Julie Olson was the Right Choice

by lewwaters

Julie Olson

What’s the measure of an effective elected official? My guess the answer will always depend on who is asked the question. But to me, an effective elected official is one that is responsive to citizens and our concerns whether large issues of relatively small ones.

In a December 17, 2018 Letter to the Editor in the Reflector, a certain mouthy alt-right writer declared, concerning the 2018 elections, “Our only hero is Eileen Quiring, who our citizens recently voted into office as our new chair” and “If the voters in District 2 had done their homework and voted for Elisabeth Veneman, Clark County citizens would have had two heroes…”

I have to admit I have never spoken with Veneman, but reading some of her comments and those of her alt-right supporters, I am left with the impression her responsiveness would lie towards those who agree with her political views more so than with actual citizen needs in the county.

Contrary to the letter writers claims, not every issue rises to the level of heroics or narrowly along taxes, tolling or transportation issues. But, there are issues of concerns that do have much effect on our lives even though they may appear miniscule in the overall scheme of things.

Such was the case with an issue I contacted Julie Olson and the rest of the County Council about On October 31 last year.

It was then my neighborhood was experiencing a problem with our community mailbox being blocked over several days, preventing us from receiving our mail since the mail carrier could not open the mailbox to deliver the mail.

There are 9 houses on my side of the street, all of us receiving our mail at this one mailbox that was being blocked by this inconsiderate person.

Contacting the Sheriff’s Department and Post Office proved futile as there was no law or ordinance against blocking mailboxes, even though common sense and consideration of fellow man should tell us it is not something we should do to our neighbors.

One neighbor actually confronted the driver about this and was essentially told where He could go. So I contacted the County Council and all three state legislators for the 49th legislative district.

I received replies from Jeanne Stewart, who was still on the council at the time, Eileen Quiring as well as Julie Olson, the County Councilor for district 2 where I live.

I also received a reply from state senator Annette Cleveland’s office that included the recommendation, “By any chance, could you possibly get a Post Office box to ensure delivery of your medicines? I realize though, that is an extra expense and an inconvenience, and you should not have to spend money because of inconsiderate neighbors,” (emphasis in original) since I also receive most of my medications for heart issues and diabetes from the V.A. through the mail.

Ms. Cleveland’s office also forwarded my concern on to Senator Patty Murray’s office that seemed to believe I was having an issue with the postal service instead of an inconsiderate neighbor and requesting me to complete and submit a privacy release form.

As indicated above, a relatively minor issue in the overall scheme of things, but an issue nonetheless that is worthy of addressing.

I was pleased to receive this morning, January 10, 2019 from Julie Olson,

“I want to let you know next Tuesday we will be considering a new county ordinance regarding parking in front of mailboxes. Attached is the draft language we will be considering. This is in response to the challenges you brought to our attention last year. Thank you. I hope this helps you and others with the same problems.”

In shortly over 2 months, throughout an election, changing of council positions and adding a new councilor while awaiting the nomination of another new councilor to complete the term of Eileen Quiring, who was elected chair in the last election, Julie followed through, had the issue researched and had a proposed ordinance written to be discussed in a January 15, 2019 hearing.

Responsiveness as this is why my wife and I have supported and voted for Julie Olson and contrary to claims by the mouthy alt-right letter writer above, we did do our homework in comparing Julie Olson’s works on the County Council to those of an unknown alt-right candidate and along with 75% of the voters in district 2, reelected Julie Olson to another term on the County Council.

This is the representation we seek in our officials and deserve.

And Julie Olson delivers.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 the new ordinance passed by unanimous vote of the County Council. Staff Report and Draft

One Comment to “Julie Olson was the Right Choice”

  1. Thoughts… As every new housing development I have seen has by design a community style mailbox, as well as older neighborhoods being upgraded with the same type of box, such an ordinance is necessary. Select a style of signage or stencil “No Parking” on each side of these types of mailboxes. The manufactures of these boxes could actually make this signage part of their build process.

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