Anne McEnerny Ogle Offically Announces Run for Mayor

by lewwaters

Vancouver city council member and Mayor Pro Temp, Anne McEnerny Ogle made her run for Mayor of Vancouver official this morning at the Fireman’s Hall on Fruit Valley Road. The Hall was packed to capacity with a diverse audience in attendance wishing Anne well.

Video of her full speech is provided by Jim Mains and reposted with permission.

3 Comments to “Anne McEnerny Ogle Offically Announces Run for Mayor”

  1. I guess I and you will have to watch from the side lines as we both live outside vancouver. She’ll have to earn her stripes and we’ll see who comes up to win the job.


  2. She made some interesting and welcome comments regarding apprenticeships. Hopefully she will provide specifics in the future as to how the city can facilitate apprenticeships for the skilled trades.
    She mentioned replacing the I-5 bridge but disappointingly nothing about a 3rd crossing. A 3rd crossing needs to be prioritized over a replacement project.


  3. Craig – I think the bridge is 100 years old and the second span is 50 years old. That bridge is unsafe and 100K of cars and trucks pass every day. A third crossing is a no go because no one on the Oregon side wants it. I wish Uber or Lyft could make inroads into buses that run empty. They are cheap enough to run 24/7 and if one needs a ride into Portland they offer that. The mileage is cheap and it would be a lot better car sharing or other ideas to get better bus service from Clark to Washington (Oregon?) County


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