Protesting is Good, Now

by lewwaters

Funny thing about the words spoken in the video, and if you note the exclusion of a major group of protesters in it, the stated attitude did not seem to apply when a mixed group of Conservatives, Liberals and Independents joined together nationwide in 2009 to protest Obamacare.

That’s right, the group known as the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) was ridiculed, lambasted, labeled racist (as nearly any disagreement with Obama was for 8 years) and marginalized often by the media, including our own Lazy C.

I recall a significant turnout at Esther Short Park of TEA Party activists that they did not even bother to send a writer to cover, even though over 1500 people attended it.

In fact, John Laird, former political page editor penned back then, Political rallies: just huffin’ and puffin’ where he wrote, “But at the tea party, angry protesters will frown and snarl ‘No!’ and ‘From my cold, dead fingers’!”

Late in November 2009 Laird penned Coming soon! A giant anger-palooza where he wrote claims of, “This was the year their crusade was born, and the screaming and kicking hasn’t stopped yet,” “town hall meetings have become boisterous, bigoted shout-downs where the only things that matter are volume and venom,” “when a president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, a large segment of Americans actually boo” and “This year we increasingly heard, ‘I want my country back!’ proclaimed by people who had difficulty accepting the will of the national electorate.”

Laird somehow seemed to have forgotten just months earlier how President George W. Bush was greeted by boos, jeers and singing of “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” as he walked out at the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Are we not today hearing the cry of “I Want My Country Back” from those protesters marching throughout the country who seem unable to accept the will of voters in the latest election?

By 2013 Laird was describing TEA Party activists as “Political piranhas” in an editorial.

That is in addition to when we citizens took a stand against the bloated Columbia River Crossing Light Rail project labeling us as “cockroaches,” “Hounds of Whinerville” and more.

And just today we read in the Lazy C’s opinion page, In Our View: Marches Grab Attention, “Demonstration of what makes America great sends message to administration” and “It was a remarkable demonstration of what truly makes America great. Dissent, it has been said, is the highest form of patriotism, and Saturday’s events rank among this nation’s most memorable patriotic outpourings.”

And it wasn’t just our local Lacy C. Main media blasted TEA Party rallies, even blended pro-second amendment rallies with TEA Party in an effort to label us as armed malcontents.

No, protesting wasn’t seen as noble or how to effect change throughout the 8 years of Obama, just the opposite.

And as much as I distrust Trump’s ability to do what he says he will do or that it will improve much, it is the media and their bias and double standards responsible for him being elected.

A large number of citizens are fed up with being manipulated and lied to by biased, dishonest media that portrays dissent as “patriotic” only when a Republican is in office.

So go ahead and make your noise, falsely think you are doing something great and noble by burning businesses and cars or beating up on people that disagree with you.

Then in 4 years, thank yourselves again should Trump win a second term.

10 Comments to “Protesting is Good, Now”

  1. In the White House press conference today, Sean Spicer called out the press for the constant stream of negativity about everything the Trump administration is attempting to do. This is in stark contrast of how the Obama administration was covered from the moment of the election, through the inauguration, and at least 2 years into the administration. Not coincidentally, now all of a sudden ‘peaceful’ protests are again in vogue with the media, in contrast as you note, to the scurrilous reporting on the Tea Party and any peaceful conservative protest in general. As for Laird, he continues to spread misinformation, so nothing has changed there either.

  2. Expect the return of a “homeless crisis”, and “no blood for oil” protestors along with the usual list of leftist causes of poorly defined “social problems” that the left expects government to “solve.”

  3. I heard about Benton’s appointment on the drive in to work this morning. Laughed out loud! I wonder if Lou will regret his endless persecution of the man? Probably not. Lou lacks the self awareness. The only thing funnier would be if Benton were appointed Chairman of the FCC.

  4. “Expect the return…”

    You mean the issues they’ve been steadfastly ignoring for the past 8 years?

  5. Somehow Lou never caught sight that although Don is rough around the edges, he managed to get things done, often from a minority standing.

  6. I agree. In case others misunderstand my comment, I wasn’t demeaning Don at all. I think he was very effective as our Senator from the 17th. He managed to get Jessica’s Law passed to protect our children in Washington despite the repeated opposition of the Democrats. Yes, he was rough around the edges, not ‘user-friendly’, not a ‘squeezably-soft’ media pleaser, which apparently was the cause for Brancaccio’s repeated and malicious attacks.

  7. The attacks by the Lazy C against Benton go back before Brancaccio was editor. I recall long ago they endorsed his opponent on the grounds of “he isn’t Benton.”

    The smears and attacks on Benton have gone on for over 20 years from the Lazy C.

    Is it any wonder he hung up on them when they called?

  8. I have no worries about Benton. He has more things to do than splurge. But one thing you might not have seen was that Lou has reitred from the I saw it in the paper when I was having my eyes checked

  9. Yes, I saw the news about Lou:

    But, he’s only semi-retiring. He will still put out his Press Talk, but monthly instead of weekly.

    Craig Brown has taken over most of Lou’s duties there

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