Carolyn Long, Ill-Equipped, Un-Prepared, Un-Qualified

by lewwaters

Democrat Carolyn Long is once again hoping to unseat Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler and become the Representative for Washington’s Third Congressional District. But in one article appearing in the April 27, 2020 Reflector, she reveals just how unqualified she is as she spouts party-line on the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Long is quoted,

“on the whole Congress representing both parties has done a ‘terrible’ job at preparations for an outbreak such as COVID-19, stressing the importance of maintaining national stockpiles of medical resources as well as adequate funding for the next health crisis.”

“Let’s really invest in preparedness so that when — not if — but when this happens again, we’re not scurrying around for equipment and asking (industries) to do things. I’m glad that they are (helping), we’re all doing our bit, but we shouldn’t have to. We should really rely on the federal government to make sure we’re prepared for the next pandemic.” (Emphasis added)

In just a few words Ms. Long provides a glaring example of why she should never be elected to any office.

Of note, she calls for a stockpile of medical resources, but then shows a complete ignorance on just how we obtain those necessary resources by claiming we should not be reliant on industry, the very ones that create and manufacture those much needed resources, instead placing our reliance on the federal government that does not manufacture a thing!

Is she proposing the federal government nationalize industry and make it part of the government, as many communist nations did? Is she, a “college professor” unaware of how those communist nations ruined their industries, plunging them into deep depressions with less and less resources available to their citizens and creating the need for foreign sources to supply the resources?

And, “invest in preparedness?”

What does that mean, given we know whenever a Democrat mentions “investment,” they really mean tax increases?

Who would she raise taxes on since our unemployment may reach levels not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s?

Many small businesses may not be able to recover from this lock-down and avoiding each other through “social distancing” that sees us fearing mingling with our neighbors or entering what stores are open without fear of catching the virus.

In the previous election Long showed herself to be highly partisan and it continues this election. But adding to her strong partisanship is a complete ignorance on just how our country operates and what made us thrive.

You can bank on my family will not vote for Carolyn Long.

I really have to wonder about some members of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee publicly stating they would vote for Democrats like Ms. Long over Republican incumbents like Herrera Beutler. 

Cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t an effective political strategy

Read the Reflector article at: Carolyn Long talks COVID-19 in Facebook town hall

3 Comments to “Carolyn Long, Ill-Equipped, Un-Prepared, Un-Qualified”

  1. Well, we 100% disagree. Surprise, surprise.

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  2. That’s some of the best of our first amendment, we can disagree and not fear repercussion 😉


  3. In an era where the mainstream media is no longer making even an attempt at hiding their extreme partisanship, going all-in for Democrats, and where most Democrat politicians are just as extreme in their bias and partisanship (to the point of suggesting that the Covid-19 virus be used as a ‘bio-weapon’ against Trump supporters), it is refreshing to see at least one Congresswoman, Jamie Herrera Beutler, making an attempt at working with colleagues from the other side. She has sponsored and co-sponsored many bills with Democrats, and has accomplished a lot of good for the country, most significantly the Pacific Northwest. Contrast her with the highly partisan Carolyn Long, and you will know how to vote. If you’re as deeply biased and extreme in your views as Ms. Long is, go ahead and vote for her. Otherwise, do the right thing and vote for Jamie.


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