Oregon Shouldn’t be Given Washington’s 3rd Congressional Seat

by lewwaters

Carolyn Long

It’s no secret that Oregon, Portland primarily has for many years tried to control Clark County Washington while looking down upon us as “Vantucky” and essentially backwater, inbred interlopers muddying their version of Nirvana with our gasoline powered monster cars.

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but yes, we all know Portland looks down on Clark County, never hiding their disdain for us, but has shown in the past how much they would love to tap into our revenues on this side of the Columbia River to fund projects and policies they have overextended themselves on.

Think Millions of dollars in income taxes Clark County residents employed in Portland must pay each year while not being given any degree of voice in Oregon’s political scene or think of the failed Columbia River Crossing and the Millions wasted as they worked diligently to force Clark County to accept and fund their light rail a short distance into the community with the promise of a new bridge to replace the aging Interstate 5 Bridges. Remember “No light rail, no bridge, no kidding” from then Governor Kitzhaber?

        Jaime Herrera Beutler

Suffice it to say Oregon has long felt they should have a say in how we operate north of the Columbia River, even though we are not in Oregon and live under different state laws. And unfortunately, by all appearance Democrats are showing a propensity to again cave to Oregon by electing a lifelong Oregon resident to Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District seat currently occupied by Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler, born and raised right here in Clark County Washington first elected back in 2010 to the seat.

Very soon after taking the oath of office in 2011, far leftist organization Moveon began their assaults on Jaime at a rally attended and taped by this blogger castigating her actions less than two months in office.

Democrats have failed in every election to unseat her and they have had some pretty good Washington State Democrats up against her that just couldn’t pull it off. Even this year we saw three other actual residents of Washington State throw their hats in the ring only to be slighted by their party and local media, the Columbian aka “The Lazy C” in favor of Lifelong Oregon resident, Carolyn Long.

Ms Long’s claim to Washington is her teaching a class in politics at Washington State University from some 22 years. No doubt an expert when it comes to leftism, Liberalism and Progressivism, but who hopped in her car every night to head back home in Salem, Oregon.

That is, until purchasing a condo on this side of the river in July 2017, just getting in under the wire to establish legal residency to qualify for running. In the meantime her family remained behind in Salem, “awaiting a job transfer” we are told.

Long is very crafty in her bio claiming she “grew up in a rural community on the coast,” “Working at her father’s store at the age of 12,” and “working at Safeway to earn the money to pay her way through the University of Oregon.” Other than the UofO, she makes no mention that her history was all within Oregon, other than Rutgers University.

Email campaign endorsements also use crafty language to give the impression of roots in Washington State with claims of her 22 years teaching at WSU, followed by claims of “deep involvement in her community,” again giving the impression she has been involved in issues and matters of concern to the district over the years.

I have held the belief that an elected Representative should have roots within the district, that they have supported the needs of the district, been involved in interests of the district, paid taxes and voted in the district.

Other than co-hosting a couple election night broadcasts on CVTV, I’ve never seen her participate in council meetings, campaign for any candidate, attend any political rally for either party and never participated in a single Veterans event I have attended on this side of the river nor participate in any Washington State election. Of course she’s much too smart to have voted since she would have violated voting laws by being an out of state resident.

But now, all of a sudden, she is the “Great White Hope” for Democrats in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District?

Or are they hoping she gets in and grants Oregon one of Washington State’s Congressional seats and vote how Oregon desires?

I was recently told in a facebook discussion that any vote she took would be AS a Washington State Representative, but there is no indication in her history that any vote would be FOR Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District over Oregon.

Is holding a job in Clark County really establishing roots and being involved in the community, when every night and weekends for 22 years was involved in her home in Oregon?

Bear in mind that Oregon already has their full allotment of Congressional Seats, so why should they be given one in Washington, especially in Southwest Washington where we have seen many times over the years efforts to tap into revenues from our community to be used and spent south of us in Oregon?

I also note her slogan of “People over Politics.”

