After Smears, Sean Guard Drops Bid for Reelection

by lewwaters

Earlier this afternoon this blog was included in receiving the following announcement from Sean Guard, Mayor of Washougal, Washington.

I am sending this to the large group of folks who have been so supportive of us, especially in the last week.

It is obvious that this far right faction is desperate to get me out of office and they will do anything possible to do so. Annie and I know the truth, however, as do so many of you.

I bleed orange and black. I am Washougal through and through. I have spent the last 7+ years leading our community to greater heights and preparing it for the future. We have so many awesome opportunities in front of us thanks to the team and most of the council that is in place.

Over the weekend these far-right zealots also began to attack my wife and people who have spoken publically in support of me; it has become more and more apparent that they won’t stop. If they were attacking just me, I would fight this to the end, but when they start attacking family, the game changes. They will do anything and everything they can to get their far-right candidate Dan Coursey elected in my place. These Trump-style politics are very sad and disgusting. Even if I win in August and in November, they will just keep up their attacks. My family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the City of Washougal. The stress these accusations bring to my wife and how it affects her multiple sclerosis is unbearable.

Therefore, today I rescinded my candidacy for reelection as Mayor of Washougal. While this might appear to some people that their attacks have some truth, we know better and I can only hope that other folks see this just for what it is – politically motivated. I could never believe that this kind of evil existed in the world as well. It does.

To be the effective Mayor that I have been it has taken over 200 hours a month between my city duties, and those that I do representing the city at the State and Federal level. It will be kind of refreshing going back to being a normal family. In these last few months while I am in office I will continue to work to move Washougal forward.

For those who have donated to my campaign this year, those donations will be sent back to you.

Again, thank you all for the support, prayers, notes and calls. They have helped Annie and I immensely.

Our love to you all,

Sean & Annie Guard

I don’t live out in Washougal so can’t speak to Guard’s effectiveness as Mayor, but must note he did win election twice, by nearly 40 points in 2009 and again in excess of 6 points in 2013. My dealings with the Mayor have been in Veteran’s issues where I have advised him on contacts and matters a time or two.

But now, due to the ongoing smear effort against him, alluded to by this blog at Politics, a Blood Sport? Or just Cockroaches Hiding in the Shadows? Mayor Guard has decided to step away from his reelection bid.

Saddest part is that the fringe right in Clark County has tried and convicted him with their efforts, denying him the very constitutional due process they proclaim to be so supportive of.

The allegations levied have been referred to the Police for investigation, as should be. But the fringe right has no interest in awaiting results of any investigation or getting to the truth, only in forcing Guard to drop out in hopes of electing one of their fringe cohorts into office and continue building the base they lost in last year’s election.

An unconfirmed claim did reach me over the weekend of an offer extended to Guard’s wife of is Sean would just drop out, the smears and allegations would just go away. If true I sincerely hope copies were made and delivered to the Police conducting the investigation.

Also of suspicious note, a young lady enlisted publicly by the one pushing the smear effort to run just late last week, also withdrew her bid today as Friday saw another of their number, Dan Coursey, a first term Washougal City Council Member in office barely over one year, file for the office.

That now leaves a two person race for Washougal Mayor, former City Council member, Molly Coston also filing last week for office.

No doubt the fringe right wants Coursey in and I won’t be surprised to see smears and dirty politics thrown at Coston by the fringe elements coming out of the Clark County Republican Party.

I would recommend voters in other cities and throughout Clark County check each candidate very closely as I suspect other candidates, primarily running for Mayor are fronting for this fringe rightwing group.

Little wonder voter turnout continues to decrease and fewer people are willing to step forward and run for office. Any that does now face the dirt and mudslinging from fringe elements that seem to be woefully short on issues and desire to impose their power and tyranny over us all.

This is what we voters have allowed our political scene to become; issues come second as dirt and mud rule the day as gas bags spew their vitriol and hatred of views different than their own.

But as I said in my previous post, to this very vocal fringe right element, the far left claim of “the ends justify the means” is what matters.

Whether or not it works is now up to you voters in Washougal.

Choose wisely, voters. It is your city.

2 Comments to “After Smears, Sean Guard Drops Bid for Reelection”

  1. Did you mean “the far left” – my impression is that this scum bagging is by the “far right”?

  2. Sadly, Bridget, there is fringe operating from both the right and the left.

    This particular effort is from the fringe right, though.

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