What Goes Around Comes Around

by lewwaters

Karma, in its simplest definition “is getting back whatever it was you dished out,” also referred to as reaping what you sow, getting your just rewards, got what’s coming to you, paybacks and more. I think y’all get the picture.

Karma can also be quite sweet for those who have been targets of vitriolic smears over the years, even though just a bystander witnessing the sweet karmic ‘just rewards’ getting dished out on those so deserving of receiving a taste of what they gave out before.

Such is the case going on this primary election in regards to some fringe, far right PCO’s from the Clark County Republican party hoping to retain their PCO position or desiring to oust others and assist in returning fringe control over the county level party.

Hopes of an easy slide into control of the party appear dashed as I keep seeing on social media these same people known for dishing out vitriol against those they consider “RINO’s,” including this very Independent blogger, posting complaints of letters arriving throughout their precincts opposing their quest in similar fashion as they have used over the years.

And needless to say, these folks don’t seem too appreciative of having the shoe on the other foot, they now being on the receiving end of their own tactics.

For some unknown reason, these folks seem to think they are above reproach and should not be subjected to the very tactics they used to once seize control of the party a few years ago when they tried to move it far right, initiating a “purity purge” of any Republican not 100% in lock-step with their fringe, radical views.

They lost control in 2016 with the election of a new chair who began a policy of reconciliation and trying to bring all Republicans together, mimicking President Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” view that began a now nearly two year effort to demean, undermine and oust the party chair.

Vitriolic smears against this blog predate that by a couple years due to the blog exposing another letter effort presumably to ‘stack’ the PCO positions in their favor.

Also being ignored is how these same people tried to usurp others in the past with their own vitriol now returning to them. For comparison I have assembled an example of the current letter against these fringe PCO’s and a letter one of them sent out back in 2016 against another PCO they wanted to see defeated. Please note the tone of each compared to the other.

PCO Letters

Once again it comes down to whether or not the Clark County Republican party will return to a mean-spirited party excluding all not in lock-step with the fringe far right.

Or whether it will continue to broaden towards President Reagan’s “Big Tent” where individuals are respected and representation of all Republicans is encouraged.

As for the letters enraging the far right today, I can really appreciate Jackie Gleason’s words, “How Sweet it is.”

Your chickens have come home to roost.

2 Comments to “What Goes Around Comes Around”

  1. Nicely stated. Apparently what they don’t like is themselves. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. As I’ve gleaned over the past couple years being an admin on SWWO, the only rules that matter to these cretins are what they impose on others.

    No rules apply to them, however 😉

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