Nice sounding words and heard often by politicians that carry no real meaning once in office. Just as her call for more “civility” and “respect” for the other side.

To this end I emailed her campaign back in December 2017 asking for her view on her party’s incivility shown towards President Trump. To date there has been no response of any kind, none, nada, zip.

I have received dozens of campaign emails from her campaign, every last single one of them straight party line, even to condemnations and slinging mud towards the incumbent and Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice BEFORE the hearings on his nomination even began. It has to be recalled that the House doesn’t vote in confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justices, the Senate does.

Carolyn Long makes claims of the type of Representation we deserve in Southwest Washington and making the district better somehow. But she has absolutely no relevant history of any involvement whatsoever in Southwest Washington, never voted, campaigned, spoken before any council, held even the smallest of office, just teaching leftwing politics at WSU for 22 years and scurrying back across the Columbia River to get home to Oregon.

It must be noted here that Jaime has been under constant fire from the left and Democrats claiming she “votes lock-step with Trump.”

She’s also been under fire from the more radical far-right fringe that has been trying to highjack the Republican Party and conservatism for “not voting with Trump.”

That tells me that Jaime is the centrist Representative both sides have long called for.

We deserve someone actually rooted in the district. Someone that has a history of working for constituents in some manner or involvement with citizens in the community in issues and matters concerning the district.

We don’t need Oregon slipping in and taking over our Congressional District seat by fooling voters into voting for Oregon’s Carolyn Long.

11 Comments to “Oregon Shouldn’t be Given Washington’s 3rd Congressional Seat”

  1. Jamie Herrera-Beutler is so scared of her constituents that she refuses to hold honest town halls. At this point I would vote for an inanimate object over JHB. Only by kicking her out can we get a decent replacement. Voting for her is like an abused spouse sticking around in the abusive marriage.

    I will vote Long in hopes that JHB gets removed. How else can we improve???

    PS – Astonishing her arrogance in voting for the insurance companies as she gets to partake of the glorified Congressional insurance plan (w/ her child’s unfortunate medical insurance situation), while leaving us mopes to suffer. I sincerely wish she had to suffer the same insurance hell as her constituents.

    PPS – this is a must watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjgaRzkvXyw

    PPPS — Heh. In your comment July 12, 2018 at 10:42 PM you stated “Sorry Josef, but I’m not delving into any campaigns this year.” I can’t blame you for delving! 🙂


  2. Funny you should bring that up, Josef. I have been to face to face townhalls with her, called into telephone townhalls and even spoke with her face to face, all the while she knowing how much I opposed her back in 2010.

    Seems I also recall her holding a face to face townhall at the 40 et 8 building in Hazel Dell to a rather raucous crowd, some even boasting on C3G2 how unruly they were towards her.

    I can understand why she prefers fewer face to face townhalls with audiences like that, not willing to listen and trying to shout her down.

    You are free to vote your conscience as we all are. But regardless of what is said about her, I just can’t see handing Southwest Washington over to the whims of Portland and Oregon to do with us as they please.

    Strange that as well qualified Democrats proclaim Long is, her every campaign email is a constant drone of how bad Jaime is, no mention of any qualifications of Long, other than she taught at WSU with no mention of scurrying back to Oregon at the end of the day.

    Like I have always said, show me someone better and I’ll vote for them. Carolyn Long isn’t better


  3. BTW, I’m still not planning on doing whole scale posts in regards to campaigns.

    I’m told there is a whole cabal of self professed better than me’s for that 😉


  4. JHB states she did a “Town Hall” last week at https://youtu.be/FjgaRzkvXyw?t=5803

    I like to think I follow Clark County politics. Had anyone heard of this?

    Isn’t it time to vote out a liar and get someone better?

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  5. I’m sure you realize Clark isn’t the only county within the district and whoever holds the seat has to cover all of them, not just downtown Vancouver 😉

    As for liars, why vote one in? Carolyn Long isn’t being upfront about her devotion to Oregon and lack of involvement in Southwest Washington plus she calls for civility, but refuses to condemn the extreme incivility from her own party and within her campaign emails.

