rights for Clark County Republicans”

  1. They sent out their letter crowing about their success and taking credit for the wins all the way up the food chain today.

  2. The Clark County Republican Party has bullied and badgered its way into irrelevancy. Their raison d’être appears to be to indirectly (and in at least one case directly) support DNC candidates.

  3. Yes Craig, that is exactly what they did. It’s now up to the PCO’s whether or not they are ready to replace the malcontents ruling over the party with reasonable Republicans willing to re-embrace Reagan’s Big Tent philosophy.

    But, the party today cannot run away from so many winning their elections in spite of no support or actual opposition to them from the CCGOP.


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