Carolyn Long, Which Way Is It?

by lewwaters

Video excerpt from the recent debate between incumbent 3rd Congressional District Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler and challenger, Democrat Carolyn Long, recently moved over to Washington after being an Oregon resident nearly all of her life.

Original video recorded by Full debate may seen by clicking here

Carolyn Long is quick to proclaim the party line of the economy can’t be that well off by stating people must work multiple jobs to show the unemployment is low. As a College professor of politics, surely she understands that unemployment is calculated not by how many jobs a person might have, or even how many jobs may or may not be available, but by how many workers may be collecting unemployment compensation.

But even more curious, she later flips and claims credit for how well the economy is goes to former president Obama.

But if she feels the low unemployment numbers are only shown because so many people have to work multiple jobs, wouldn’t that fall at Obama’s feet as well if it is so?

It can’t be both ways.

Elsewhere she has boasted of her efforts to bring civility to bear in our discourse. But, she has refused since last December to respond to an email question to her campaign concerning the excessive incivility from her own party directed continuously towards the current president. How do you promote civility while condoning such deep incivility?

Likewise, much of her campaign emails expend more at slinging mud towards the incumbent than promoting any qualifications she ought to have.

We shouldn’t be fooled by Carolyn Long. She is an expert at Progressive politics and is a deeply partisan Progressive willing to say anything in order to get you to vote for her.

Should she win you can bank on her vote to be straight party line to return the country to where it was prior to the 2010 election when Obama and the Democrats held complete sway over the country.

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