Local Newspapers Don’t Matter to me

by lewwaters

For many months now, the editor of our local newspaper, the Columbian, aka the Lazy C has treated us nearly every Saturday to some editorial on how the paper is structured, assembled, operates and generally how much we need and depend on them.

To this blogger it has been an oversell and reinforced today in Lazy C opinion page editor’s latest screed Local newspaper matters to you

Jayne struggles his best to impress on the reader as to just why the local paper matters, which got me thinking. I no longer fish, so I don’t need it to wrap up my fish caught. I don’t have a bird in a cage, so no need to buy and have paper on hand to line the bottom of the cage.

Okay, that’s a bit snarky, but seriously, does the local newspaper matter to any of us? More than anything I’d love to answer ‘yes,’ but looking back over the years I was politically active, I can only answer a resounding ‘NO!’

And by that I mean, why would I spend my hard earned money to purchase a newspaper that on a near daily basis tells me how stupid I am, how wrong I am or how I need to get my stuff together and be more like them?

Even though just a local source, the Lazy C is well known for its left-leaning bias, evidenced numerous times right here on this blog and elsewhere as maximum effort and ink was expended to expose or “report” on scandalous allegations against Republicans while poo pooing similar scandalous allegations against a Democrat, excused by former editor Lou Brancaccio as “no paper trail.”

For several years before Jayne took over the opinion page, we had John Laird who likewise treated us to weekly tirades against conservative views and values with snark, ridicule and much name-calling, such as labeling many in the county “The Hounds of Whinerville” for not blindly adopting the papers stance on the failed Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

Many times in comments made under articles or editorials, I and many others let it be known we would not pay good money to purchase the paper just to be told daily what losers we were as we complained about the heavy bias. Our comments fell on deaf ears and were cast side by the likes of Brancaccio as he claimed they were even handed, evidenced by their past endorsements of a couple Republican candidates.

It’s understandable to see bias in editorials since they are opinions. But where is the balance in opinion in the paper? One column a month by right leaning Ann Donnelly or the occasional op-ed by Don Brunell stacked against so many left leaning editorials promoting left-leaning projects and views is far from “Balanced” in my opinion.

Not wanting to sound conspiratorial, but I can’t help believing this imbalance is by design and today’s editorial makes me believe it even more as Jayne, after quoting a study on the decline of Journalism and “the loss of local news, citizens are: less likely to vote, less politically informed, and less likely to run for office,” writes, ”The result is a society in which ‘alternative facts’ are allowed to fester.” (emphasis added)

Another way of stating that would be the result is a society in which people think for themselves.”

In simpler terms, you must adhere to what you are told by the state, in this case, the newspaper solidly controlled by the left.

In my opinion, there are no “alternative facts,” but there are varying viewpoints and values in a free society.

In a tyrannical society there is only one thought, the state approved thought permitted as people are browbeat or indoctrinated to act and do as rulers demand.

Once was the time I thought the media was there to inform and we were free to form our own opinions.

If that was ever true, it is no longer so as even in day to day articles we are essentially told what to think and what we must do, be it higher taxes, support of an unpopular river crossing project or even to impeach the sitting president because they are unable to accept who they wanted was rejected by our electoral system and another was elected.

Locally this was displayed by Lou Brancaccio over the four years of businessman David Madore term on our county council as even the paper that had long opposed approving a charter to turn the three person commission into a five person council suddenly switched gears and heavily promoted the change.

As well as nearly 50% of the Brancaccio editorials were negative during that same time period towards both Madore and fellow conservative Tom Mielke.

There was also over twenty years of negativity directed at former 17th Legislative District Senator Don Benton, once endorsing an opponent they stated was inferior simply because “he isn’t Benton.”

Should I really be expected to lay out good money and be subjected to such efforts indoctrination and see my heartfelt values smeared, ridiculed and blasted?

Does a local newspaper really matter if what is what is in it?

With the advent of social media there are several viewpoints and opinions expressed on matters and we do need to be diligent in ascertaining which are nonsense and which are factual. It usually doesn’t take much to search around and find whether or not such social media accounts are legitimate or a farce.

But when it comes to local newspapers, what alternative is there?

Where can we turn to escape the bias openly promoted by the Columbian?

Sorry Greg, but y’all only have yourselves to blame for your current plight.

See also: ‘It’s not the responsibility of the general public to feel obligated, or shamed into, supporting a privately owned, for-profit business’

You can only blame those “hedge fund conglomerates” so much when it is you that refuses to give potential subscribers what they seek instead of what you demand they accept.

3 Comments to “Local Newspapers Don’t Matter to me”

  1. We only read it for the Obits any more. Not worth the money for the progressive Socialist drivil…..Just same old crap we hear on main stream media. Goodbye Columbian. You won’t be missed….


  2. We moved to Southwest WA in 2012 … but back in 2001, I noticed “Bush derangement syndrome” emanating from various newspapers and “news” magazines we subscribed to. (I used to be an avid reader of such materials.) What I also noticed was around the same time, the families that ran various media companies, needing to pay estate taxes and/or having children who did not wish to continue in the journalism business, were selling out to large media conglomerates. Soon after, the “new management” tended to always have a leftish tilt. So that was the year that I cancelled my subscriptions to each publication that exhibited “Bush derangement syndrome.” Even Smithsonian magazine published an article (about fish in the south pacific, as I recall) that dropped in a dig at Bush43 in an article that had nothing whatsoever about politics. (Crossed another one off my list of renewals.)

    When we arrived here to look for a new home, (in our RV) we noticed a copy of the Columbian in the “lounge” at the RV park… it only took about 2 pages to see that I would never, ever willingly subscribe to that newspaper. (Not even to line a bird cage.) I have very few subscriptions these days — mostly to keep up with my investments (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.) For local news, I have The Recorder. It’s tolerable, most of the time. More importantly, it’s only once a week and it’s free (in my area).


  3. I’ve read your entry about ‘local newspapers’. Though it’s hard to believe, some ‘local newspapers’ are just advertising newspapers that depend on advertising to exist. Some of them could care less about real journalism or actual news stories. We, as consumers, need to observe, read the whole newspaper and note whether it is a real newspaper or whether it is an advertising paper disguised as a newspaper. Most newspapers that are run ‘by’ their advertising are run by the stores and the customers that pay the money . In other words, there’s nothing ‘new’ or real to advertising ‘newspapers’. Good article. I’m going to read more here. .


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