    She should be talking about her qualifications more than slinging mud at her opponent.

    Answering constituent questions wouldn’t hurt her either.


  6. As vicious and uncivil as local Democrats have proven themselves to be, I don’t blame Hererra-Beutler one bit for not holding those free-for-alls. I was at one of her earliest meetings soon after she was first elected. Democrats were threatening physical violence against Republicans – it happened just a few feet from me. Democrats were rude to the Congresswoman and constantly interrupted her when she was trying to answer questions.


  7. Even if I didn’t want Jaime Hererra-Beutler to be re-elected, I certainly would not vote for a carpetbagger to replace her, let alone an Oregonian. Jaime is doing an outstanding job representing the interests of Southwest Washington. Her success in dealing with the seal problem and her commitment to protect the interests of Washington commuters are just two examples. I think we all know what Carolyn Long’s response would be to Oregon’s infamous plan to toll the I-5 and I-205 corridors. I fully expect Jaime to return to the US House of Representatives. Carolyn Long will be a footnote on Wikipedia.


  8. I will not vote for a Democrat … but I will be entering “Paul Ryan” in the write-in space in the WA 3rd Congressional District ballot. The “empty suit” Jaime Herrera-Beutler made it clear that is the appropriate response when you disapprove of the Republican candidate.

    I moved to southwest WA a bit over 6 years ago. I voted for Ms. Buetler in the past — but I have seen very little actual accomplishment on her part — she has one of the WORST attendance records of any in Congress — and her voting record is BARELY better (from a conservative standpoint) than the most “conservative” Democrat (from Washington).

    Ms Beutler could have done several things to ensure that southwest Washington’s interests with respect to CRC and other cross-border issues were strengthened — but nothing but silence.

    Foregoing comments state that Ms. Beutler has had “open” townhall meetings … but I never heard about them. I received a message suggesting that I “ask for an invitation” to a “coffee klatch” meeting. I submitted my name and contact information (this was 3 or 4 years back — but no response).

    FWIW, once upon a time I made modest donations to select Republican candidates (and even worked as a volunteer in a campaign headquarters in my previous state). But ever since Speaker John Boenner appeared to have no balls, I quit making such donations. (I have not donated to Ms. Beutler’s campaigns.) My spouse tells me, if I don’t vote for Beutler, The Democrats might win the house and then impeach President Trump. So what if they do? So much the better. It will RUIN Democratic election possibilities for 2020 and beyond — just as it had very negative impact on the Republicans after the debacle of the Clinton Impeachment.


  9. We each have the privilege of voting however we like and owe no one justification for our vote.

    But again I have to say how interesting I find it that the left despises Jaime because “she votes lock-step with Trump.” But the far right despises her because”she doesn’t vote with Trump.”

    FWIW, I attended one of those ‘coffee klatches’ in Battle Ground and even spoke one on one with her after. It was well attended and actually much less raucous than the last actual townhall held at 40 et 8.

    But I think what amazes me the most is how much grief I caught from Republicans back in 2010 for opposing Jaime and retaining my support of Castillo throughout the primary, but today those same Republicans despise her.

    Maybe one day they’ll learn to listen more and review documents presented over falling in lock-step with the party hierarchy.


  10. Once upon a time, I voted a straight ticket (just as my Democratic politician father taught me). I was a registered Democrat until well into the 1990s, though I hadn’t voted for a Democrat for anything since the “leftists” took over the Democrats in the 1970s. I was raised with the sure knowledge that the Democrats were for the “little guy.” Then I got my first full time job and had an interesting conversation with a Union Thug (on my third day of employment) who informed me that I had to join his union or be fired. That’s when I started questioning the “lessons” I’d been taught as a child. (Sadly, on his deathbed, my father said, “Rembember, always vote Democratic” — even though the party he supported was NOTHING like the party it was when he had been active in politics in the 1940s and 1950s.)

