UPDATED: Anne McEnerny Ogle Gets an Opponent

by lewwaters

Not an April Fool’s joke, in spite of the date, Clark County Republican Steven Cox announced today that he is throwing his hat in the ring for Mayor of Vancouver.

If you are unfamiliar with Steven Cox, don’t feel bad. So is a lot of Vancouver.

Disappointing to see Steven Cox starting off his campaign by making a dishonest claim against his opponent that she voted to double her salary.

Video by Jeremy Luciano, April 2, 2017

“I made a contract with the voters, and part of that contract was the salary,” said Councilor Anne McEnerny-Ogle, who is mayor pro tem. “(A raise) doesn’t work for me and for my position and for my contract with the citizens.”

Some Vancouver councilors would refuse salary hike

Public outrage, including former Mayors and sitting members of the City Council saw this ridiculous increase negated and reset to a little more reasonable 4% increase.

Salary commission approves 4 percent raises for mayor, councilors

Mr. Cox should issue an apology to Ms. McEnery Ogle

4 Comments to “UPDATED: Anne McEnerny Ogle Gets an Opponent”

  1. Very cool. Unfortunately this is Vancouver and Steven’s got about zero chance of winning, but it’s great that’s he’s giving it a shot. I only know of him by his FB presence, but he seems top notch as a Republican candidate. Go Steven Cox.

  2. Everybody is entitled to run, and learn good lessons for future campaigns

  3. A ‘dishonest claim’ implies that Cox is lying. Maybe he just misunderstood or misinterpreted her position on the matter.

  4. He could very easily have checked her position well before making such a dishonest claim.

    The ludicrous raise proposed by the Salary Commission was well broadcast last year as well as the positions of council members.

    Regardless, he did make a false claim and now should withdraw it and issue an apology

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