Clark County Conservative blog was born due to the lack of local media in providing fair news coverage between the two parties. Although proclaiming themselves “unbiased,” the left leaning bias is very blatant at the Columbian, aka the Lazy C.

Why blog

Clark County Conservative was authored by Vietnam Veteran Lew Waters, an Independent Conservative living in Southwest Washington with no allegiance to either major political party. As a Veteran, Lew actively supported his fellow Veterans and several Veteran causes over the years.

The intent of the blog was to provide objective views of conservative issues, refraining from the bombastic vitriol too often seen in others on the far right in hopes of adding a reasoned, measured voice to the effort to encourage less confrontation and more cooperation, especially from the left. However, the effort was unwanted, drawing the scorn and ire of the alt-right dominant Clark County Republican Party leadership while many members cower before them.

Perhaps one day the Republican Party will appreciate supporters and their efforts.

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” Albert Camus