A Note to Clark County Republicans

by lewwaters

Just a note for those Republicans calling for Republicans to vote Democrat or abstain voting at all (thereby enabling another Democrat to be elected), for you that are upset and believing Jaime Herrera Beutler does not vote how you desire often enough, think of how often Carolyn Long will vote your way as a Democrat firmly entrenched in the 3rd Congressional District representative seat and opposed to every issue you support.

In the case of state legislators, again consider how Democrats, already in a comfortable majority will run over you with tax increase, LGBT Education, Gun Control and bans with even fewer Republicans to try and counter their moves.

If you think it will be a “cake walk” to retake any seat you give up to Democrats now, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. A district may very well be “conservative” now, but give it up to the Democrats to prove some point only switches that district to Liberal.

Really! What in the hell are you people thinking?

Cutting off your nose to spite your face has never been an effective political strategy.

It is a pure canard to claim all of those incumbents you hate now always vote with Democrats. But how do you expect the few you do support to oppose and fight Democrats by increasing the Democrats majority in the legislature?

Are you each so power mad that you are prepared to take a scorched earth policy and destroy everything in your path over what comes across as more of a personal grudge by a couple people?

Since many of you weren’t involved back in 2010, this blog that you have been taught to despise by the hotheads was very vocal that JHB was not ready for the task of 3rd Congressional District Representative and was shot down at every step by those today complaining the loudest about Herrera Beutler.

You didn’t listen then!

But she is who we ended up with and stands heads above the likes of Democrat Carolyn Long that will not support a thing Republicans say they stand for. You can bank on Long being a vote for impeachment should Democrats retain control of the House and initiate ‘Impeach Trump’ part deux in the likely event Trump is reelected.

And yes, I too don’t always agree with how some legislators vote, but I’m not prepared to chuck it all out and give the Progressive left even more ability to take our guns away, impose an income tax on us, force children to be indoctrinated on LGBTQ issues or have the climate change religion imposed.

But, let’s face it. There is no one alive that will always vote 100% of the time as each and every individual in their district, even in a party desires they do. That is just not realistic. In fact, I pity when Vicki Kraft, seemingly the sole incumbent legislator the hotheads of Clark County support votes for something she sees as beneficial and they don’t.

If you don’t care for an elected incumbent, find a better qualified candidate and primary them. If your candidate loses, put on your big boy pants and accept it.

But don’t burn the house down!

Is this what they mean now by “Real Republicans?” People coming to your party hellbent on destroying it because they don’t get their way all of the time?

People that so readily label Independents as me as “RINO” and allow no dissension within the party from their far right agenda?

Where is the chair and executive board of your party as PCO’s and others openly call for voting for Democrats over Republicans on the Party facebook page? Why are they remaining silent as sedition is sowed within your party?

I see these people calling on Republican legislators to come out of the Democrat closet. But remain silent over their friends calling on people to vote for Democrats or abstain from voting at all!

We all witnessed how past party leadership openly opposed a Republican candidate in 2016, after violating their own party by-laws of stating a position in a contested primary. We saw how incumbents were not supported, one missing being opposed by one vote.

Then we saw how the same past leadership counted every single one they declined to support or outright opposed as a win for the party when each won their race, attempting to show they were effective leaders.

They were not!

Washington State has been under tight control of Democrats for decades now. They have held the Governor’s office, State Legislature, even the State High Court for decades as their policies have increased taxes, made it harder for innocents to exercise self defense when needed, we’ve seen unheralded increases in homelessness and rents rising faster than wages and their solution is always to increases taxes more.

That will never get reversed by increasing the number of Democrats in office.

See also “Reviewing the civil conflicts in Washington State’s two parties” at Washington State Wire

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Isn’t a party official complaining that an incumbent does not follow the Republican Party platform and because of that encourages Republicans to vote for a Democrat; also not following the Republican Party platform themselves? 

4 Comments to “A Note to Clark County Republicans”

  1. You are so right Lew. I have posts from Mark Engleman and others who are telling people that they will WORK FOR THE DEMOCRATS candidate before they accept the incumbent candidate.
    These people are PCOS and they call us RINO.
    I saw a post from Debbie Peterson calling for voting Democrat to flip the seat. I just got forwarded a post from a board member who erroneously accused us of running 30 candidates against the pcos who are in his camp even claiming that we spent 60,000 dollars in getting the “good Republican pcos” defeated. Course he also says that he doesn’t lie. Lol
    This group needs to stop being hellbent on destroying the Republican party in Clark County and start acting like they are part of the larger team that it takes to win elections.


  2. It sounds to me that the people representing themselves as Republican must be lying. Why would they induce the Clark County Republican Party to commit political suicide otherwise? I’m not a registered Republican and have no wish to be one either in view of the clowns currently running the CCGOP. I cannot understand how anyone who says they’re Republicans can tell anyone to vote Democrat. Those people are a DNC dream come true.


  3. Anyone who actually believes that electing a democrat to any office in the state of Washington will improve our state needs to take a good look at what is occurring in Seattle, Portland, and other sanctuary cities. The actions being taken by democrats is not only reducing law enforcement’s ability to keep Washington state citizens safe and healthy, it is allowing crime to increase and go unpunished, and at the same time attempting to reduce our constitutional rights.
    The beloved Scoop Jackson is rolling over in his grave at what the democrats have become. Jamie Herra Butler is hands down the best choice to represent the 3rd district, regardless of what the CCGOP may think, maybe they should check with the president about jeopardizing a seat in the house of representatives. I would also suggest the voters of the 3rd district consider what the landscape will look like 5 years from now if they elect a democratic candidate.


  4. Food for thought CCGOP. Is someone building a house?
    Personally donated the following amounts and may not included monies from his Independence Pak.
    Two groups Bloomberg largely funds. $38 million-Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund in 2017. In 2018, Bloomberg invested $112 million on 24 political candidates who supported gun control measures and won 21 of those races.
    • Carolyn Long, D-Wash.: $1.3 million for the 2018 race against JHB.
    • Kim Schrier, D-Wash.: $3 million – Schrier won.
    Wonder how much he has donated to Long on the upcoming 3rd district race, and to infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights this year.


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