Democrat Asks to Campaign Inside Clark County Republican Party – Updated

by lewwaters

Peter Khalil facebook image

I don’t know whether to classify this one as a massive pair or of left leaning, Bernie Sanders supported candidate, Peter Khalil, hoping to replace incumbent 3rd Congressional District Republican, Jaime Herrera Beutler seeing the years of ongoing in-fighting and discord in the CCGOP as a possible inroad to gaining Republican votes.

Yes, I was somewhat surprised to see Khalil post an open letter on facebook to both the Clark County Republican Party and chair Earl Bowerman requesting he be allowed to speak before the next meeting and to “introduce himself as a candidate for Congress from the 3rd District of Washington.”

It has to be stated that the Clark County Republican Party itself in past elections chose not to back JHB, save for the 2018 election when a more moderate faction held leadership of the party. The more fringe, far right factions that have held leadership of the county party cite JHB not fully backing issues they deem mandatory while many within the Democrat Party oppose JHB claiming she is “in lock-step” with the far right.

Letter Text;

“Today, I reached out:

Dear Clark County Republican Party and Mr. Earl Bowerman,

I am writing to you with humility and respect to request that I be allowed to introduce myself at your next meeting as a candidate for Congress from the 3rd District of Washington. Although I am running officially as a Democrat, I think we live in times where we must look past party affiliation and consider that we are neighbors – neighbors who share the same problems: mounting medical debt, a lack of access to information technology in our rural areas, a lack of jobs, crumbling infrastructure.

I am humbly asking that I be given an opportunity to introduce myself and discuss my candidacy at your next meeting on December 7. It is fitting that that day is Pearl Harbor Day, an anniversary of another time our country came together under difficult circumstances.

I can assure you that I will not attack or otherwise speak negatively about our incumbent Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler. She has served this country for almost a decade and I believe she deserves the respect her office commands. I seek only to be heard and to make my own case for why I should be our next U.S. Representative.

I look forward to your timely reply.

Very truly yours,

Peter Khalil”

I find it very interesting that Khalil requests the meeting on December 7 as he wrote, “It is fitting that that day is Pearl Harbor Day, an anniversary of another time our country came together under difficult circumstances.”

I fail to see any intent of the country, or even the county for that matter “coming together” as we remain deeply divided as the Democrat Party continues to push for impeachment of the sitting Republican President while others that lean left seem to believe they have a right to assault supporters of the President in public, both verbally and at times, physically.

I also find it remarkable he would make such a request as from what I have observed, his stand on issues are opposite of what Republicans state they stand for, Bernie Sanders Socialism appearing to be where Khalil mostly aligns.

Pretty amazing too is seeing some comments from his supporters;

“LOVE this! Our country, our state, our county, our city need this desperately.”

“A great step in reaching across aisles to work together (we need way more of this) is to literally reach out! Thank you!”

THAT is what I want to see from Democrats representing me!”

Try as hard as I can, I fail to remember any invites from the Clark County Democrat Party extended to any Republican candidate in the past to introduce themselves at a party meeting, given the claim of Democrats now saying they love this and want to see more and such.

Then too, if “reaching across the aisle” is what Democrats desire, why do they not practice it in the legislature or efforts to undo the 2016 Presidential election?

Outspoken Republican activist and former candidate Carolyn Crain comments;

“This is supposed to be the Clark County Republican Party. If Earl responds to allow his introduction of his convictions to the pcos it will be war.”

Given the amount and years of in-fighting seen in the Clark County Republican Party, the war has been waging for many years now.

I’ve yet to see any reply from Bowerman and strangely, no mentions on social media in the far left’s public pages of the request being made.

It is unknown if the CCGOP will entertain this request. I’d like to say of course they wouldn’t, but the party is unpredictable and given the many comments in years past of, “you’re better off electing a Real Democrat over those the far right deems RINO,” those that fall right of center, Khalil quite possibly could gain their spiteful votes since they too despise JHB for her centrist stands.

Khalil, Eye on 3rd

Yes, strange and interesting times we live in.

Update: Comments being made from both sides range from supportive to opposing the effort.

On the right we read from some;

“This is not a wise idea.” Answered by “Are we afraid of differing ideas?”

A former party chair chimes in with, “This liberal Democrat is looking to take advantage of the very public division in the Party,” and “We have enough of our own foxes in the hen house without inviting theirs in.”

