Where is a Counter to the Lazy C?

by lewwaters

It is no secret that the overall majority of today’s media is solidly controlled and supportive of the left side of the political spectrum. Some, like our own daily “newspaper of record,” the Columbian make no effort to even hide it.

Tagged by this blog long ago as the “Lazy C” for their lack of objectivity and no interest in seeking out scandalous information on Democrat officials, they have long amounted to little more than a daily mouthpiece for the Democrat party, only promoting the positions of the Democrats daily in editorials, articles and syndicated columns, with rare lone exceptions.

John Laird, Lou Brancaccio, Greg Jayne, Stephanie Rice and so many others over the years blatantly put forth politically biased accounts lacking any objective intent and knowing they were essentially “the only game in town,” the much smaller Reflector primarily focusing on North County news and the larger Oregonian to the South also biased to the left.

Left with no other recourse, citizens took it upon themselves to report counter views in several blogs. Blogs like ‘Clark Blog.’ ‘The Governed,’ ‘Reality Clark County,’ ‘Pacific Northwest Patriots’ and a few others to include two by this author, Clark County Conservative and Right in a Left World came online presenting views not covered by the Lazy C and other left leaning media and to counter editorials steeped in disinformation or dripping with Progressive sarcasm.

Although small in readership initially, some grew steadily over time drawing the ire of media like the Lazy C. That ire was clearly seen an October 19, 2008 Front Page article, “Blogging Clark County – Cyber voices are helping shape local political debate” where citizen blogging efforts were described as “…often angry, sometimes humorous, occasionally insightful and, periodically, inaccurate.”

Blogs got the attention of the media and editors began worrying as their subscription rates were falling. Several times I heard of Editorial board meetings at the Lazy C discussing how local blogs were hurting their profits. Some blogs ran afoul of the media with copyright violations, some fading away

It was claimed that we who blogged weren’t actually “journalists” and therefore should not enjoy the “freedom of the press” as expressed in the first amendment, media claiming we shouldn’t be read or our words heeded.

But the courts laid that notion to rest ruling in Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox, “even though someone might not write for the ‘institutional press,’ they’re entitled to all the protections the Constitution grants journalists.”

Blogging established roots that took hold locally, inspiring the Lazy C, unable to defeat us with trying to counter us with their own blogs and trying to discredit us as was tried in an April 30, 2012 ‘All Politics is Local’ post. Of interest, while another blogger did indeed make public claims about the candidates Military Service, this blog did not, preferring to contact the candidate privately in email, Veteran to Veteran.

Of note, the Lazy C’s Stephanie Rice posted her blog post, having made no effort at all to contact me or the other blogger first. The very thing they like to discredit blogs for allegedly doing, assigning political motive where there was none and enticing then Editor Lou Brancaccio to chime in with, “Anyone who has been around politics for very long likely understands the drill. It is what it is I guess.”

Yes, the “drill” was clearly to stifle and discredit voices contrary to the Lazy C’s positions.

Their efforts did not succeed and this blog, for one, thrived as people unhappy with positions taken by the “newspaper of record” increasingly turned away from them and sought out alternative views supplied by bloggers.

Sadly, many of the blogs faded away as writers discovered to be relevant required much time and research and for whatever reason, stopped writing, I’m sure many just wanting to simplify their lives, especially after the defeat of the massive boondoggle Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

This blog continued on covering issues and presenting views not always seen by the Lazy C, mostly supportive of Republicans, even though I am not in the party, having walked away from it years ago over shady underhanded dealings against candidates.

I enjoyed taping events no one else was capturing, like a Sheriff’s candidate debate, a Charter forum, even a Transportation Hearing Committee and nearly all public comments, once even invited by OPB to do a live twitter feed of a proposed Republican Party Presidential Primary debate they tried to hold that didn’t materialize. All were made available to the public through the blog at no charge.

But all of that was to change as a more radical element, an element this blog warned of many times over the years seized control of the local Republican Party and took umbrage to this blog shining light on their shady, underhanded power grab to maintain control of the party. An element I labeled “the Taliban Wing” of the party for their efforts to destroy voices not of their liking, even believing they had it within their power to “control” this blogs content by smears and ridicule. They often spoke of “controlling” or “containing” those that do not pass what this blog labels, “their purity tests.”

Contain RINO's


Over time it took its toll and blogging lost the appeal and satisfaction it once held. Posts became few as the attitude became letting them carry their own water, since they had opened their own blogs they deemed to be so much better.

This blog stepped back, essentially signaling it was all theirs. But oddly enough, they stopped completely for some reason.

I once thought perhaps they were encouraged to stop as wealthy former County Councilor David Madore financed Clark County Today was set to take the baton and promote views contrary to the Lazy C. But, in spite of a couple editorials and contributed op eds opposing things not yet on the table, but that most likely will be in the near future with the rebirth of efforts to replace the Interstate Bridge, political views remain largely absent, more focus on High School sports and community news.

In the meantime, the Lazy C rambles on week after week and moving farther and farther left, promoting additional gun prohibition laws, supporting increasing taxes on the working class to combat the climate and other Progressive socialist policies unabated while Craig Brown treats us to weekly editorials that try to shame the public into purchasing their paper in print or online as apparently, their subscriptions continue to fall.

However, nobody that I have seen is taking them to task over their media bias and narrow views, other than some facebook comments that are seen by few people in the county.

Where this and other blogs once held their feet to the fire by providing a different view, countering their call for Progressive policies, I see none doing so today.

I’d like to say this blog will soon resume doing so, but can’t find it in myself to provide support for a party that claims they have the right to “contain “ or “control” others, all the while expressing they are the “true Liberty Candidates.”

Can one truly be for “Liberty” while striving to silence or control dissent and contrary views?

The pleasure and satisfaction I once felt in speaking out to my fellow citizens and providing a differing view, pointing out the fallacy present in many Progressive policies is no longer felt. My desire to speak up against the left is no longer present as I cannot in good faith provide anything that can be construed as supportive of the fringe far right segment of the Republican Party.

Early on in my blogging days I often declared that Liberal / Progressives could never defeat me and they never did, in spite of efforts over the years.

No, it took the fringe, far right to cause this blog to say the hell with it all and lose the desire to blog.

I guess in their minds they succeeded in both “controlling” and “containing” me. I have little doubt they will proclaim this post as a “pity party.” Let them, but make no mistake, I could care less about their farcical rants.

However the question remains, who is their now countering the far left? Who is taking on the Progressive growth in Clark County?

Where is there a counter to the Lazy C?

2 Responses to “Where is a Counter to the Lazy C?”

  1. Lew, who cares what the nutters on the far left or far right think? You’ve provided a valuable service over the years as a reasonable, thoughtful counter to the local newspaper’s increasingly leftist tilt. I stopped subscribing to the Columbian several years ago due to the woeful lack of editorial balance. Today I mainly read The Hill and South China Morning Post for news. Not much left in the country to rely on.


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