Lazy C Editor Brancaccio to Retire

by lewwaters

Live, from downtown Vancouver, it was announced to day that editor Lou Brancaccio will retire on Feb 17, 2017.

From the article:

Editor Lou Brancaccio announced Tuesday that he will step away from daily management of The Columbian’s newsroom effective Feb. 17 and assume a new role as editor emeritus.
In his new role, Brancaccio will write his popular Press Talk column on a monthly basis, and continue as a member of the newspaper’s editorial board, which sets the newspaper’s editorial stance on issues and candidates.

Craig Brown, “who has served as The Columbian’s metro editor since October 2001” will take over leading the newsroom

I’m sure most of the 49th district downtown will miss him. But I doubt the bulk of the county he thumbed his nose at in his editorials will, though

8 Comments to “Lazy C Editor Brancaccio to Retire”

  1. Just a nice way to say your fired

  2. Actually no. He’s still going to hang around as editor emeritus and his Press Talk Column will be monthly instead of weekly.

    We’re not totally rid of him, yet 😉

  3. He will continue to write left-leaning nonsensical garbage demonstrating his pervasive lack of understanding of the American people.

  4. Time to crank up he Craig Brown hate machine.

  5. the Lazy C takes care of all that

  6. Yup, he got sacked. Campbell is just saving face by keeping him on as ‘editor emeritus’ for awhile. He doesn’t want to admit what a dope he’s been keeping Brancaccio around all these years.

  7. Lew I have not seen a lot of posting from you since heart attack.. Do I need to write a column myself?

  8. Before the heart attack, Jeremy, my younger sister passed away as well as one of my favorite cousins. I have taken some time to carefully consider my involvement in politics here and looking back, saw I have received far more guff from the side I was trying to support than those I was opposing.

    I’ll also add, from 2014 on I have been shut out of the loop on things happening and everywhere I was shut out, I see the same person in the middle of it all, the same person pumping me for what I had on file pertaining to some Democrat candidates.

    I’m tired of trying to insert myself back in the loop to be met with brick walls, so I now defer it all to him. It just doesn’t seem worth it for me any longer

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