Former Rep. Moeller Still Seeks a Tax Hog Heaven

by lewwaters

Moeller GlareThis blog has long said that former 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller never met a tax he didn’t like. In fact, even he credits me with tagging him as “da Taxman” long ago on his facebook page.

Even more so that other tax happy alt-left liberals, Moeller appears gleeful at the prospect of confiscating more and more revenue from the people, falsely believing it’s his job, in his ever increasing desire to increase taxes, “to make sure its NOT on the workers.”

What he simply cannot fathom is that any tax increase or increase in business expense ultimately is passed on to those very workers he frets about in higher costs, higher unemployment, less hours and even fewer actual jobs if businesses come to realize it is just too expensive to operate in Washington State any longer.

The comment is made on the Lazy C’s latest In Our View column once again hawking for others to pay more taxes to fulfill the McCleary decision brought on us by a far left State Supreme Court from a lawsuit strongly supported by greedy teachers unions that are always crying that they never receive enough of our money.

The Lazy C’s plea might carry more weight though, had they not sought and received a 40% cut in their own B&O taxes a few years ago that hopefully has expired by now. After all, shouldn’t they be willing to pay their full and fair share that they call for other businesses to pay?

Governor Jay Inslee, who initially ran on a promise of not seeking tax increases and also ran for reelection on that same promise again, is repeating his actions when first winning the Governor’s race of proposing massive tax increases that undoubtedly will trickle down to the still struggling middle class should they pass in the legislature.

The alt-left did not learn a thing with their disastrous Luxury Tax passed in the early 1990’s on yachts, aircraft and other items that saw several companies go out of business and workers losing their jobs.

You can only tax people so much before they revolt in some manner, such as stop buying targeted items.

Odd too as legislators seek tax increases on products they deem dangerous for the public good to force people to stop purchasing them, but cannot see raising taxes on others items will also see the public stop purchasing them.

Be that as it may, we do have a problem with this McCleary judgment claiming the state fails to carry out their primary duty of fully funding education in the state.

We also have a constitutional crisis at hand of the court demanding legislative actions not within their power since they are supposed to be co-equal branches of the government.

In with this is a comment from Sen. Patty Murray some time ago of “Too often, I hear from students who feel that what they learn in school isn’t relevant to the work they will do when they graduate — and unfortunately, too often they’re right,” as she was in Richland, Washington hawking more funding of skills oriented education.

If even the kids feel their education isn’t adequate for gainful employment, perhaps the problem isn’t the amount of money being spent but the curriculum they are being taught?

And let’s face it, regardless of what alt-left people like Moeller or Inslee say or think, the greedy teachers unions will never be satisfied with how much money taxpayers send.

In all of this too, I am struck that there are vociferous Gas Bags proclaiming to be the quintessential conservative conscience of our area that publicly endorsed alt-left candidates such as Jim Moeller over Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler and a few other alt-left candidates out of spite against the very Republicans that stand the best chance to stop the proposed job killing tax increases Moeller and Inslee wish to foist off on us.

I fail to understand how that is any proof of their conservative bona fides and is counter to every conservative principle I hold.

Had Moeller and the alt-left candidates endorsed won, you can bank on massive taxes coming down the road with nothing or nobody to stop them with the same Gas Bags crying how it had nothing to do with them.

As far as this blog is concerned, the real problem we continue to face is a greedy, too powerful teachers union that funds the alt-left candidates that continue pushing tax increases funding the greedy teachers unions.

We have even seen when their greed succeeded in invalidating the majority vote of the people in the state on requiring a two-thirds supermajority vote in the legislature for tax increases that has been approved by a majority vote of the people six times now.

Jim ‘Da Taxman’ Moeller gleefully signed onto that suit seeking to invalidate our votes, yet won reelection before his ill-fated decision to run for congress where fortunately, he was “beat like an old rug.”

I will close with a simple reminder to all that throwing other people’s money at a situation isn’t necessarily the best cure.

In fact, it is frequently not a cure but just a waste of money that could go where truly needed.

4 Comments to “Former Rep. Moeller Still Seeks a Tax Hog Heaven”

  1. The REAL solution is to make Washington a “Right To Work” state, as 26 other states have done. (With at least another 3 states on the verge of creating Right to Work laws next year after Democrats were turned out of office in several more states.) Unions, both public and private, often seek higher pay that is uneconomic. While a few employees may benefit, the laid off (or un-hired) employees lose out. No business can afford to pay higher than market pay rates without making compensation elsewhere, perhaps by investing in automation (to replace workers) or by limiting production (to avoid the need to hire more workers).

    The public service unions are even worse, they support politicians who then funnel money into the union’s coffers by raising the pay of the covered workers (while the union raises its dues). The unions then provide funding to “willing politicians” who repeat the cycle. (This is one of several reasons I chose to leave California.)

    Even worse, the Unions tend to provide poor service (at high cost) to their members, because as government enforced monopoly “representatives” of the employees, they have little incentive to actually care about what their members really think. (Note, that the recent election of Donald Trump was assisted by a large number or UNION members voting contrary to the desires of their coerced monopoly union.) Please be assured, that I understand how the unions tend to work, as my first full time job included a requirement to join a union (within 30 days of being hired) that I had no desire to join or be fired. In my 8 years as a member of that union, I discovered that opinions of the members were ignored — and the system was rigged so that the union management could not be turned out in an election.

    The WEA is doing what every union does — uses whatever “talking points” they can find to pressure for ever higher pay and ever higher pensions for their members. They then support facilitators like Moeller (or more often, Democrats) so that they can get increased spending on schools — which then gives them a chance to pressure the schools for more pay or more (unfunded) pension benefits (that the taxpayers may ultimately have to pay).

    Ultimately, every dollar taken away by the government (as a tax or as a fee) reduces the productivity of the economy, and hurt those who’d most benefit from it. Strangely, the short-sighted efforts to constantly raise taxes gives a small upward bump in government revenue — but the government then loses out from tax receipts it might have received if the economy was allow to improve. In the long run, high taxes benefits no one. (Don’t expect anyone on the left to understand economics.)

  2. Isn’t he retired for the washington state legislature? And lost to Jamie Herrera Beutler?

  3. Yes, Monica Stonier now occupies the seat he did and he did indeed lose to Jaime.

    But he has declared he will remain engaged in some capacity

  4. I don’t mind him being engaged in some form. He paid his price for being a liberal in an independent and growing so wise.He can write letters to the editor at the columbian or reflector but alas no one reads that stuff much any more.

    What I really would like to see from him is building his name up and running for mayor of Vancouver in 2017 or 2018. That way he’s out of the way to allow others to serve their state and locality. That is what I really want to see from him???

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