UPDATED: Don Benton Nominated to Head Selective Service

by lewwaters

Breaking, former Washington State Senator Don Benton is being nominated to head the Selective Service System, aka to us older guys as “the draft.” Mr. Benton, although pro-military and pro-veteran, never served in any branch.

There currently is no draft in effect, the system was resurrected years ago just in case it was ever needed again.

In 2016, both the House and Senate saw bills introduced to abolish the Selective Service System.

Don has now gained national attention as MSNBC chimes in: Trump puts a salesman in charge of the draft

While I understand their angst with Trump, the comment of Benton being allowed to run his business while serving as a State Senator comes across as petty, considering our elected legislators are part-time and nearly every single one, regardless of party has a job or runs a business outside of the legislature.

Update April 18, 2017: A Reflector article, Benton’s role in D.C. changes states,

“Although he himself never served, Benton brought up that he comes from a military family, with his father being a naval officer who helped prepare for the invasion of Normandy in World War II and both of his older brothers being veterans themselves.”

“I don’t think you will find anyone who understands the commitment and the sacrifice more than I do,” Benton said.

As I have said many times in regards to both Democrat and Republican officials and candidates, what your relatives did has no bearing on you. That is their valor and service.

What matters is what you did.

I dislike it greatly when anybody tries to stand on a relatives service to make up for their own lack of service.

Sorry, but as we Vietnam Veterans often say, “If you didn’t go, you wouldn’t know.”

8 Comments to “UPDATED: Don Benton Nominated to Head Selective Service”

  1. Awesome. Congratulations to Don. Well deserved after all of the BS that he received in his own home county from the Libtard Columbian.


  2. Interesting. What does the job entail? I mean what would he actually be doing?


  3. With no active draft in effect currently, I can’t imagine he would have much to do other than manage those keeping records of draft eligible males.

    Maybe Trump sent him there to keep him out of everybody’s hair, since Pruitt has been critical of him.


  4. Lew, who is pruiit? I have stopped listening to CSPAN and TVW. I would like to know mofre information.


  5. Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA where Benton was sent initially. From a Washington Post article

    “Elsewhere, resentment has built up. Pruitt is bristling at the presence of former Washington state senator Don Benton, who ran the president’s Washington state campaign and is now the EPA’s senior White House adviser, said two senior administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel matters.”

    “These officials said Benton piped up so frequently during policy discussions that he had been disinvited from many of them. One of the officials described the situation as akin to an episode of the HBO comedy series ‘Veep’.”

    See also: Report: Benton could soon be out at the EPA


  6. His original job with the EPA was very temporary and so if there is a personality conflict that move makes sense.


  7. Although temporary to begin with, it was quickly slated to be a more permanent position.

    EPA Transition Leader, Longtime Foe of Regulation, to Stay on at Agency

    But yes, it does make sense to send him off to a position where responsibility is less likely to ruffle feathers of key Cabinet members again.

    Also, he must be confirmed for this office, so we’ll see how it goes.


  8. Benton lasted only 3 months at EPA. Hope he lasts longer at Selective Service. Otherwise there is a risk of him coming back here.


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