Jaime Herrera Beutler “House’s impeachment inquiry is indeed secret”

by lewwaters

What kind of “inquiry” holds so many secret proceedings and denies our other elected officials access to any of the testimony?

I’m not a big fan of Trump, but these secretive actions by Democrats must not be allowed to stand.

8 Comments to “Jaime Herrera Beutler “House’s impeachment inquiry is indeed secret””

  1. This is sooo wrong. The Democrats would roast the Republicans if they ever did this.

  2. I am so sick and tired of our supposedly conservative representative JHB siding with Rinos and Liberals I could puke. I’m going to vote for a Democrat this fall just to get her the hell out of office. Maybe in a few cycles we could get a real republican in office to represent us and side with the Right rather than the left. I am so damn disappointed in her!!

  3. Wait and see how tired you get of Carolyn Long and her strong support of removing Trump from office and taxing the crap out of all of you.

    I opposed Herrera Beutler back in 2010 for a strong conservative that was undermined by many of you “real” Republicans in favor of JHB and accused of “hate speech” by some of you. Funny that now, y’all can’t see beyond the end of your noses.

    Good luck finding Mr or Miss Perfect.

  4. Dear Representative, I hope you will be a big fan of Trump because he represents Republican values in spite of withering beltway lame stream media. He’s built the economy, cleaned up our trade practices, built the wall, tried repeatedly to clean up illegal aliens infiltrating our country, and he’s cleaning out the swamp deep state. I’m disappointed you’re not strongly supporting him. Was Hillary for president more to your liking?

  5. Oh how strong the JHBDS is among you “Real Republicans” who refused to listen or even consider her record back in 2010 and instead attacked and smeared the ones trying to warn y’all.

    But, y’all got what you were led to vote for and now cry foul by those “Real Republicans” that to this blogger appear more like closeted Democrats working hard to see Carolyn Long in office.

    As for the JHBDS, yes I said it, look at how y’all can’t comment on what she did here in support of what Trump called for.

    So keep looking for Mr. or Miss Perfect that doesn’t exist. Just don’t come crying when a Democrat like Carolyn Long wins.

  6. She has stated several times that she supports the President. She has even said that she fully intends to vote for his reelection in 2020.
    She went public on this in the newspaper.

  7. I think the Democrat plan is to keep this going until the fall of 2020. They realize they can’t win the White House, but are hoping to regain the Senate. If they do that they will vote to impeach just before the new Congress is sworn in and let the new Senate majority take it from there (although they would still need 2/3 – which would still be a long-shot).
    I believe that their strategy is going to backfire. They won’t only fail to capture the White House, they will fail to win the Senate and most likely lose the House.

    I’m glad to see Jaime say something about the issue – even if it is a bit weak. I realize she’s never been a strong supporter of the President, but at least she isn’t a rabid anti-Trumper like most of the Democrats…and a few Republican nitwits like Romney and Murkowski.

  8. I agree… this is a smoke screen for gaining seats in the Senate.

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