New Military Veteran’s Therapeutic Camp Planned for SW Washington

by lewwaters

Received this evening:

Columbia River Veteran’s Organization
Helping Military Veterans at the Ground Level

December 12, 2016

New Military Veteran’s Therapeutic Camp Planned for SW Washington
Funding Needed to Make it a Reality

A new non-profit corporation, the Columbia River Veteran’s Organization (CRVO), has been formed to assist U.S. military veterans with assistance and a special place for healing.

Camp Eagles Rest, a project being undertaken by CRVO, will be located on 15 acres on the shores of the Columbia River, property whose use is being donated by Clark County.  Though een given our Federal brand new, the camp’s buildings are being designed in a simple rustic design and include a number of cabins that accommodate four people each, a central mess hall and a shared restroom/ shower/laundry facility

This Camp will be a place that provides a quiet respite for veterans who need some time to themselves or in the company of other vets who have been through similar circumstances.  Vets can stay for a couple of days or a week at a time, free.  Food, accommodations and programs are all included.  Times will be set aside when the camp is occupied by couples who might be need help readjusting, female veterans only, etc.  Vets can register for different times on the calendar; some dates will have scheduled programs and counselor’s available, other times might just have light activities, day trips and comradery with others who have served.

There will also be times when local veterans are welcome to join guests at the camp for coffee, a meal or a relaxed discussion around the fire pit to visit with our veterans.

None of this comes for free, however.  We are currently soliciting cash donations to get the organization running.  Corporate paperwork, licensing, logos and websites, there are a multitude of tasks to be done all at once.  We have set a budget of $1,2 million to build the camp out, with an annual operating expense of approximately $350,000.

We have already filed our Articles of Incorporation with the State of Washington and have been issued our Federal Tax I.D. number.  In the next couple of months we will be applying for 501(c)(3) status, which has an $850 application fee alone.  In the meantime, the IRS does allow donations to be treated as tax deductible unless the 501(c)(3) application is ultimately denied, which we do not see happening.

Once we are up and functioning, hopefully by Dec. 31, we will also be putting out a call for donations of labor, equipment and materials to start work on the camp.  Lots of opportunities for individuals, companies, service groups, veterans and trade unions to help clear the property, .

prep it for nearby utilities, layout the building locations and physically build the buildings and amenities.  There will also be ample opportunity to help by sponsoring things like fishing gear for guests to use, canoes, kayaks, bicycles, beds and bedding, furniture, kitchen appliances and much more.  It is our fervent hope that the camp might be ready for use late in 2017.

This non-profit has a very determined Board of Trustees who want to see that our veterans are getting some of the help that they need without the funding getting caught up in administration and red-tape.  It is important for us to know it is all being done right, but it is also imperative that we actually HELP our military veterans.

The Board of Trustees includes Col. Royce Pollard (US Army, Ret.), Col. Larry Smith (US Army, Ret.), Col. Dan Kern (Washington National Guard, Ret.), Lt. Col. Mark McCauley (US Army, Ret.), Michael Goodrich (US Marine Corp), Ryon Morrison (US Army) and Stac Boyd (US Marine Corp). We are also assisted in our efforts by Col. Bob Knight (US Army, Ret.).

How can you help?  Make a cash donation or pledge to the effort.  Donate labor or materials to the main camp building project.  Pass this information onto other veterans or people who you think would be in a position to help.  Suggest any grants or corporate opportunities you think this effort might qualify for.  Invite us to speak to local service organizations. Help plan an event to raise funds and awareness.  Share information with your local VFW or American Legion Post.  Volunteer to build a cabin.  Suggest an architect who might help design the buildings.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or suggestions that you might have.  This is definitely a “work in progress”, but one that is well worth the goal!


Sean Guard
Chief Organizer

Mailing Address for Donations:

Columbia River Veteran’s Organization, or CRVO
3644 S Street
Washougal, WA  98671

3 Comments to “New Military Veteran’s Therapeutic Camp Planned for SW Washington”

  1. To Sean and the people on the Board. I wish you the very best of luck. Our soldiers, sailors and Air Force members need all the help they can and you look like a beacon of hope. Thank you.

  2. I work with Kleen Streets ministries here in Vancouver, a veterans recovery ministry. We are veterans coaching trained and certified. This is huge and we would want to be a part of this and help in any way we can. I can set your non-profit for $400.00 (the Basic minimum Its fee). So if you want help with that, let me know. Contact me and let’s get some of our veterans involved in building this! we currently have about 20 veterans living in the vets home which is owned and operated by Jeff Talbott. Contact me and let’s get together! Rod Larson, 360-852-0702

  3. Thanks Lew. And to all whom helped my father a navy vet and wasted many years with diabetes in and out of hospitals. I wish he were still alive to love a place like this!

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