Yes, Truth and Integrity Matter

by lewwaters

Since she first announced vying for Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional District seat occupied currently by Herrera Beutler, the Lazy C and even the local Democrat party largely ignored other Democrats running, Democrats that actually have deep, established roots in Southwest Washington in favor of Long, who somehow seems to have had a swift and sudden revelation that she should abandon her husband and daughter to quickly move from Salem, Oregon to Clark County Washington just in the nick of time to qualify for residency status to run.

Just what this swift and sudden revelation was is never really said, other than Trump won in 2016. The only connection we are told she has to Southwest Washington is 22 years employment teaching at the Clark County campus of WSU, but until July 2017 scurrying back home every evening and weekend to Salem, Oregon.

Disconcerting is her efforts to imply many years of residency in Washington State, claiming she grew up on the “Northwest Coast” instead of the Oregon Coast she actually did grow up on as well as her canard to CVTV of “moving to Oregon” to go to college when she actually was already living in Oregon at the time.

The Lazy C has joined Democrats in downplaying her extensive lifelong ties to Oregon as do supporters who repeatedly grant her bona fides as “she taught at WSU for 22 years.”

She claims, “political polarization is why there is incivility in political discourse” but in most forums launches into her opponent with claims of how she tells “multiple lies.”

Long’s campaign emails, contrary to her claim of “people over politics” are straight party line, demeaning her opponent and at times, the current president.

Long claimed in the past that people should be “willing to listen to understand, not just respond. You should even try to question the position on which you stand.” But has she actually practiced any of that herself? No!

She has made many claims of her efforts to promote civility in politics, but openly despises the president, duly elected by voters and our constitution and in my impression, speaks down to audiences as if she were teaching young students, not speaking to adults concerned about issues.

Concerning civility, I emailed her campaign last December asking if she approves of the extreme incivility from her party directed towards Trump and Republicans in general. To date, I have received no answer.

And we must ask, is it “civil” or even combating political polarization to join with other Democrats unable to accept that in 2016, they lost the election and want above all to impeach the sitting president due solely to his winning?

She made no bones in a KGW TV Straight Talk interview on Aug 11, 2018 where she claimed, “then there was the election of Donald Trump and Congresses inability to check him, just sort of rubber stamping everything he does, I started thinking about how it’s more dire than I realized” that she run.

But, her aim also seems to be taking back the House with Democrats, possibly why she left her family for some time in Salem and moved into Clark County instead of seeking office in her native Oregon, there not being a Republican to oppose.

I ponder with that revelation whether Southwest Washington has any appeal to her at all or if the goal is solely to serve the party and Southwest Washington be damned, Oregon would be given one of our Congressional seats.

I’ve already shown how she plays on words with her sleight of hand trick on Oregon’s tolling both I-5 and I-205, where she claims to oppose the tolling, but prefers the decision be entirely left in the hands of the so-called professionals on commissions. She just doesn’t mention they are who are actually promoting and working towards tolling us, that little point not mattering since the money will end up with Oregon for projects away from those corridors.

We now see the Lazy C and other left leaning media fawning all over Long as if she were some sort of second coming instead of the partisan she actually is. None delve very deep into her Oregon history and stress time and again how she grew up in the Northwest and taught at WSU as her qualifications.

All oppose the president as well; still unable to accept he did in fact win.

Referring back to Long’s claims of how dire it is she run for office to oppose Trump, recall she says Congress just rubber stamps him. But if you hear any words from the far right factions of the Republican party, they too oppose Jaime claiming she does not vote with Trump.

Obviously, unlike Carolyn Long, Jaime Herrera Beutler actually is the very moderate we have long said we prefer and not the extreme partisan Democrat Carolyn Long that seems to desire a return to grid lock with nothing getting done other partisan barbs shot across the aisle at each other, even more so than is thrown now.

I made no bones in 2010 of opposing Herrera Beutler and still believe David Castillo would have been the better person in office. But he lost and Jaime won and is who we have representing us, not Oregon or California or any other area.

I remain unimpressed with Trump as well, but too can accept he did win and is legally entitled to govern and matters in the country are improving and getting better, unemployment being the lowest in many years, wages being up, taxes being fairer, etc.

Yes, the deficit and debt increase is concerning, but didn’t Obama and the Democrats continually add to our debt, Obama nearly doubling it in 8 years?

Where was Carolyn Long complaining about that? Like so many others, the debt and deficit didn’t matter until Republicans were the majority.

As readers know, in years past I was very involved in covering and promoting events in support of the Veterans Therapeutic Court and have been attending many Veteran events. I often saw Jaime Herrera Beutler present and supporting Veterans.

I never saw Carolyn Long at a single one!

In fact, no one has answered me yet on what involvement or participation has she ever exhibited in any rally, public event, campaign, commission or council meeting or anything in our community? I have never seen her at a single one in all of the years I have lived in Clark County.

But we’re supposed to believe that now; she is the “great white hope” for Southwest Washington?

I’m not buying it and have no doubt that should she lose the race, her move back to Salem, Oregon won’t make any news at all.

In my opinion, in spite of faults, Jaime Herrera Beutler remains the best bet and deserves to be reelected over Oregon’s Carolyn Long.

7 Comments to “Yes, Truth and Integrity Matter”

  1. Well, I know I won’t be voting for Carolyn Long …. but I’m still trying to figure out if I’ll vote for Jamie or if I should write in Paul Ryan (Jamie’s choice for President in 2016, so she said).

  2. You can write in Ryan if you wish, but that just decreases votes for her and does nothing to counter votes for Carolyn Long.

    Revenge voting recommended elsewhere just may give the seat to Oregon and prove what?

    To me, it amounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    But your choice and privilege to do s you wish.

  3. The minute I read about Long, I thought…”that one smells like stank from a skunk”. No, I’ll not be voting for her.

  4. First time I read about Long I thought,…”That one has the stank of a skunk about her”. No, I’ll not be voting for her.

  5. As a resident of Clark County, my review of Carolyn Long positions, and/or lack thereof, ( caught some of her comments when she was in Battle Ground ) regarding the issues which are of concern to Southwest Washington constituents made this an easy decision. Jamie Herrera Butler may not always vote with the republicans or democrats, instead, she votes the way which “we ( her constituents ) would want her to vote” on issues affecting us. Such a novel concept, actually representing what the people of your region want. She gets my vote.

  6. Lets all remember to VOTE !

  7. Since we’re having a little trouble with a neighbor blocking our mailbox, I decided not to mail our ballots this year but go back to taking them to the downtown ballot drop box.

    I got there about 11:45 this morning and was very surprised to see a line of cars also dropping off theirs.

    It appears there is going to be a very unusually large turnout this election.

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