Come out of her, so that you will not share in her sins

by lewwaters

Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;” Revelation 18:4

I’m not one to push religion on others, believing we each are free to choose or reject religious views as we please. But, given the recent actions seen within the Clark County Republican Party in Washington State, a non-Biblical application of the quoted scripture quickly came to mind.

That being, True Republicans should abandon the local party before they are drawn into the dictatorial radical actions being displayed by those now in control the party. The Republican Party, the Reagan “Big Tent” party of yesterday that drew so many admirers is dead to these radicals whose ethics are as situational as any I have ever seen.

The ends justify the means!

From 2014 to 2016 these far right radical Libertarians that had earlier infiltrated the party in order “to save the party” had control of the leadership positions. During that time, they openly opposed incumbent Republican officials, declined to support others, displayed a rabid case of sour grapes by declaring candidate that made into the general as “not a Republican” after defeating one of their radical members in the County Council race in 2016 and amassed many thousands of dollars in fines for unethical and misreporting of finances to the Public Disclosure Commission.

Then, once each and every Republican they opposed won their elections in 2016, the same party leaders opposing them listed them all as evidence of the great work the party was doing in electing Republicans.

Hypocrites much?

Also in late 2016 the radical Libertarians lost control of the party when a new chair and some new officers were elected. Seeing that this new chair’s intent was to unify Republicans with diverse views set off a two year slate of smears, attacks, efforts to unseat and recall and undermine party leadership by the radical wing that succeeded in retaking control in the 2018 leadership elections.

Almost immediately the same old efforts of purging any not 100% in lock-step with the radical views began as all problems were laid at the feet of the previous chair, none laid at the feet of the chair that initially caused the financial problems and fines.

Eight months in to the latest leaderships rein, an effort was made to recall him and return the party to more of “Big Tent” of Reagan’s era that was thwarted by some of the most unethical means I have seen.

It was alleged in a facebook post;

1. The chair (subject of the recall) refused to recuse himself from a meeting regarding his own recall, even though a third neutral party was available.
2. The chair recognized a motion to adjourn before a quorum was established, which was rejected by the PCOs and failed.
3. The chair recognized a motion to seat brand new PCOs which he had just appointed AFTER the call to meeting was sent out, which the members of the CCRCC reject and it failed.
4. The chair said he did not need to recognize the vote members of the members of the CCRCC and instructed his newly appointed PCOs to vote anyway.
5. He then recognized another motion to adjourn, which narrowly passed with his newly appointed votes.

The allegations were never mentioned nor discussed since the one subject to the recall managed to adjourn the meeting before they could even get to them.

Of course, the radicals crowed how they had won in their typical “us vs. them” mentality, one even suggesting this chair should be granted “power to excommunicate,” as if he were some sort of High Priest or religious figure.

There is even an effort mentioned of obtaining the names of all who signed the recall petition, sounding to this blogger like another effort to seek retribution or “strongly discuss” with those people their desire to oppose this current regime.

One member commented directly to me, “God forbid anyone (the bots) be tolerated against the establishment,” whining about how they should be “tolerated” by those they declare “establishment,” any not 100% in lock-step with them.

I responded, “Given the outright opposition and efforts to unseat the previous chair, y’all are the last ones to speak of tolerance. You should learn to give it before expecting it” indicating their years long intolerance to others and efforts at undermining them.

It drew a cynical “LOL.”

Another stated concerning the petition, “The people processing this action are known pathological liars driven only by their desire to be noticed and other angles they have with the Republican establishment (that holds its nose as they let these awful people do the establishment’s bidding).”

Concerning the state party’s verification by request of petition signers drew, “Time for a motion to investigate and prosecute.”

Of the CCGOP Secretary presenting the petition, it was said that he is a “Scurrilous lying traitor to the party and its great platform.”

Unity to this group, in their eyes, is only to be achieved when all sit down, shut up and do exactly as the radicals demand.

Questioning apparently should result in your being “excommunicated” as if in a cult of some sort.

I am left with little doubt that next year’s elections, that will come prior to any reelection of party officers, will once again see the Clark County Republican Party oppose and try to unseat elected Republicans that have shown a willingness to work across the aisle when possible or needed.

To date, though, those they promote in the primary election to unseat the incumbents fare poorly with voters.

Will they again decline to support established incumbents in the general election against a Democrat?

I won’t be a bit surprised.

But you, the voter can easily get around these radicals. As mentioned in the beginning, “come out of her,” meaning the Clark County Republican Party.

Do not under any circumstance, donate funds to the party. If you wish to support any candidate, donate directly to them. Support them directly, not through this defective party.

Why give donations to a Republican Party whose members have repeatedly stated, “it’s better to elect ‘Real Democrats’ over ‘fake Republicans,” any they deem not pure enough according to their radical, far right views.

I urge you all to “come out of her” and deny the radical far right wing any power as they continue to destroy a once proud and effective party.

Don’t waste your money by donating to them as they just may use your donation to oust true Republicans in a banal effort to install more of their radical far right candidate’s voters have continually rejected and we end up with even more Democrats in office.

Come out of her, my friends. Work together independently of this radical group in control of the CCGOP and elect True Republicans and conservatives, not the bait and switch offered by the radical far right Libertarians now controlling the Clark County Republican Party.

NOTE: These radical, far right Libertarians currently infesting the CCGOP should not be confused with mainstream Libertarians

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