Son of CRC

by lewwaters

I have stated all along that the failed CRC (Columbia River Crossing light rail project) wasn’t “dead,” but in a politically induced coma. And while the latest effort to “begin a discussion or process” is claimed to not be about resurrecting the failed CRC, the following short clip of Rep. Sharon Wylie (D. 49) speaking in support of HB 2095 indicates to me that the end goal is a resurrection, either in whole or part.

Full floor debate

Due to several circumstances, Clark County Conservative will maintain a neutral stance on this as it moves forward. I am told by many self professed better than me’s that they have it handled, so I defer it to them.

5 Comments to “Son of CRC”

  1. I sure as hell hope you don’t maintain a neutral stance for long. How many self professed not as good as you’s do you need to tip the scale?



  2. More flute rail again? With a new cheer leader to push it again… Time to tell some people that this is dead until portland learns that we won’t take another failed bridge that looks like the I205 bridge that is flat-top with a hump to water transportation. And for the planes to keep above it to land.


  3. I will fight again if this is indeed the resurrection of the light rail. I as promised by the Republicans that signed on to this that there is no way this is a light rail process and does reopen the “corridor” conversation for looking at the entire crossing needs. For now I will trust them as they have been honest servants.


  4. If you and those that have signed on to this believe there will be due consideration of additional crossings, think again.

    Cleveland: The only path forward is across a new I-5 bridge

    Some good people are being duped.


  5. I am still dumbfounded that these legislators are unable to mentally project that we need more bridges. Start any work on the I-5 with the bottleneck at the Rose Quarter and we will have a nightmare on the I-5 which will cause a nightmare on SR-14 and I-205. What in the heck? We need at least two more bridges! I am absolutely fed up with this stupidity. We need to start recalls on elected officials who won’t get the job done! This is nothing more than politics run-amuck. I’ve lived here 20 years and it’s the same s__ _ different day! STOP IT! Recall these idiots!


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