You Should Vote For …

by lewwaters

It’s that time again, elections!

Seems to be a never ending cycle year after year that we have an election for some office. National, County, City or citizen initiative seems we are always being asked to vote for someone or something.

In all reality, even though it seems to be pain in between presidential elections, we should count ourselves fortunate that we are given a voice in offices at lower levels, some countries don’t.

But we also must be serious in voting, for those of us actually voting and not throwing away the ballots our tax dollars pay for to be printed and mailed to us or wistfully marking a ballot according to a letter after the name or because someone said who they prefer who we vote for.

For far too long our voter turnout in off year elections has been dismal, disappointing and frankly, we could even point to such low turnout for allowing elected officials we may despise into office. All because we didn’t take the time necessary to do our due diligence to be informed and vote accordingly

Even in years we elect a president, we see poor turnout in the primary election where we whittle down local and state level candidates to go on to the general election to choose who wins office.

Several reasons have been expressed by many people as to why, this opinion piece isn’t about that. No, I want to address readers who plan on filling out their ballots and returning them to have their voice heard.

Earlier you will note I said “due diligence” in regard to voting. That means taking the time to hear and evaluate what each candidate has to say and vote your conscience on how you judge each one.

I have been honored many times over the years to be asked how to vote. I have freely expressed my view on who to vote for, some winning, some not. I’ve been praised for my opinion and ridiculed for it. That’s just the nature of blogging and is taken in stride.

As honored as I have been, that is not what voting is about.

No, it isn’t about you voting my conscience or some other always pissed off, bitter blogger always boasting of a bazillion years experience and believing they are the smartest person in the room. None of us really are.

While it is flattering for people to ask me who they should vote for, sometimes I really don’t know or can be snowed by glib words from candidates, just like the rest of you. That is where your due diligence comes into play.

It’s expected for those in each party to oppose candidates from the other party. But in the past few years we have seen an uptick in opposition to candidates from with each party. Claims of RINO (Republican in Name Only) and DINO (Democrat in Name Only) abound as partisans now expect and demand lock-step in their partisan view, giving no consideration that citizens are not always in agreement with their partisan views and beliefs.

In this bloggers view, it is this fringe demand of lock-step from partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle that ought to be voted out and defeated. But again, that’s only my view. Voters need to make their own decision on what direction they desire the community and country to go.

Since you have internet access, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, our Elections Office makes available to us a Voters Pamphlet we can view or download where each candidate has made a short statement as to why they are who you should vote for.

Also locally, CVTV has made available numerous Election Programming videos featuring candidate statements and forums taped in the past weeks for this election for those of us unable to actually attend these events.

Most candidates have websites or are active on social media in hopes of gaining your vote.

We likely have easier access to information today than any time in the past. All we need to do is turn off the television or take a little time to listen to and ascertain which candidate best suits our principles, not some wild eyed angry blogger, biased newspaper editor or political party.

Let’s face it, those telling you how you need to vote are promoting their principles and interests over yours.

Personally I believe most of you reading this are wise enough and intelligent enough to wade through the opinions of the candidates and see through overly ambitious claims of what they will do should they win.

Ballots are now arriving in our mailboxes. If you haven’t received yours or make a mistake and ruin your ballot, contact the Elections Office for a replacement ballot. Take the time to fill them out and return them, either by mail, postage paid now or in one of the ballot drops located across the county.

But above all. Vote! Vote for the one that is closest to your views, interests and principles, not who those believing they are so much smarter than you tell you to.

One Comment to “You Should Vote For …”

  1. Well said, wish I knew how to instill a love of the republic, respect for the nation, and sense of duty to cast a ballot. But that notion of responsible citizenship has not survived as universal, despite the universal nature of education to ensure an educated citizenry.

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