by lewwaters

Many knew I was to have nose surgery the day before Thanksgiving. While the surgery went well, not everything did.

After being home a few hours my chest began hurting in a way unlike I have felt before. Called 911 and was taken back to the Portland VA where they checked me in, confirmed I did indeed have a heart attack and I remain awaiting an angiogram to assess the damage to my heart.

It is expected to be minor.

My Dad died from a massive heart attack at age 54 and I’m 68 and thankful it was relatively minor.

6 Comments to “Thankful”

  1. Glad to see you writing, prayers for your recovery my friend.

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  2. Sorry to hear Lew, speedy recover prayers headed your way.

  3. Sorry to hear Lew. Speedy recovery prayers headed your way.

  4. Hope for a speedy recovery, Lew.

  5. I haven’t checked in for awhile Lew. Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you are doing better now!

  6. Thanks Craig, I’m doing much better and enjoying the peacefulness of ignoring much of the political vitriol and nastiness of others.

    I am coming to realize that our political scene does not need to be so bitter or nasty, but that is how a few loudmouths and gas bags want it to be and have made it.

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