Of Vitriol, Finger Wagging and Decorum

by lewwaters

Madore, Duct Tape IIIWhat we all witnessed during Public Comment at the last County Council meeting on Dec. 13 was no doubt pleasing to former Councilor David Madore. Finger wagging, threats of not being reelected for some perceived support of a project no longer on the table, allegations of governmental bullying that should land council members in federal prison as the former chair of the Clark County Republican Party chimed in how wise it would be to pay heed to those vitriolic outbursts.

I say pleasing to Madore as ever since he was relegated to a minority position hardly a meeting passed that he didn’t hurl similar accusations, even though in a much more measured manner towards the council majority he quickly labeled “the Three Liberals.”

Others from within his camp of malcontents preferred “the Three Stooges” as all seemed to forget that the county solidly rejected Madore at the ballot box along with his vision for how the county ought to be.

Such outbursts and finger wagging is not unprecedented though and those outraged over the vitriol seen have little ground to complain as we saw very similar actions from them back in 2013 over the questionable hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the Department of Environmental Services, whipped into a frenzy by the local media better known as the Lazy C.

But most of them got smart about it and put the anger aside, organized and formed the means to execute changes in county government and switching anger to rational debate.

The bombastic right congregated behind Madore ignored that and just continued down the same path, stomping on and demeaning those not in full agreement with them every step of the way as they engaged in what I see as a “purity purge,” eliminating or marginalizing anyone not in lock-step with their alt-right fringe attitudes.

This blog became a prime target for them due to the independent conservative views expressed as some I once considered friends jumped on board the fringe alt-right train and became even more vitriolic than before.

In the meantime, county council grew to 5 members and began dismantling the alt-right policies implemented by Madore. This blog tried to warn of the motive behind the charter change but was ignored as the alt-right decided they had the power to stop it in its tracks.

They didn’t.

Madore lost his bid to be elected chair and lost an ill-advised write-in effort to install a lackey as chair.

Madore lost and lost big in his effort for reelection to the council that sent the local alt-right Republicans into a spin as they voted an unprecedented position of outright opposing the Republican candidate that along with a Democrat defeated Madore in the primary.

Oddly enough, when the Republican won the Clark County Republican Party was quick to list his win as feather in their cap and evidence of how well the party performed in the election, even though they openly opposed his campaign.

The Trump victory now has them emboldened even though we have nothing to judge Trump’s actual performance by except his every changing rhetoric and promises that even has been seen toning down.

And of course, elements of the alt-left are pulling out the stops in efforts to stop the Electoral College from officially electing him that few rational people believe will succeed.

I seriously doubt we will see much in the way of change at our level.

What I do foresee in the weeks and months ahead of more finger wagging and veiled threats on not being reelected from Madore’s minions, perhaps he too will appear before county council in public comment with his particular brand of rhetoric once again reminding all that he is smartest guy in the room.

While his words are measured they are no less caustic and often off the wall.

I wholly expect to see another attempt to force Clark County into accepting Portland’s financially ailing light rail a few blocks into our community that will see a revenue drain from our community that just may very well succeed this time.

I say that because the alt-right behind Madore and that seized control over the local Republican Party has worked overtime with their purity purge in dismantling the coalition that stopped the bloated CRC before and alienated several others that worked hard to see it stopped in hopes of a better project.

They may very well have shot themselves in the foot in their climb to power and no amount of empty, veiled threats or finger wagging will impress people to stand with them.

They didn’t learn from the left that placed their anger over the Benton hire in control and organized to effect change without the finger wagging and rhetoric and succeeded.

And quite frankly, I doubt their arrogant, narcissistic attitudes of the alt-right would permit them to learn.

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