Another commenter says, “I think we should let him talk. People can decide how they want.”

Another former chair states, “I can’t think of a single reason to spend our time having a Democrat address our PCOs.”

Comments being made from the left;

“ ‘I promise not to say anything mean about JHB’ is not the message a democratic candidate should be sending, in my opinion.”

“[M]y question isn’t is he progressive or not, its why pander to republicans as if you are centrist if you really are not.”

“And here I thought ‘compromise is a sign of weakness/failure’ was reserved for the far right.”

“I like the idea that he is trying to represent the people in his district whether they are blue, red or whatever color you want to stick on that group.”

6 Comments to “Democrat Asks to Campaign Inside Clark County Republican Party – Updated”

  1. So while the Ron Paul Libertarians literally infiltrated our local Clark County Republican Party and consequently have caused years of disagreement inside the party it has never been “war” in my opinion.
    We have had Democrats like Sarah Fox come in and pose as conservative in her non Partisan race for the city council. This year she proved which side of the aisle she is on both in her statements and those who endorsed her. Sometimes it takes time to see who people are.
    In the case of Partisan offices there is no call for a political candidate for the opposition party to ever be entertained to split and further divide the county party.
    Our BYLAWS forbid it.
    Our pcos who aren’t the “Libertarians” inside the party will not tolerate it.
    This will not just mean that we attempt to recall the chair or have public issues over the seriously bad choices of the executive board. It will mean that the masses inside the county who identify as Republican will quite likely rally to demand the removal of the entire board.
    That is what I call war.
    If this socialist liberal Democrat candidate wants supporters for compromise in the 3rd Congressional seat I recommend that he figure out how to get his ars elected by people who think that he can represent someone over the age of 30 and then reach out to the Republicans in Congress and locally to personally compromise to us and our ideology.

  2. I tried to make a comment but it kept bouncing back at me. Did it come through?Carolyn Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  3. Americans have integrity. This Muslim fella is using his slippery Anti-American taqquia ethics to weasel his way to the Republican side and eventually make Washington a one party state like California.

    If you haven’t figured out that foreigners are here to turn the US into a 3rd world hell hole, there is no helping you.

    American is a heritage/ethnicity. It’s not a piece of paper, belief system or the dirt someone was born on.

  4. While I am not a supporter of Khalil, I have to note that he was raised by Egyptian immigrants that were Coptic Christians.

    I do not support him due to his far left Progressive views, which I do believe are far from compatible with Islam.

    I have seen no response to his request to the CCGOP and assume it has been ignored, as it should be. If any Republicans desire to hear him speak they can always attend his rallies. But I fail to see where there would be middle ground between his Progressive values and the Clark County Republicans, even though both dislike the current Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler.

    Khalil will soon discover his biggest concern is going to be the Washington State Democrats who have invested much in getting Carolyn Long into the office and end the last Republican district on the West Coast. WaPo: With the exception of 38 miles in Washington, the entire continental West Coast is now blue

  5. Mr. Khalis obvious attempt to mislead the public by presenting himself as a moderate democrat and making such a request will fail him. Just as with Carolyn Long, he too will be exposed by his future statements and answers regarding his true agenda, if asked the hard questions by a professional unbiased journalist. I do not believe the people in the 3rd district want a socialist representative, which will result in higher taxes, increased cost of living, unsafe communities, and/or further & consistent attempts to infringe or eliminate our constitutional rights.

  6. No way do the US Citizens of southwest Washington want an extreme liberal in Congress. The 3rd Congressional district has been one that flipped parties in the past but never been one to vote for extremists on either side of the aisle.
    The last time it flipped was because Brian Baird knew that his vote for Obamacare was the end of his political career. He cast his vote and announced his intention to resign from Congress (aka not run again) within a few days.
    Jaime Herrera Beutler doesn’t do anything that extreme. She votes fairly conservative and along party lines most of the time. The Democrats don’t like her for it but really they don’t have much to bitch about or they would complain about something other than the “no town halls” complaint. Republican party (aka locally controlled right wing extremists) don’t think that they like her because she doesn’t burn down bridges and carry torches to work.
    I like her even though I have disagreed with her on 2 important votes. For nearly 10 years she has been a good representative of my opinion over all.
    I appreciate that she unlike the Democrats in our local government will attempt to represent all the people to the best of her ability in spite of our great divide.

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