    Eventually, my vote has tended to go for the candidates who appear to have the best grip on economics. (That rules out about 99.99% of the Democrats and probably close to 40% of the Republicans.) I also fell for the “trap” that I had to support a particular party to ensure they “controlled” the government. But all I’ve seen is a LOT of corruption on both sides of the aisle, along with a HUGE amount of hypocrisy from the left. (e.g. Unfounded accusation at the last moment about sexual improprieties from 38 years ago… vs. Representative Ellison remaining in office, etc.)

    The Republicans made many promises after “losing their way” during the Bush 43 administration. The voters gave them the house, but it was corruption as usual and no progress in doing anything effective about reigning in Obama. (Boehner scheduled votes on legislation to ‘milk’ donations from various “interests” rather than do anything truly productive for the people.)

    “Give us the Senate,” the R’s said. So the voters gave ’em the Senate, too. Still, nothing effective was done. Indeed, the idiots in charge, despite having experienced the roughshod tactics of the Dems, the R leadership “restored regular order” (which is easily manipulated to delay and deflect legislation).

    “Give us the presidency, too, they said.” So the voters gave ’em Trump (not the favorite choice, but probably the ONLY (nominal) Republican that could have been elected due to the Democrats incompetence). Still, Obamacare remains. Still, there is NO free market in healthcare (where the real cost savings and quality improvement can come from). Corruption as usual. Democrats announce and implement “resistance.” Republicans respond with what?? Anything?

    If McConnell had the balls, he’d have put out a schedule with the Senate in session 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks or recesses until the backlog of Trump appointments were approved. But NO. Business as usual. Corruption as usual. Screw the voters. Let the Obama bureaucrats stay in place to continue the resistance from the deep swamp.

    The Republicans, again, are reaping what they have sown. I’ve been cynical about politics (ever since I grew up and discovered that the Democratic Myths I’d been taught were all lies) … and now I’m reaching a point where I’ve heard this “most important election, ever” crap just a few too many times. Every election is important — and I haven’t failed to go to the polls (or mail in my ballot) for any election I was qualified to vote in from the time I turned 21 (when that was the voting age that applied). I doubt that in the future I will ever skip voting so long as I can read the ballot and mark my choices. While my leanings are for most things conservative (that is, I support free markets and free, independent, thinking citizens), I will not just blindly mark a name on the ballot just because it says that candidate “favors the Republican party.”

    As for Jaime Herrera-Buetler, her record speaks for itself. Southwest Washington is fairly conservative with the exception of a few precincts in the People’s Republic of Vancouver (and the useless local newspaper). There is no reason (other than the local incompetents running the Republican party) that we shouldn’t have some serious conservatives who could influence both the state legislature and make their mark in Congress. Herrera-Buetler is a back-bencher of no particular value to the people of Southwest Washington. She will remain in Congress as long as she wishes as it is near impossible to overturn an incumbent from the same party — the more likely route to a better quality Congressperson would be for the opposition party to take her seat away from her — for a term — then elect a superior candidate (who is more likely to enter the fray as an opposition candidate).


  11. For what it’s worth, I too haven’t voted straight party line in forever. And if you recall, it was Republicans giving me all of the grief beginning back in 2014. I don’t vote party, but for the individual if I feel they are the better candidate. In this case, Carolyn Long hasn’t shown herself better.

    My opposition to Long is not based on her being a Democrat, but her being a carpetbagger with absolutely no history of engagement in Southwest Washington until she decided (or was chosen by the party) to oppose JHB.

    That tells me that as we face many issues of Oregon desiring to “stick it to” Southwest Washington, we don’t need a representative favoring Oregon over Washington State.

    No argument from me over the spineless GOP, but I prefer not to jump from the frying pan into the fire by supporting a far right tyrannical faction that would hand everything to the socialists because their fellow far right candidates don’t appeal to the majority of voters.

    And while it may be true that JHB isn’t of any value to Southwest Washington, at least she isn’t of value and supporting whatever Oregon desires to impose on us while denying us a voice.


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