Carolyn Long’s Sleight of Hand

by lewwaters

Once again, Oregon’s Democrat Carolyn Long hoping to replace incumbent Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler as Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional District Representative, shows all why she just isn’t the right fit for us in the 3rd.

Now how slick is that? State how much you oppose tolling Southwest Washington commuters, but advocate placing all responsibility for deciding on tolling in the hands of the very unelected Bureaucrats strongly advocating tolling both I-5 and I-205.

No, Carolyn Long is just not the right fit for the 3rd Congressional District in Southwest Washington. She isn’t to be trusted.

2 Comments to “Carolyn Long’s Sleight of Hand”

  1. She’s a two faced double speaking Democrat!


  2. Okay let’s think through this 23 years she taught at Washington State University yet she never moved here in that. Of time year-and-a-half ago she decided to run for office here as a proponent of totaling the bridge and raising our taxes on federal as well as Social Security Now could it be that Ms.Long is a proponent of Kate Brown and the entire Salem Portland crowd mrs. Long please consider moving back to Salem and teaching poli-sci at U of O thank you


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